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It’ been a while that I don’t update my features and the list is growing so, it’s time to make a recap.

Saatchi art… 72 more words


Memories of Spring, Four Polaroid SX 70 Snaps


As the winter rolls on, I long for spring. Here are four instant photos I took last year in April. They were captured with a Polaroid SX-70, the world’s first instant SLR, on some slightly expired Impossible Project color protection film. 47 more words



One of my favorite photo outings this year was to the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival. I posted extensively about it at the time but seem to have overlooked a couple of shots. 41 more words



I’m going to wrap up this batch of Polaroids with my personal favorite, a shot of the Newport Pier at dusk. I’ll be back with some more soon!



This yellow building at the Balboa Fun Zone provides a colorful and geometric backdrop for people watching and has become one of my favorite spots in Newport Beach. 79 more words



Another beachy Polaroid for you, this one taken near the Newport Pier with my SX-70 and film from the Impossible Project.



Christmastime at the Balboa Pier. The Santa hanging out on the roof of this colorful restaurant is a bit washed out and not as defined as I would have liked but that, unfortunately, is an example of the vagaries and “wabi sabi” of instant film. 28 more words