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Pole Goals 2017

This year will mark the 1st anniversary of me beginning pole fitness. It will also hopefully, be my first full year of pole fitness. Come September a lot of my fitness activities are going to have to be dropped but my hope is to keep Pole as the one thing I do still do. 211 more words

Pole Fitness

Wise Words from a Pole-Dancing Mama.

This weekend’s Spotlight shines on a woman who embodies the kind of determination and will that speaks to the essence of ToughGirl. She is Kris Isaac-Flojo, a multi-talented, outgoing and witty young woman in her early 30s, wife to Niki Flojo, mother to Elon. 1,018 more words


Episode #159: Roll Less, Pole Dance More

Episode #159:  Roll Less, Pole Dance More

The opener:

“I’m about to take a fucking pole dancing class.  I’m going with my buddy, we’re going to take a fucking poll dancing class.  156 more words


Pole Dancing

This blog post will be a slight deviation from the normal, strong opinions I usually display. Today’s topic is POLE DANCING! I started pole dancing a couple weeks ago. 829 more words

Pole Dancing


I sat down with South African club performer, Zee, to get the ins and outs of making it as a successful exotic dancer in Johannesburg. 2,946 more words


More Blog One-Liners

“but I still couldn’t make up my mind, my wife or…”

pulling the trigger is easy, finding the bullets is something else, then he…

My foot, my arm and my left ear. 293 more words


I Want to See the Ugly Too

This weekend I finally tried an aerial silks class…and it was crazy tough! I am not going to say that it was so fabulous and amazing…but it was definitely fun to try because I love artistic and creative fitness. 586 more words

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