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Name that piece of Art... part 77...

Just name this piece of art with a piece of Art in it… is that too much to ask?

And yes, I know it disturbing… but it made sense in whatever post I originally made it for… I’m pretty sure…


MyIdol pole dancing app - miley cyrus

There’s a new app taking the internet by storm and it has fallen into the hands of the pole dancing community!

The Chinese app lets you make your own avatar to customise and make dance and sing opera amongst other things, the best part is that you can make it pole dance! 179 more words

Pole Dancing

Throwback Thursday - My first pole picture

Back in 2012 when I started pole dancing I soon learnt that I only wanted to take pictures as an achievement rather than progress pictures, so I don’t have any really early ones. 35 more words

Pole Dancing

That swing!

So I have a “dance” Google alert. Yep, simply “dance.” Every morning my inbox is filled with (granted English-language) news about dancing in the most remotest corners of the world (come to think of it, I should probably set up alerts in “my” other languages – “ples, plesanje”, “Tanz, tanzen”, “baile, bailar”). 294 more words

Reasons to Join Pole Dancing Classes in Penrith

Can a sensual act cater to the aspect of enhancing physical fitness? The query posed a huge debate in the society at one point of time in the recent past. 302 more words

Pole Dancing

Say Something

Lately I’ve been working on cup grip handspring. For anyone that has tried it, you know it can be a tedious¬†process. Especially when you have a little extra hip to you. 195 more words


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