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*Saturday, October 15*

Weird day: the power company where we live had a scheduled outage Saturday morning (beginning at 6!) The family and I decided to make a trip to Memphis to escape the lack of electrical power at our homes.   183 more words

365 Project


Traversing the fine line between beauty and blight in a downtown Upland back alley. Photo taken with a Polaroid SX-70 and film from the Impossible Project.



*Friday, October 14*

Rainy day, puddle of water, submerged leaf.

365 Project


*Thursday, October 13*

I’d been talking about French Presses with my best friend this week and decided to pull mine out of the cupboard. And, well, what makes a better coffee-related Polaroid photo than a French Press? 13 more words

365 Project


*Wednesday, October 12*

Mason jar lantern in the waning afternoon sunlight

365 Project


**Tuesday, October 11*

I actually tried to photograph this on two separate occasions last week (which is actually the main reason I had a “bad project week” last week) but came up short. 94 more words

365 Project


*Monday, October 10*

OH um. Some of these photos don’t have an explanation to go along with them;¬†Sometimes I just see something and take a photo of it!

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