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Lessons from the TPP: no political polarization for interests of the 1%!

Summary:  As Congress debates the TPP and USA Freedom Act, it’s become fashionable to complain about political polarization and gridlock. Yet we see in these debates how both parties often cooperate to advance the interests of the 1% and the… 987 more words


Looking to the heavens for neutrino masses

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Wave Theory Of Light 12th (MCQ With Answers)

The Wave Theory Of Light 12th (MCQ With Answers) are:

01. The light waves consisting of vibration of electric field vectors in all possible planes are called ______… 688 more words


What if robots take our jobs?

Robots are becoming more sophisticated and common, and consequently they will inevitably displace a large number of workers (they have already done so). But historically, while technological progress generally resulted in painful transitory periods, in the long run it was always for the better. 1,371 more words

Economic Growth

The Forces Between Us

By Lorraine V. Cuddeback

The first time I fell in love, it was with Baltimore. I spent four years walking the streets of that city — being sure to know the “safe” places to go. 1,410 more words

Theology And Culture

CONCLUDING COMMENTS….Polarization in the U.S. Catholic Church: Naming the Wounds, Beginning to Heal

Vox Nova is pleased to welcome the following guest post by reader Mike McG.

Fifty American Catholics gathered in South Bend earlier this week to discuss Polarization in the U.S. 1,141 more words

Political parties are often too convenient an explanation

Teagan Goddard asked the question, can politics be “unbundled” from political parties? In other words, if there is a market where we can unbundle phone and internet service, why isn’t there a market to unbundle politics from parties? 834 more words

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