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Hillary Warns: No Criticism Allowed!


If liberals ever opened their eyes to see what their bizarre ideology produces in the way of statism, waste, wrath, calamitously failed policies and overall human suffering, it might just drive them howling mad–as happened to the poor chap above when he saw the mummy come to life (from… 233 more words


Why Should Extremists Have All the Fun?

Sometimes I wonder why I use good brain cells in a doomed attempt to combat extremism. By now I’ve concluded that extremism, factionalism, discord and bile are essential components of the human genome. 1,011 more words


22nd March 1973.

We take laptops, digital clocks, watches and microwave displays for granted, but they all depend on research going back to the 19th century, resulting in the many liquid crystal display (LCD) applications we have today. 347 more words


Labor Market Polarization in US - Higher education and the Wage Gaps

The earnings gap between people with a college degree and those with no education beyond high school has been growing since the late 1970s. Since 2000, however, the gap has grown more for those who have earned a post-graduate degree as well. 192 more words

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Timeline issues (2)

Once again, with the protests that happened last Sunday, people on social media are up in arms about it and as divided as ever. I thought after the election things would go back to “normal,” but little did I know that there isn’t going to be a “normal” any more. 1,588 more words


Navigating DIfficult Dialogues: Phrasing Is Key

As a culture, we easily fall into “power based” patterns in our discussions.  Don’t believe me? Try filling in the blanks in this simple test: 618 more words