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The God Defense? - Part 2

Watching that video and reading through those comments really woke me up to a few things. Again; because these weren’t new revelations. Things like God doesn’t need help defending Himself. 2,109 more words


The God Defense? - Part 1

I was on YouTube recently watching a video. It was a parody of MythBusters. The myth to be busted? “Does God exist or not?” 1,570 more words


Bull in a China Shop

brash arrogant animal

clumsy and crude

shatters shibboleths

crashes through protocol

kills sacred cows

paying nary a nickel of tithe

to self-serving traditions

repulsed by cheap prurient… 150 more words


Dear Intelligent Advice: The Power of the Positive

Dear Intelligent Advice,

                  My new year’s resolution was to get more into positive thinking and mindfulness as an attempt to live my best life. I recently attended a seminar on challenging negativity and one of the key ideas is that if you put out positive energy into the universe it will come back to you. 336 more words


What are Boltzmann brains, and what challenge do they pose to the multiverse hypothesis?

I thought I would turn to the atheist theoretical physicist Sean Carroll, who has previously debated William Lane Craig, to explain to us what a Boltzmann brain is, and what threat it posts to the multiverse hypothesis. 1,407 more words


How to Observe Reformation

If you are Roman Catholic, forget Martin Luther and remember Thomas More:

We should not celebrate the Reformation, because we cannot celebrate the defense of erroneous conscience held up against the authority of the Church.

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Roman Catholicism

The Lack of Love and the Hunger for Judgment

I recently posted a link to a smear piece on Jeff Durbin and his comments on abortion. It comes from a report on this video… 899 more words