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Eye-Saving Witchcraft

Time to learn about some magic folks, but first! A story.

So! Knowing me and my love of sleep, most of my friends are surprised when I tell them my favorite job was a research position that involved waking up at 4:30 am. 527 more words

Daily Science

The Wisdom of Muddling Through in the Middle East

President Obama’s conservative critics often lambast him for being indecisive when it comes to foreign policy and dictatorial when it comes to domestic policy, so I guess in their eyes he’s sort of an indecisive dictator, or more to the point, whatever he does or doesn’t do they don’t like. 347 more words

The Presidency

How's this for demonization?

A new poll shows just how polarized and how angry some Americans have become toward the president of the United States of America.

Get a load of this: A Reuters/Ipsos survey suggests Republicans believe Barack Obama poses a greater threat to the nation than Russian strongman/president Vladimir Putin. 196 more words

Barack Obama

Hillary Warns: No Criticism Allowed!


If liberals ever opened their eyes to see what their bizarre ideology produces in the way of statism, waste, wrath, calamitously failed policies and overall human suffering, it might just drive them howling mad–as happened to the poor chap above when he saw the mummy come to life (from… 233 more words


Why Should Extremists Have All the Fun?

Sometimes I wonder why I use good brain cells in a doomed attempt to combat extremism.┬áBy now I’ve concluded that extremism, factionalism, discord and bile are essential components of the human genome. 1,011 more words