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Polarity and the Sameness of Opposites

What happens if I make myself a hot cup of tea and then leave it on the counter and forget about it?  A couple hours later is it still a hot cup of tea?   932 more words


Goddess pt. II

When, from the morass of obscurity, she makes herself known – and you will know: apple-plump with beauty, soft and radiant – greet her in masculine presence, invite her in and return to business. 199 more words

Divine Feminine

Source and Separation

Finding a Balanced State of Being

Remaining too close to the center often inhibits growth. However, straying too far from the center (and remaining there) can result in blindness and a corruption of creation (and Creation). 51 more words


Broken Continuum

On Obsession and the Rat Man Case – Jacques Lacan

Broken Continuum

From reading Perls and practising self therapy, I infer:
that the Ratman  is the underdog of a broken self  163 more words

Mental Health

The Law of Polarity | SharedWisdom

Thanks to SharedWisdom

Periodically we sit at the breakfast table and discuss portions of our workshop teachings. This is one of the benefits of Hank’s extended periods at home in the winter months. 30 more words

Times of Polarity ~ Times of Unity

These are exciting times…challenging times… wondrous times…These are times of extreme polarity and times of great Unity. These are times that require everything from us. 622 more words