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Teaching Cultural and Political Tolerance Through Interdisciplinary Research Skills

The most interesting classes I teach involve building interdisciplinary studies and multicultural urbanism.  Maybe because both courses ask students to recognize and respect diverse perspectives and different ways of knowing the world. 629 more words

MIT 2.71 Optics

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to optical science with elementary engineering applications. Topics covered in geometrical optics include: ray-tracing, aberrations, lens design, apertures and stops, radiometry and photometry. 47 more words


Epilogue to Last Week's "Holes" Post

In my previous post I tried to etch a rough line between the Trump TV show and the Trump presidency, while trying to make the point that the show has gotten most of the attention while Republican congressional actions have often been sidetracked or delayed by Trump speaking his mindless. 501 more words

The Presidency

Democrats and Republicans Disagree About A Lot More Than Just Trump

By Oliver Gladfelter

Because Denison is a residential campus, we spend the vast majority of four years in close proximity to one another, creating an abundance of opportunities to develop relationships that will provide support, cultivate learning, and promote growth. 665 more words

Assassinating Academics

By Jennifer Keohane

Approximately three weeks ago, I published an opinion editorial in the Baltimore Sun that was critical of the commencement speaker at my institution’s December graduation ceremony. 742 more words


Uncomfortable Conversations

When you have carefully studied a controversial topic and then reached your own well-reasoned conclusions, it can be pretty uncomfortable to discuss that topic with someone who disagrees with you.  41 more words

News Articles

Explaining Trump Some More

It’s over a year now, but academics, journalists, and political junkies still cannot get their fill–nor can I–of addressing the question, Why Trump? The obsession is understandable. 1,772 more words