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How the Bible Demythologizes Other Ancient Religions

“On the fourth day, God creates the sun, the moon, and the stars. Aside from the creation of man on the sixth day, more attention is given to this aspect of creation than to any other. 78 more words

Total Vampyric Supremacy

Vampyric supremacy may be likened to the socialist agenda in its ultimate form (or to any authoritarian/totalitarian system) in that it seeks to place the masses under one unmoveable directive. 290 more words


Luke Barnes discusses the fine-tuning of the fine structure constant

Here is an article from The New Atlantis written by cosmologist Luke Barnes about one specific example of cosmic fine-tuning. (H/T Uncommon Descent via J. Warner Wallace tweet) 652 more words


Christian Rhetoric and Re-Naming Christmas

The Reconquista Initiative


Christian Rhetoric and Re-Naming Christmas

In the battle between different worldviews, it is simply a fact that many people, at least initially, are not swayed by reason, but rather by rhetoric, polemics, and a perception of worldview confidence. 396 more words


Tim Keller explains basic Christian doctrines to Nick Kristof in the New York Times

My friend Neil Shenvi posted this New York Times on Facebook, and I had to blog about it. Although I am more conservative than Tim Keller on many issues (economics, race issues, intelligent design), he does a pretty good job of explaining and defending basic Christian doctrines to Nicholas Kristof. 1,233 more words


Orthodox Bridge's End of Protestantism

I haven’t dealt with Orthodox Bridge in a while.   But sometimes they come across a decent review or article that deserves outside notice.  Their article highlights a number of weaknesses in the CREC, but does nothing to touch magisterial Protestantism. 806 more words

American Theology

The Dark Side of Discernment

I decided to come back and give a little rant about what is currently happening in my life. Let’s start with that I consider myself of having the Spiritual Gift of Discernment. 829 more words