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Times of Polarity ~ Times of Unity

These are exciting times…challenging times… wondrous times…These are times of extreme polarity and times of great Unity. These are times that require everything from us. 562 more words

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The Dark, the Light, and Forgiveness ... by Alice ..

11 August 2015

“St John and Bartholemew,” by Dosso Dossi (1)

Dear Ones,

Here are John the Evangelist’s words about the darkness and the light. And about clearing our soul wounding through forgiveness in Christ. 380 more words


Funeral Caricatures

Though they may have been short-lived,

it seems we often glamorize our beloved deceased

and romanticize their lives.

I’ve known a few,

painted as angels in the grave, 98 more words


Aligning the Svadhisthana Chakra

“Physiologically, the feelings of the second chakra move towards the satisfaction of hunger and sexuality. Emotionally, the seconds chakras drive is toward connection and fulfillment. Spiritually, the urge is toward a higher consciousness, liberation, and connection to the Divine.” Anodea Judith… 268 more words



Hello hello, to any loyal readers of mine (I’m choosing to believe y’all are out there)! It’s been a little over a month since my last post… 405 more words

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Dear Eden : Day III

Dearest Eden,
How subtle is the heart just before it snaps like land laid twigs, a footstool it becomes sitting atop memories like landfills only to be buried or caused shock by atrophy for the very thing in which it has been stirred— 411 more words