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Your First Pole Lesson

So you’re about to take your first pole dancing class. You’re a bundle of nerves, unsure what to expect or how your body will respond. Here’s the basics you need to know to make the most of that first pole dance experience. 523 more words

What doesn't kill you

I am not a model. I went to a model search thing when I was about 12 years old with my cousin, and they told me I would never make it because I was too short, and my parents weren’t tall enough to imply that I would grow much taller. 1,514 more words


Week 27

Well, week 26 was pretty uneventful from what I remember.  I apologize for not giving updates.  Our Jiffy field trip went well.  No problems although I took charge on the bus dealing with any behavior because buses stress my mentor teacher out.  618 more words

An Attempt at Pole Fitness

Every Women’s Month, our company sponsors fitness classes to its employees – ride rev, yoga, boxing, etc. This year, they opened a class for pole fitness. 167 more words

Learning Something New


It has been awhile since my last post, but here i am and ready to tell you about Park Play Sessions: JHB

First and foremost, this is my official invite to join in this Sunday (18/03/2018) at Delta Park, Johannesburg. 512 more words



Hold on tight

For dawn to quake

Cling to stitches

Bound to break