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An Inconvenient Truth about An Inconvenient Truth

(with Dominik Stecula)

As published in The Conversation August 16, 2017, and picked up by Newsweek .

Al Gore has a follow-up to his blockbuster documentary film, … 817 more words


What Does it Take for Some People to be Disgusted by Trump's Amorality?

I watched FOX cable news this morning figuring I would see a defense of our “president’s” flipping back to the position yesterday that he espoused Saturday that there was blame on both sides for the violence in Charlotte.  496 more words

The Presidency

A Time of Polarization? Alt-Left versus Alt-Right

We have entered a time of polarization, when people are being asked to pick their side.  

What we are in danger of losing is not the ability to take a stand but moderation, the ability to make allowances for different points of view that are not our own, reaching out to find a middle ground. 91 more words


Right now...

A group of vegans in Berkley, California protested a butcher shop until the owners agreed to put a sign in their window about animal rights. Their ultimate goal is to make it unlawful to sell meat anywhere in Berkley. 711 more words


Thrice-Bimonthly (#lifegoals) PD Reader #13: Eclipses, Partisans, Curators, The Beeb, Interrogating Data

Hello, people!

Before we begin, let’s all enjoy this video of my canine soulmate:

Okay; here goes with the PD bits 271 more words