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Pole Dancing London – Improve Your Fitness, Strength And Agility

Pole dancing London has become popular in London since the 21st century for its benefits in the area of fitness and exercise. It is considered as a great form of fitness and it is said to induce agility of both the mind and body of the pole dancer. 281 more words

Pole Dancing London

If it doesn't hurt, you're doing it wrong

Turning Points.

Sometimes it’s hard to know that they’re happening until you’ve already set off in a different direction. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Now, as anyone who even remotely knows me will attest to, I have never dealt well with failure. 627 more words


Pacific Pole Championships Brings Empowerment to Women

Pole Competitions Empower Women, said Naz Smyth.

Last weekend was the Pacific Pole Championships in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes, of all levels of skill came out to either participate in the competition, or to rally on their friends competing, or simply just to watch the incredible competitors. 810 more words


First rule of pole dancing is...

Don’t talk about pole dancing…Just kidding! Talk about pole dancing all you want. Pole dancing is the best!

Cheesy jokes aside….

First rule actually is: … 865 more words


Weird Experiences I've had Exercising

So who is us for a bit of a laugh or no way moment? I bike, swim, run, do yoga and dabble in other things here and three too. 1,576 more words



By: Lilith

The term sex positivity is thrown around a lot both online and among peer circles whether feminist or not because is seems rather self explanatory. 1,175 more words


Pole Dancing and Twirling

Trying something new is never easy, especially when all growing up you were the best athlete in the room and then all of a sudden switched gears and started doing all new activities.   478 more words