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Pole Dancing Studios in Singapore

OK, I’m not trying to sound popular or anything but friends have been sending Instagram DMs asking about pole studios in Singapore. Well I’m constantly yelling things like “PLEASE TRY POLE” on my IG stories, so it’s normal that people are like “erm ok, but where?” I guess. 3,215 more words


Pole Tutorial: the Allegra

The Allegra, such a pretty move but unfortunately nemesis for many!

The good news is that if you have a solid and technically correct inside leg hang, you can probably do an Allegra. 744 more words


November Rain

My last post was in the New Year. I have been nowhere near as good at this as I intended.

Let’s recap and I’ll tell you where I’m at – all good? 437 more words



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Lovely Love


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Lovely Love

Strike a pose

“A pose can be just as powerful as a trick and it does not have to be the most complicated of movements”– Alethea Austin, Sexy Fundamentals DVD. 383 more words