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✡ • ॐ I am a pole dancer ✡ • ॐ

Yes, I am a pole dancer, or stripper, whatever you may choose to call it. I enjoy my work, in reality I’m more like a sexy, graceful therapist. 118 more words

The Inflight Journey of the Superman

This move is far from polished but I’m pleased to have got this far.  Believe me when I tell you the SUPERMAN is not a super pole move.  551 more words


Finding Your Freestyle

If you know me as a dancer by now you probably know that I love to freestyle I find it freeing. For so many dancers freestyle is daunting and scary something that is feared.   490 more words


April's Pole Challenge - Handspring

The Handspring.  No doubt about it, this move is going to take some practice.  In fact I think I’m a little over enthusiastic with this move for it to be complete and achieved in a month!!  175 more words

Pole Dancing

Start that SIREN she's held her in an ELBOW GRIP!!!


I love this move, admittedly it got it pretty much straight away and I think that’s why.  Saying that though its still not perfect, I got the basics and managed to hold i but fine tuning is needed.   474 more words

Pole Dancing

6 Reasons why a Pole Dancer Makes the Perfect Girlfriend

I saw this 9 Reasons Why a Girl Who Smoke Weed online, and thought, well, we should totally celebrate who we are, as dancers! All the qualities down there are some observations I have during these 2 years of pole dancing. 474 more words



My humpies and I decided to explore vietnam during one of our meetups a few months ago. We were suggesting places to go for our next overseas trip. 626 more words