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Energetic Embodiment

Today I sat in circle with some beautiful women and my daughter.

At one point a ladybug flew onto my leg and kept me company for a while…another beautiful reminder of the blood moon eclipse. 575 more words

Do You Want Drama or Peace? - the Alchemy of the Heart seminar

Beyond our desires and fears, our anger and our pain a place of peace, equanimity and love awaits us at the level of the heart and beyond. 206 more words

Are you serious About Enlightenment?

Hi, This post is kinda a rant. And may contain dangerous amounts of Frankness. If this concerns you, Go. Away. nobody is forcing you to read it! 1,298 more words


Agree To Disagree

No individuals are similar, not even by the spirally coiled DNA’s regulating inside our body. There are and will always be differences and same theory applies to our thoughts and opinion. 608 more words


Balanced Signals - XLR

The XLR cable is a fantastic system for preserving signal quality over long distances, but the way it works is difficult to understand. Hopefully this mini guide will help! 142 more words


Navigating The Polarity of Painful Experience

Five years ago today, without even realising at the time, I began my journey towards Kinesiology. My journey arose out of a very painful experience. 382 more words