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Understanding 12-Fiber MPO Polarity

To properly send data over fiber cable, a link’s transmit signal (Tx) at one end of the cable must match the corresponding receiver (Rx) at the other end. 59 more words


Can You Change Brain Polarity? | Mind Persuasion

The More Flexible Your Mind The More Flexible Your Life

Many things can have many meanings. The meanings you can give a static event, the more you can use those meanings to support you in your future endeavors.

Filtering Through Infinite Options

Landing on a clear and definitive option is a tricky thing because we often have to wade through more than just logic.

From my experience, it’s virtually impossible to determine clear next steps without some sort of mindfulness practice like meditation. 73 more words


Advance careful for this part.

Whenever the urge strikes, the sky is torn and out bleeds these half-formed beings from another dimension, raining down from heaven with wings on their back. 477 more words

The False Self Is Created By Separating YES From NO

The false self is created by separating ‘yes’ from ‘no’, ‘plus’ from ‘minus’, ‘in’ from ‘out’. Contemporary rationally-orientated psychology sets itself up as a highly sophisticated and intellectual business – something that you have to be very clever to understand – but what’s so sophisticated about this? 2,179 more words

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Spring's Cardinal

May 13th 2015 is when the epiphany struck.

A sudden blow in which she, being just 14, could not recover from – ever, it seems. 169 more words