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Holiday Pole Jam

Because I refuse to be out-weirded and out-talented by some online kook who happens to have access to a pole. Behold!

Sit spin guitar

Flatline tambourine… 11 more words


Right Side Down

A light shines through the crack

A glow in a dusty shack

Bending across worlds of show

Contorting through tunnels few know

Rising below the open door… 16 more words


Peacocks & Pole Dancers

I used to be a pole dancer. In my early days of swing dancing, after I got confident in my movement and musicality, I was guilty of treating the leadĀ like he was a pole… Just something for me to holdĀ onto while I did whatever I felt in the music. 395 more words


The adventures of UK Pole Professional Championships (UKPPC) 2017

My 360 Pole Dancing sisters with stage side seats!

Pole Christmas came round quickly again this year, as it literally seemed like last month that my pole family and I were whizzing up the M5 in Cleo the pole-mobile, all buzzing with excitement and eagerly anticipating the loss of our UKPPC virginity. 688 more words

Fall of the House of Death

Right now I’m laying down on a soft bench at the UMC building at my alma mater, University of Colorado. I’m sore. And hungry. And fatigued. 143 more words


Winter Strength

I’m getting stronger every day

There’s no doubt

The muscles grow

My fingers grip

The power I feel

Stronger by the minute

Even while

Winter weakens me… 23 more words