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Off Road Gas Pump Harding, VT, Winter 2012

As I’ve mentioned before, I suffer from PTSD. I’ve had the condition for about twenty plus years now. 437 more words

The Writing Life

Heart Rate Monitors: Warmbloods, TBs, and SPEED demons

Well, it’s raining outside, and I did my gallop sets yesterday, so Levi and Prince have today off anyways…  :D I decided to put on my lazy pants and write a blog post about my experience with HR monitors and other things… 2,324 more words

Review concert: POLAR + Light Your Anchor + Tahoe + Black Mordia @ Le Klub (01.05.15)

C’est le 1er mai 2015, après le des salles comme le Divan Du Monde, que le Klub accueillait les british de Polar en compagnie de Light Your Anchor. 676 more words


Tuesday Training Tip.

In the lead up to my wedding, I had a fantastic personal trainer who pushed me to my absolute limit every single week. One of the best pieces of advice he gave me was to use a heart rate monitor when I trained to see how hard I was working and deliver some extra motivation if I was slacking off a little bit. 171 more words


Polar Paths

The day we first made I contact
I said I couldn’t stay,
That opposites, while they attract,
Must go their separate way.
You begged of me to take a turn, 49 more words