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Polarity, Gender and Sexual Energy

Greetings beloveds,

Last week we covered polarity here at the Bliss Institute and it inspired me to think a bit more about polarity and energy. You can read the post on… 538 more words



If you decide to engage her then never argue with her. Never ever argue with her, only play with her. And escalate. Mess with her a little and then face the chaos, ride the waves of her tsunami that brings you deeper into the unknown, far from the shore (of what’s sure).


Your capacity to give and to receive grows in proportion to the depth of your presence. The best partner there is is the person who is capable of receiving all that you have to offer and who challenges you to open further to become capable of receving more of what they have to offer in return.

Yang: Your Get Shit Done Attitude Is Not Helping

The Yang, and the role of the masculine in the empowered woman’s life.

When we think of masculinity today, we immediately conjure up images of Special Operations military, and GQ/Men’s Health magazine cover models. 511 more words

CABLExpress says its new system simplifies cabling migration process

Cabling solutions provider CABLExpress, says it has developed a new system that data centre managers can use to handle multiple cabling light paths with little disruption or added cost. 18 more words


Freezers and royal escapism

A 19-year-old woman was found dead in a walk-in hotel freezer in Chicago some time ago. The incident caught fire on social media, and was widely covered by the more traditional media too. 1,202 more words