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A Sliver of Opportunity

These days the news sound more like poorly-written, historical tragedies rather than reports. In this time of insecurity and division, where it seems people are being murdered, daily and for no immediately apparent reason, it is difficult for anyone to suggest any resolution without arousing more tension.  748 more words


If polarity had been rightly understood by science, the thermodynamic laws and accepted principles would never have been written. Clausius originally wrote the second law of thermodynamics as follows: “It is impossible for a self acting machine to convey heat from one body to another at a higher temperature”. 890 more words

A New Concept Of The Universe

Liberté, égalité & fraternité in the boudoir

“Egalitarianism is wonderful in the kitchen but boring in the bedroom…”

Firstly, yes liberty in the bedroom is good, perhaps even libertinage- and definitely do be liberal about love-making. 164 more words



Science has for years been searching for some simple underlying basic principle of motivation which is present in every effect of motion. Mathematicians have hoped to find it and reduce it to a basic formula. 364 more words

A New Concept Of The Universe

Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.-The Kybalion


Day 689 - Letting go of the hardness within


within living self honesty day to day – breathe by breathe, I have become somewhat obsessed with its; design… or my idea of its design. 1,438 more words

Deserts and us...


This is how many of us who adored Terry Pratchett and his wonderful Discworld books discovered that he had died of a variant of Alzheimer’s Disease in March 2015. 606 more words

Daily Prompt