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The Clinton/Trump First Debate: Blah, blah, blah at Hofstra

I got very up for the debate but in watching it I recalled a number of Super Bowl’s that have excited me in the past, but only until the kick off.    724 more words

The Presidency

The first presidential debate is tonight- here's why it won't matter

Part of the political tradition associated with nominating presidents has been the hosting of presidential debates, where both major-party contenders square off against each other and present their competing visions to a national audience. 818 more words

We need a 'radical' Purge of Political Repression

In case you hadn’t noticed, politics has been polarizing.

This leads to conflict, which leads to repression, which leads to plotted coups and member purges… 434 more words


Third Party Candidates

With just months before Election Day and just days before the first presidential debates, there is an argument arising, mainly from millennials, that third party candidates should have equal opportunities in the election process.  347 more words


Treasury dumps wellbeing framework & defines principal objectives around Budget, productivity and globalisation

Of the many outstanding contributions that former Treasury Secretary Ken Henry made to public policy in Australia, one of my favourites was the wellbeing framework. This framework established Treasury’s goal as improving the wellbeing of Australians, and identified five elements of wellbeing: the level of consumption possibilities, their distribution, the degree of risk borne by individuals and society, the degree of complexity we face in our choices, and the level of freedom and opportunity we enjoy. 581 more words

At the End of the Day

Polarization shreds the horizon.

iPad apps used: ArtRage, Procreate, iColorama
IPad Pro and Apple P3ncil 8 more words

Digital Artwork

Scoring high on this personality trait reduces political biases, according to a new study

One of the culprits of our highly polarized political atmosphere is the biases of our cognitive machinery. We respond to information that aligns with our preexisting political sentiments and reject what opposes it. 442 more words