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I’m confused by people who look at the world in binary. Black and white. Right and wrong. Us and them. Most people who see the world this way, are highly opinionated as well. 348 more words


Mormon Mass Exodus: what does it say?

This is not the first mass exodus from the LDS Church. It has been happening yearly for a number of years. This was better organized than most of the previous resignations. 329 more words

Burning Religion

OOPS! Mea Culpa Ted Cruz

(I wrote this post this morning before all hell broke loose in Paris, which is being covered on TV behind me.  That makes what I write below pale in significance, but I still want to send this out to tie up a loose end that bothers me.) 305 more words

The Presidency

Cloudy with a 100% Chance of Conflict

In a February 16, 2014 speech in Indonesia, Secretary of State John Kerry derided climate change skeptics as members of the Flat Earth Society for doubting the reality of catastrophic climate change. 917 more words

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Million Student March: are the mixed messages saying nothing?

The Million Student March is happening today. It feels like an extension of the Occupy movement. In fact, at UMass Amherst some students were occupying the student union building – probably because it has been raining. 283 more words

Burning Religion

The 4th Republican Debate was more Informative than the Other Three: Boring

The general consensus of the media regarding last night’s debate was that it dealt more substantially with the issues, a phrase I have come to equate with “boring”.   672 more words

The Presidency