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What is the fine-tuning argument for God's existence, and does the multiverse counter it?

One of the best arguments for the existence of a Creator and Designer of the universe is the cosmic fine-tuning argument. The argument argues that individual constants and quantities in nature cannot be much smaller or larger than they are, because it would remove the ability of the universe to support life of any kind. 1,037 more words


When Ignorance Is Bliss....

The following exchange was on my Facebook site for my previous post Playing Politics Without Losing Your Religion. (You can find this on my religionorpolitics site on Facebook.) 743 more words


History's Warning about the Current Social Justice Conflict

If you are unaware, there is a conflict underway. This conflict centers around the issue of social justice and racial reconciliation in the Church. These issues are sensitive and personal to many on both sides of “the racial divide,” making them that much more explosive. 4,100 more words


How brief was the period in which the Cambrian phyla suddenly appeared?

The Cambrian explosion refers to the sudden appearance of new body plans in the fossil record. ID proponents think that the period is between 5-10 million years at the most. 644 more words


There is No Life of the Mind Without Life in the World: A Reply to Jon Baskin

In an essay that got quite a lot of praise earlier this week, Jon Baskin attempted an indictment of the world of American left-wing “little magazines,” which he suggested are letting their commitment to ideas be deformed by political engagement. 1,888 more words


Two black economists explain how to not be poor in America

Walter Wiliams is one of my two favorite economists, the other being Thomas Sowell.

Here is his article on wealth and poverty on Creators written by Dr. 1,124 more words


Should believers argue in defense of the faith?

Here is a short article explaining why its proper for believers to argue and debate in defence of the faith, an expanded version of this very article complete with scriptural references and references to the works of other apologists will be made available soon. 758 more words