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It was cold in Poznan

This is an orchid from inside the Poznan Palm House! Quite an horticulture feat really as I trudge through ice and melting snow.


Depth in Paint -The Subterranean Space of Polish Painter Przemyslaw Widel

By subterranean, I mean within the terrain of the mind, the imagination of the artist…and indeed contemporary painter Przemyslaw Widel’s interior Studies seem to be about the depth of pigment, of dreams and horror, of familiarity and erasure. 282 more words


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Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp

I have a strange, morbid fascination with World War 2 and Nazi Germany. I have no idea why or how this interest came about. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to know as much as I can about concentration camps and have been absolutely stunned and enthralled by Auschwitz. 1,502 more words


Attack Against Nord Stream 2 Renewed with Vigour: Whose Interests Does It Meet?

by Alex Gorka, March 20, 2018, via Strategic Culture Foundation

Economics dictate national interests. Foreign policy is the tool used to advance it. Moscow has to fight back on all fronts, but the truth is that Washington does not care much about chemical attacks in Eastern Ghouta, the Salisbury poisoning, election meddling, or so many other fairy tales used to justify its anti-Russia policy. 941 more words


Day 2. Exploring Gdansk

After a leisurely hotel breakfast we strolled along the riverside promenade known as Long Bridge admiring its historical granaries and huge crane gate.  The Żuraw Crane is one of the finest intact medieval cranes in Europe and, interestingly, it also acted as a city gate and defensive fortification.   1,091 more words


Brazil, Croatia And Poland Also Presented Their New 2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

◼️ The World Cup feels and breathes ever closer, and so the National Teams of Brazil, Croatia and Poland presented the uniforms they will use in Russia 2018. 405 more words