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The misery of politics 

I think essentially all Americans would sincerely like other people to be happy. Even people who we don’t know and with whom we will never have any interactions, I think we would still like those individuals to have happy and fulfilled lives. 473 more words


A Few Inauguration Impressions

The Day Before:

A “welcome to Washington” event in front of the Capitol Building, begun by actor Jon Voight thanking God for helping Donald Trump overcome “all the lies” told about him in the campaign.   472 more words

The Presidency

Protest in the Trump era, part 1 of....

Donald Trump’s opponents didn’t wait for his election, much less his inauguration, to take to the streets.  As candidate and president-elect, Trump has been consistent in provoking organized protest. 291 more words

Up For Grabs

I thought I’d call this “conceptual relativity,” but then I settled on “the relativity of eligibility” to highlight one of the sociological consequences of marginalization and polarization. 16 more words

Digital Artwork

Economics: Many Choices to Make

By: Maddie Miller

There is a nationally recognized problem when it comes to the national debt and deficit. 508 more words

Day 11 Of DrakeinDC

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Perpetual Socio-Political Anxiety

In the current climate of severe polarization, self-flattering bias, and the currently dying climate, it’s hard to maintain a sense of calm and equilibrium. Half the population fears the rise of a reactionary regime heralding the end of American civilization, while the other half believes in a full conspiracy of elite suppression and manipulation of their opportunities and very thoughts. 627 more words