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don't jump: 3-min dream weather report: 2015.07.31

In today’s 3-minute dream weather report, we look more deeply into the spike in dreams about “suicide,” and explore what may be triggering the trend:


Why Has gender expression been turned into some kind of "Show"?'

Now this is a rather controversial topic. and in my usual fashion of not beating around the bush, and instead reaching into the heart of the matter, ripping it out, still beating, and wave it around. 1,099 more words



“Day by day more and more people are awakening.  This inspires them to lift their hearts and minds. which, in turn, raises their consciousness and allows the Light of God to increase on Earth.   469 more words


Day 601 - Personality of ...

Personality of …

I realize that I have this polarity dance within myself. It is the oldest game in town. Between positive and negative. You know like we were told that there is a Devil and a God, good and bad, and so on. 272 more words

The Real Law of Attraction: The Seven Hermetic Principles

Reposted from: The Unity Process | by Nathan & Aline

The “Law of Attraction” is not a New Age concept, although it is talked about predominantly by New Age gurus, but it actually stems from the fabled teacher Hermes Trismegistus, or the “Thrice Great Hermes”, who first observed the “Seven Hermetic Principles”. 634 more words


Day 598 - Personality of depression

I realize that I have been living a personality for a few days. It is a personality of depression. I have had allowed myself to go into thoughts and a mind set of inferiority and sadness. 752 more words

Past Polarity

Lurking in the nooks where the many legged creep and crawl

Hiding away from lightened paths, ever present yet ever distant

Embrace that which you fear to face… 132 more words