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Ivanka ¿le esta sumando o restando a su papá?

Ivanka esta haciendo el papel de primera dama, eso no se cuestiona. Mientras Melania sigue viviendo en Nueva York “por no interferir con los estudios de Baron” Ivanka toma todas las oportunidades y todas las visitas que su papá encabeza para liderar conversaciones. 585 more words


Keeping informed - The "Evangelical Intelligentsia"

“The EI is convinced that the answers to evangelicalism’s problems will not be found in the local church, but by academia and among the Intelligentsia, who then must give (or sell) those solutions to the local church… 126 more words

False Prophets And False Teachers

A Liver Punch to the Brain

Hey, you! Yeah, you!

Did you know that in combat sports an effective shot to the liver will earn you a technical knock out? It’s true. 1,248 more words


William Lane Craig explains the purpose of prayer

This is from a recent Q&A from his web site Reasonable Faith.

Here’s the question:

My question is this: what is the point of prayer?

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For and against

This blog is for liberty, freedom, First Amendment, U.S. Constitution, science, naturalism, and all policies of governments to uphold these processes and concepts.

This blog is against tyrants, alternative facts, pretenders or posers, bloviating dimwits that hold power, spin, and governments that contain or have these aforementioned people or elements.  109 more words

President Trump

more on self-care during these times // trigger warning: news and politics

I guess I’m not alone:

Friend, writer and L.A. comic Angel Castillo on self-care

Compassion, self care, guilt, motivation.

A post shared by Angel M. Castillo (@angelmarticastillo) on Jan 30, 2017 at 10:59am PST…

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Personal Story

JK Rowling and the Biblically Iliterate Bible Quotation

The biblically illiterate author of the Harry Potter series, a woman with no experience in foreign policy or the United States government and constitutional law, recently decided to talk about US immigration policy by using Bible quotes: 576 more words