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Quebec's Jazzy Alix wins elite North American Pole Dance Championship

When it comes to pole fitness, Jazzy Alix is one of Quebec’s elite.

In fact, she was just been crowned the 2016 elite North American Pole Dance Champion in Chicago, Illinois, which took place July 15-17. 403 more words


Welcome New Twirly Girl Instructor: LindseyGrace Riddell

Lindsey has been a  lifelong Minnesotan who just recently moved to Livermore, California. As a child, Lindsey trained in gymnastics for a few years, while as an adult she spent four years of stretching and exercising to stay fit and healthy. 236 more words

Pole Dancing

How not to be a feminist (apparently)

Limit #19 feminists shouldn’t pole dance

I was a bit afraid of pole dancing. Afraid that I would be completely useless at it, that it would be too difficult and I would tell myself I hated it so I didn’t have to admit how gutted I was that I couldn’t do it. 781 more words

Introspection and Injuries: Recapping the last few months

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about much of anything, something my mom has brought up a few times over the last couple of weeks. 1,821 more words


On a health kick!

I really am feeling inspired to keep up this massive health kick I’ve got going on.
It helps that it’s definitely an outlet for all the overwhelming emotions I have over things I can not control in my life. 207 more words

Pole dancing is amazing!

I am absolutely in love with learning how to pole dance! This last class, we were learning how to combine different spins that we’ve learned. I came up with some ideas too and we learned “extra” spins because it was a small class and were all feeling creative, haha! 163 more words

New blog post 

Hello call me Zozo… This is my new blog about my experiences as a dancer in the city of Lagos, I love my job cos it brings in the money and i get to meet all kind of people … Pole dancing is another major thing i love cos i love to dance and express my sexuality… I work everyday except Sundays and Wednesdays so expect posts from every other day…