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At the opposite sides of the spectrum: Peaceful co-existence of upmarket and lower-market in a single household

After one of the business meetings of my husband we had a vivid discussion about consumer purchasing trends. What we both see is that the mid-segment is fading away… 578 more words


NUSOD 2016 Preview: Electroluminescent Cooling of GaN-LEDs

Much attention is paid to the efficiency droop of GaN-based light-emitting diodes (GaN-LEDs) but another phenomenon observed on industry-grade devices is still hardly investigated in the literature: the astonishingly low bias measured even at higher current. 180 more words


The Regressive Left "Echo-Chamber-Hug-Box"

In the summer after 7th grade I went to a camp called “Duke TiP.” If I had to sum up the program quickly, I would call it a “three week nerd camp.”  I made a lot of friends there, and ended up staying in the program for the next four years, the maximum amount allowed. 478 more words


Hail Polarization

On the alt-right and in related circles, we have been saying for quite some time that the political split in the United States is as follows: non-whites and urban middle/upper class Whites vote Democrat and the rest of the White population votes Republican. 1,658 more words


President Obama on Polarization within the Democratic Party

Regardless of how people may feel about the president, whether positively or negatively, this video does a good job of showing how despite there are differences between the two candidates, it is not to the extent of the tea party and the republicans. 89 more words

Physics 030 - Polarization

We did two labs involving polarization today.  Doc Schuster has a lot of nice videos on optics, here’s his “Intro to Polarization Filters” on youtube. 304 more words


The Church and Politics-The Great Polarization

Hello.  My name is Joe and I’m a former ditto-head (hello Joe).  I’ve been politically sober now for almost two years. (Applause, yada, yada).  I was a proud follower of all things Rush Limbaugh but I have since given away my personal copies of… 1,119 more words