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Fight the Frost, Transform Your Workouts!

Are you an outdoor person suffering during the dark hours? Isn’t it easier to crawl into hibernation?  Change can be good… an opportunity to discover a new fitness passion.  249 more words


The Problem With Pole Dancing

“Can you teach me how to pole dance!?” I’m asked for the third time this week by my friends, my boyfriends friends, and even strangers. “Sure!” I say with a smile, secretly scanning the room for a small corner to scream in. 901 more words

Sex Work

Just keep spinning

When it comes to birthday and Christmas gifts I usually don’t ask for anything specific. I’m quite happy with anything. My husband is the opposite. He has a long list of specific items he would like and when his bday or Christmas is coming, he rolls out the list and tells how you can make him happy :) This year, for my bday, I decided to make a wish list. 544 more words

Anna Seize The World

Final Summary & Stats

Here it is: my final summary and stats for this semester-long blog assignment. As far as most effective tools go, promoting my blog posts through Facebook and Instagram generated much more buzz for my blog than promoting through Twitter ever did. 311 more words

Pole Dancing

A dance I cannot say no to

Advanced speech manual- humorous speech 04

Anna is a 30 white girl with brown long curling hair and rock-hard abs, arms and legs which appear to go on forever. 825 more words

Public Speaking

Thank You Santa! by Mama Twirl

Don’t Just Give a Gift!  Give a MEMORY!

Ever wonder why Santa is always so happy! Maybe Santa has a hidden little secret, Mrs. Claus is a Pole Dancer! 150 more words

Pole Dancing

You Can Achieve Anything You Put Your Mind To

I had another pole class tonight and amongst my struggles with new poses, my declaration that “I can’t” to my instructor, she pointed out that I could it’s my head that holds me back.   592 more words