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Polarization Camera Views the Invisible

Light polarization is an interesting phenomenon that is extremely useful in many situations… but human eyes are blind to detecting any polarization. Luckily, has built a… 192 more words

Digital Cameras Hacks

The Iran Nuclear Agreement: A REALLY, REALLY BIG DEAL!

A big gamble too. Much at stake, especially for the Middle East. And a fait accompli it seems. The U.N. Security council just approved it, not surprising as their representatives, headed up by our own Secretary of State John Kerry, made the deal with Iran in Geneva.   518 more words

The Presidency

We've All Been Trumped

Regardless of how one feels about Donald Trump and his candidacy, the facts suggest his presidential chances are slim to none. But nevertheless, we can see from this chart and the explanation offered below (by 538’s Nate Silver) why we get a steady daily diet of Trumpisms. 2,248 more words

News Article

"Tend Always to Reconcile": On Refusing the Given Categories

So much of the contemporary theological and ethical conversation in the United Methodist Church is just damned boring.

We pantomime the culture wars that we see repeated ad nauseam, we speak exactly in their vicious tones and monolithic categories, and then self-segregate into caucuses that mirror precisely those ideological divides.   889 more words


Polarised light in the animal kingdom

A property of light that is invisible to humans is routine to help animals get about. Birds are known for remarkable quality of vision. They have larger eyes, as a proportion to body size, than other animals, and the eyes are adapted, for a wide field of view range, for grazers, or sharp focus, for birds of prey. 1,370 more words


Back on Track

It’s been a busy few months.  Sarah’s daughter got married and, along with other matters, we have been working on a very interesting project with the Kettering Foundation involving… 215 more words


Modern Theory of Polarization

It is quite curious that the simple concept of polarization in a solid was not understood until the early to mid-90s. The solution to the problem actually came from the computational physics community because of their inability to calculate accurately the polarization in solids. 339 more words

Berry Phase