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How to Stand Up For Human Rights in the Age of Trump

One year ago, there seemed to be no stopping politicians around the globe who claimed to speak for “the people” but built followings by demonizing unpopular minorities, attacking human rights principles, and fueling distrust of democratic institutions. 2,126 more words


Poland - Grocery Shopping

When coming to a foreign country, one of the things you will need to get to know as soon as possible after arrival is grocery shopping. 2,330 more words


How to Grow Organic Food - See How it is Done in the Garden I Have Recently Visited.

I have visited this beautiful garden in August 2017 while traveling in Poland for a few months. The garden is own by 2 ladies – mother and daughter and located in the South West part of Poland, a few hours drive from Breslaw (Wroclaw) and close to the Sudetes (Sudety) mountains. 2,687 more words


POLIMER TECH is the answer to your needs

4 PRINT WEEK is a new chapter in the tradition of printing meetings of Poznań International Fair. In response to expectations of the industry, the event will be held concurrently with the International Fair for Packaging and Labeling Technology TAROPAK. 261 more words


Poland Rising : How Poland is Becoming a European Powerhouse

For a few years now, there has been a conflict between the European Union and Poland regarding migration policies and some other things. I comment on it in this video: 42 more words

Short Film: IMITATION, 16min., Poland, Drama

“Imitation” presents a world of deepening madness, which turns out to be the cause of the loneliness and sense of mental alienation. The madness of the main character, which is eccentric seamstress, pulls the viewer into a dark reality. 62 more words