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What is Polarity?

Polarity is a term used in electricity, magnetism and electronic signaling, just to name a few areas. Polarity is defined as, the condition of a body or system in which it has opposing physical properties at different points, especially, magnetic poles or electric charge. 713 more words


Day 13 - schizophrenia and dopamine (dope of mine)

schizophrenia and dopamine (dope of mine)


I am not a doctor or a scientist, just figuring out myself while walking my desteniiprocess

I do take my anti psychotic medication, in dialogue with my doctor, to balance my level of dopamine… 533 more words

The 'Bogus Task'

It is possible to create a world out of endless logical tasks, each of which needs to be successfully completed before we can move on to the next one. 3,579 more words

Short Articles




I have Depression

A little while back I saw a post from someone, it was a young woman with her father. She was sharing the reason why she was always so positive and happy, and how the reason was because of her dad, how he was always so uplifting and always positive. 583 more words


Life Path

At some point, man becomes conscious.

As he looks ahead, he sees the paths of those who have gone before him.

Two paths diverge, representing polarity, duality, opposites. 91 more words


Intro Chem 15 -Dissolving Sugar

Before xmas break we dissolved salt in water and showed how the polarity of water molecules makes it a great solvent. ¬†Today we continued those ideas but instead of salt, we dissolved sugar… the sugar coating of M&Ms to be exact. ¬† 536 more words