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Iphigenia: Warrior

“Constrained to voicelessness by the violence of the bit,

she slipped to the ground her saffron robes,

and with darting, pitiful eyes struck each of her sacrificers.” 375 more words

On dieting

So I woke up today with a flat tummy but at this time of the day and after eating 4 full meals, my abs are hiding again. 199 more words

October Pole Practice

I’m addicted to pole videos. I see so many cool moves I want to do, but I’m just not there yet for some of them. When I get discouraged, I remember that every move I do now was once very hard for me and try to make the moves I can do look pretty.


Dansk pole danser mande pole dance

Et pole show med herre pole danser er det perfekte til en kvinde polterabend diskotek fest med danmarks måske eneste mandlig stripper med pole dance i showene , han er dansk mester i pole dance 2014 jeres sikkerhed for det perekte shows hans shows kombineret… 146 more words

Spinny Pole

I admit, I stalk my pole classmates. Or former pole classmates since I don’t really take classes these days. I like checking their FB posts about their latest tricks, pics and videos. 182 more words

Life is Crazy

2016 has by far been the craziest and honestly the hardest year of my life. I’ve tried so many different ways to get back into a healthy lifestyle but thus far it has yet to happen. 263 more words