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Where's My Coffee ?!?

This is an experiment that you can try with children. It’s super-fun and very fast, so there’s an immediate payoff, and you can run it many times. 818 more words


The Internet loves a rant

On Sunday I ranted about the response to the protest at the Pride Parade. It was one-sided, personal (apologies, Richard Taki, if you’re reading) and lacked the usual, considered perspective I like to apply to my posts. 20 more words

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Book Ends

I go through book binges. This summer I managed to get through The Luminaries…on which one does not ‘binge’ rather pick away carefully and take time between courses, but I am already losing the plot. 407 more words


The Problems

Bears have nothing on my sleep! I can hibernate into a deep coma for eight solid hours a night. My sleep is a pleasure, a vacation, a movie. 812 more words


Chinese New Year Dark Moon Reading 2015

**SkyView Astrology**

Dark Moon, 18/19 February 2015

Chinese New Year of the Goat


Polarity is NOT about good and bad!


By Katharina Bless


This Dark Moon is still on the 18th in the western Hemisphere, but today I will look at the chart of Beijing, since it’s the Dark Moon which is the beginning of the new Chinese Year of the Wood Goat/Sheep. 241 more words

Dark Moon Reading

Sentiment Features - Negators and Negated Tokens

Mentioned in my blog post of last week, I want to get into the different features that I see as very relevant to detect sentiment in tweets. 967 more words

Sentiment Analysis

Shifty Greys Of Shade

I scowl with frustration in the mirrored lenses of my glasses that are smeared with sweat and sun tan lotion. Damp patches growing as the summer heat refuses to surrender its suffocating mask of humidity. 275 more words