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To Win The House, Democrats Have To First Believe They Can

At the onset of the 2014 midterm cycle, Nancy Pelosi effectively wrote off Democrats retaking the majority.  In 2016, while Democrats were optimistic about the Trump effect they never fully believed in their own hype, 804 more words


More (on) Polarization

A recent New Yorker cartoon: A TV anchorman with two figures standing behind him, each in front of a wall map: “That was Brad with the Democratic weather. 807 more words

We're Right and You're Wrong: Why the Polarization of Major Political Parties Will Lead to Ruin

The creation of the political party system is, inherently, detrimental to the United States’ democratic values and was even warned about before their creation, noting George Washington’s Presidential Farewell Address against such institutions. 603 more words


A Resilience Approach to Political Hate Speech

Canada – Not as Civil as You Might Think

The past seven days were supposed to be a good week for Canada. Last Monday, Justin Trudeau went to Washington and delivered exactly what almost every Canadian was hoping for: an acknowledgment from President Trump that the U.S.-Canadian trade relationship was valuable and only need to be “tweaked”, at least compared to the full re-set he seeks to negotiate with Mexico. 2,153 more words

Front Page News

Fareed Zakaria on Trump's Rocking Chair Presidency

President Trump’s news conference/tirade last Thursday was really something.   Much of the 70 or so minutes was Trump blasting the media for “fake news” that ignored his many achievements thus far as president and cast an unwarranted pall over his White House staff.  441 more words

The Presidency

The Party Spirit - Not Necessarily as Fun as It Sounds

George Washington’s 285th birthday is two days away, my how the time flies, but today marks the federal holiday in his honor.  Close to half of these United States extends the holiday to all presidents, but I live in one of the many states that sticks with the federal designation of “Washington’s Birthday” in honor of the man known as the father of this country. 308 more words

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