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CP36 - IM Forces


  • Monday, December 5th

Class Business

  • Collect hw 10 (from Class 34)
  • Unit 5 Objectives and the final exam
  • Final Exam – still finalizing the form of the test…
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CH36 - IM Forces


  • P1 – Friday, December 2nd
  • P3 – Friday, December 2nd
  • P5 – Monday, December 5th

Class Business

  • Collect hw 11 (from Class 34)
  • Unit 6 Objectives and the final exam…
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Standing Rock & the Presidential Election ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council through Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are excited to shed some light on what has been occurring on your world over these past few months of your time. 373 more words

The Journey

Finding the Balance

           You’re welcome! For I know that after reading that title, you have now stepped into a brand new understanding of how life works. But seriously though, how annoying is it, when a saying that you have heard 50 thousand times over the span of your life, finally fucking clicks!? 1,112 more words

Christ's Work, and That of Lightworkers Today ... by Alice ..

This video was made on 11 April 2015, but it not posted till 30 November 2016.

Dear Ones,

A very short video on the difference between Christ’s life and work and that of today’s lightworkers, who follow in his footsteps … 34 more words


CHCP35 - Polarity Lab


  • P1 – Tuesday, November 29th
  • P3 – Wednesday, November 30th
  • P5 – Thursday, December 1st
  • P7 – Thursday, December 1st

Lab Day

  • Conduct the lab during class, including the analysis questions…
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CP34 - IM Forces


  • Monday, November 28th


  • Build: H2O, HF, NH3, CH4
  • Determine the overall polarity of each molecule

New Material – Connecting