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Out of Context

When primary school children encounter their teacher out of the classroom, say for example at the shops, they always seem a little amazed that their teacher actually leaves school and can exist without a whiteboard marker in their hand. 582 more words


Pole Dancers aren't Strippers

I have been pole dancing for about six or seven years. No I don’t perform in public, no it is not something I do for the benefit of my husband. 303 more words


Stripping Your Life Away

Not every little girl’s dreams are: “when I grow up, I want to be a Stripper!” And to be honest, that wasn’t my dream either. An actress was what I dreamt of becoming. 4,442 more words

life is better upside down.

So my hobbies currently include spinning around in my underwear on a pole every Saturday.

By underwear, I mean skimpy crop tops and bum hungry workout shorts. 405 more words

10 Things To Do If You're Off With An Injury

I had an idea to start this blog a couple of weeks ago – I was raring to talk about new pole combos I had been working on and my newer journey into other aerial work but disaster struck and here I am typing away with my left hand (I’m a rightie) with an injured shoulder. 877 more words


4 irányzat, amit minden Y-nak ki kell próbálnia, ha mozogni vágyik

Azon felül, hogy alapvetően a rendszeres sportolás mainstreammé válását a mi generációnk segítette elő – és ez minden értelemben egy pozitív fellendülés -, van néhány olyan – egyelőre még különleges – sportág, amit mi tettünk népszerűbbekké, elsősorban a saját generációnk körében. 667 more words

Millennial Habits

How pole dancing has changed my life

Two decades ago, I volunteered myself to host in a school showcase.  My conservative and stubborn teacher,  in old-fashioned glasses and big curly hair, rejected me. 1,581 more words