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A Surprising Cohort of Likers

Lately I’ve been noticing an unusual phenomenon on Facebook. I’m a liberal married to a conservative, so my friends list is composed of folks who come from all ends of the political spectrum — there are libertarians, socialists, Tea Party-ers, evangelicals, progressives and even the rare beast of an apolitical or two. 518 more words


Some Thoughts About Some Things Not Trump

Donald Trump has done it again.    Just as I had become bored by his outrageous antics and his answer to every problem being how amazing he will be at fixing it, he has found a new way to grab my attention.   779 more words

The Presidency

A Rant about the iPhone and the Pope...

I thought it was just a simple update for my iPhone. You know the kind…it will work better, faster, be more user friendly, etc, etc, etc. 953 more words


Amplitude & Energy in Electromagnetic Waves

Here’s a little physics riddle. As you all know, electromagnetic radiation consists of oscillating electric and magnetic fields rather like this:

(Graphic stolen from here… 137 more words

The Universe And Stuff

Little Big Man and Me

When I was 5 years old, I never hit other kids back. My mother loved to tell the story about the time she asked me why. 277 more words

Personal Life

Donald Trump: King of the Birthers

I began to think of Donald Trump as a clown when he became king of the birthers several years ago.  Prior to that I thought of him as a publicity hound who got plenty of what he wanted.  601 more words

The Presidency

Congressional Climate Change, And How You Probably Have Politics All Wrong

What do I mean when I say that you probably have politics all wrong? I mean to say that if you think any of the 20 or so presidential candidates can make true on any promises – you are probably wrong. 888 more words