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Do photos on Facebook really look that bad?

In the latest episode of his excellent “LensWork” podcast, titled “A Facebook Observation”, Brooks Jensen confessed that he had recently started looking more often at photographs being published on Facebook and… that he was not comfortable with how he looked at work he found there. 339 more words


Cautionary Tale

a republic is damned hard on citizens
forced by their own definition
they can’t ignore politics
can’t shirk their role in self-government
can’t turn a blind eye to issues… 118 more words


How the presence and quality of fathers affects belief in God

Here’s an article by Paul Copan which points out how father presence/absence and father quality affects belief and disbelief in God.


Seventh, the attempt to psychologize believers applies more readily to the hardened atheist.

1,323 more words

Bold Vision

tomorrows cut sharp
in relief of hard stone
the dense matrix
of deep possibilities

eyesight as keen
as new chisels cold
case-hardened tools
of incisive strong minds… 56 more words


What do skeptical ancient historians think of the earliest Christian creed?

Here is a post from my friend Eric Chabot. He writes about the earliest historical source for the minimal facts about the resurrection, which is the early creed recorded by Paul in 1 Corinthians: 3-7. 1,237 more words


John C. Sanford's genetic entropy hypothesis

JoeCoder sent me a recent peer-reviewed paper by John C. Sanford, so I’ve been trying to find something written by him at a layman’s level so I could understand what he is talking about. 1,116 more words