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Sometimes making a decision on an expedition cruise is really difficult. When we arrived at Bråsvellbreen after dinner the weather was far from optimal. The rain was pouring down and the visibility was bad. 193 more words


Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Black) | Sport Presence

A Smart, intuitive coaching computer for runners and Go-coaching athletes, the Polar RS300X wrist Heart Price Screen helps you to educate at the proper depth with non-public training zones. 118 more words


Somehow we often have overcast skies when we’re in the pack ice. Probably because when it is sunny the water in the lower parts of the atmosphere condensates creating fog. 104 more words


September 2016 - Possibly a watershed in sports gadgets?

We’ve already seen some interesting moves in running/tri and related watches over the last few weeks. The trade shows in September and announcements soon at Kona soon after should give us a VERY good idea of what the gadget landscape will be both leading up to Christmas 2016 and, in reality, the subsequent two years. 484 more words

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Bow rider

Sometimes nature keeps surprising. We had just returned from an awesome zodiac cruise in the pack ice and were waiting to get our zodiacs back in the ship, when an Ivory Gull showed up. 104 more words


Family life

One of the nicest things you can see on the pack ice is a Polar Bear family with young that were born this year. Only 8 months old they’re still very playful and often are a bit behind mother. 90 more words


Surviving the desert

But even without additional water there is still life in the desert. Every now and then you can find a few hardy plants trying to make a living in this really harsh environment. 51 more words