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The Full Moon in Gemini – Portal to the Union of Polarity by Mumtaz Sodha

 ‘Your heart and my heart are friend’s very, very old friends …’

~ Hafiz

The Full moon in Gemini on the 25th Nov is a vital portal of energy to help reconciliation and unite those fragmented parts of ourselves that have been lost and split.  820 more words

Mumtaz Sodha

Magnetic Protein May Provide Animals With Navigation Information

What do monarch butterflies, salmon, lobsters, bats, mole rats, and marine nudibranch mollusks have in common? As I’m sure you already knew, all of these species (among others) can sense and use magnetic fields.

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Thoughts About Polarity (Part 1)

A friend was reading some crazy stuff about polarity and asked “What is polarity in Wicca? Why should it create problems for gays and trans folk?” 1,489 more words


Erase overwhelming thoughts easily

include prayer, chakra, and meridians.

There are herbs, yoga positions, acupuncture points and a whole assortment of activities people engage in to wash those conflicting thoughts away to clear the mind.  625 more words

Treatments & Therapies

SONG PREMIERE: Polarity, "Hale's Own" Ft. Denis Stoff of Asking Alexandria

Staten Island-based Polarity has released their new song recently. You can check out “Hale’s Own” featuring Denis Stoff of Asking Alexandria below.

You're not that special....BS!!! I am and so are you

Don’t get me wrong here.  I am not saying that you or I or anyone else for that matter is more special than anyone else but the phrase “you’re not that special” does something to me when I think about who we are within the divine spectrum.  479 more words

Alea Dawn

Chemistry Honors - Classes 40 / 41


  • Period A: Friday, November 13th & Tuesday, November 14th
  • Period B: Friday, November 13th & Tuesday, November 14th
  • Period F: Monday, November 16th & Wednesday, November 15th…
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