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Are Voters "Polarized?"

Before 2000, the American news media mostly used “polarization” to refer to sunglasses or camera lenses. Not anymore.

Journalists have increasingly used the word to describe the state of partisan politics with few people challenging this perception. 223 more words

Disparaging Remarks

On coffee shops and listening skills...

It was the typical, “May I take your order?” Sure! I ordered three beverages – one for Don, one for myself, and one for Lucy the Puppy-girl. 901 more words


Courteous Conversations: Destroying our own freedom of speech

It was not easy to find people like Dan and Jonathan.

The first thing to know is that Dan and Jonathan are both Mormons, a generally conservative group, and yet they disagree over whether homosexual marriage should have been legalized. 1,281 more words

Politics is a big game of Four Corners

Politics is a game of 4 corners in which everyone retreats to their own political corner and attempts to avoid being called out. Partisans tend to  66 more words


Open Thread: Donald Trump

The campaign has become an exercise in tribalism. “Issues” often take a backseat to personalities, but in this case, everything is taking a backseat to identity. 263 more words

Why is the general election so different from the primary?

The rational calculus of voting, first truly elaborated by Downs and forming the basis basically all research on voting behavior since, essentially places limits on an individual’s incentive to vote. 184 more words


Nick Stavely

Date of Interview: August 6, 2016

Name: Nick Stavely

Age: 25

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Location: Washington, D.C.

What are you passionate about?

Passionate about trying. ‘Cause I think, if you are… This is actually really difficult, to answer questions like this ::laughs::. 922 more words