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Well Hello There!

Of course the first thing that would happen to me after I get back from vacation is that I got sick :(

But I blame it not only on the travel (ugh, almost never can escape getting sick when flying) and also the lack of keeping my regular diet…..I drank beer preeeeetty much 24/7 with my brother and dad. 486 more words

Muddy Heels (Stripped): Chapter 18

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A little dab of lipstick, a spray of my favorite perfume, and a quick shot of tequila. “I’m ready to go.” 2,755 more words


Highlighting Twirly Girl Jade D. by Mama Twirl

I often like to take a minute and highlight one of our Twirly Family members. Sometimes its just something I hear or something I see, but I like to share some things, and I think its nice for us to really see another side of a person besides the time spent in the studio. 426 more words

Pole Dancing

Bruised and burned: The trials and tribulations of a pole dancing class

I always thought that I’d be a great pole dancer, for no particular reason other than that I really like firefighters. Pole dancing is actually quite a versatile activity — women can… 644 more words


Show Time!!!

It is almost time to start rehearsals for our Annual Show!!!

The show will take place at Bliss Dance Nuneaton and will be over two nights!! 339 more words

Surround Yourself With Positive People

This is such an old and used piece of advice, but I feel the need to repeat it tonight because I’m feeling the full effect of it right now. 268 more words


The Pole Dancing Queen of Detroit

Carlotta Leone De Corleone Was born in Tuscany.  Tuscany, Michigan, a suburb 45 minutes from Detroit.  She was a long baby, 25 inches.  She continued to grow to 6′ 2″ tall but thanks to Extreme Makeovers, she had more than a foot sawed off her legs so now she is now only 5′ 2″.   270 more words