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Pole Dance Notes 1.18.17

I swear I have been trying to write this post for like two weeks! Problem is, I’ve been so busy doing what this post is about that actually writing it has been hard to accomplish, which is okay, I guess. 871 more words

Bang! Magda Beng!

Kobieta z niesamowitym życiowym powerem, który potrafi przełożyć na swoje pasje, zainteresowania i biznes. Została kilkukrotną mistrzynią i finalistką Polski w tańcu towarzyskim. Zrewolucjionizowała i zaczęła rozwijać pole dance w Polsce, dokładając nowe elementy. 543 more words


Iphigenia: Dreams

One dream that visits me often takes me back home. Mother and father, Electra and Orestes are just the way I left them. The whole family wants me back and greets me with tears of joy. 320 more words

Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio

I have been loading my blog up with posts about food and drinks so to change the pace up here is a things to do post. 361 more words


Shoulder Scramble

It’s now been 6 months since my initial injury, and with subsequent problems popping up, we look to enter the new year with a referral to a specialist. 276 more words


Wild Card: Sexy Clown

Pole dancing reminds me of my clown training from arts college. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but gimme a minute. I can explain. 1,321 more words

Pole Dance Notes 12.06.16

Let’s talk about learning curves. I’ve been dancing and moving on stage in front of other humans for a long time. Like since I was seven. 598 more words