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All the Best People Are

Earlier this year, I signed up for something I once thought I’d never do.

I signed up to perform pole in front of an actual audience. 536 more words

What I Learned Twirling on the Pole

First of all, I want to start off by saying that I learned there are two types of women in this world: the ones that are meant to be sexy and the ones that are meant to be cute. 343 more words


Cycling as Method, Cycling as Weathering IV: A Brush with the Law

Working at WSU throws up the big question of how to get there. More details about that below for the urban transport nerds. The highlight of this trip, however, was my brush with the law. 837 more words



Why do we work? For those of us that do or have, we’ll say that it has to do with recompense (getting paid), or a sense of accomplishment, or both. 281 more words

Pole Routine 2: I Found

You thought I was only going to get around to the one routine, didn’t you?? Such little faith you have in me…

Here is my 2nd shot at a pole routine to “I Found” by Amber Run. 83 more words


Summer holiday - day 10

This is getting confusing as im getting a little muddled up on what day is what. I think we are up to wednesday the 2nd. A day of hoop, farming and pole dancing. 228 more words

Jacqueline Fernandez Pole Dance

Jacqueline Fernandez just got us hooked to her pole dancing skills in her recent Chandralekha song from A Gentleman which released today. We’re totally hooked to this karaoke number. 131 more words