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Ace Exotic

Strip tease, exotic and pole dancing…
Fire up your desire and let it blaze!



When I'm old

In fifty years, I want to be wrinkly because I spent too much time in the sun. I want to have deep lines around my mouth because I smiled so much for no reason. 128 more words


I'll rather be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring

I get most excited when I end up in a place I’ve never been before. Where I can’t resort to patterns I follow in my everyday life. 227 more words


Bad haze in Singapore

What a Monday! Didn’t sleep well last night due to the bad haze, constantly have that roasted smell in my room despite having the purifier turned on. 107 more words


Pole-usical 2015 - Dirty POLE Dance

Performance at PolePressure Downtown. Cost $20

Friday 2 October from 8:00p – 10:00p
Saturday 3 October from 5:30p – 7:30p
Saturday 3 October from 8:30p – 10:30p… 142 more words

Workshops & Events


I used to do horse riding. I was especially keen on jumping; the bigger the fences were the better (though I wasn’t good enough to jump really big ones…) I’m pretty small but I liked to ride the big horses, and usually I loved the craziest ones the best :D I literally had to do the splits and climb the stirrup strap to get into saddle, because obviously I didn’t want to use a bench and the teacher couldn’t help me every single time. 535 more words


Confessions of a budding contortionist

Hi everyone who happens to stumble on my humble and unorganized blog. I wanted to start a new blog simply to share my ideas of life in general; travel, art, sports (especially pole dance and acrobatics), and most of all my ideas of how to live a happy life. 564 more words