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Moloch 'n Me

Whatever you call the opposite of a serious, major league presence in the blogosphere and on social media–and something tells me it’s not “stunningly handsome fiscal powerhouse”–that’s me. 768 more words

Season of Speeches

in a season of speeches

how many tongues

lash the truth

turn it inside out

twisting the sound

of its meaning

deceptive chords hung

right alongside our ears… 26 more words


Solution for the Church Maze.

I have long wanted to write about Fresh Life Church on this blog, the biggest reason being that i know that i have friends and family and possibly even a few readers who go to this church. 1,787 more words

Was atheism or Christianity responsible for the Scientific Revolution?

First, here’s an article from the blog of the peer-reviewed journal Nature, probably the best peer-reviewed journal on science in the world.

The article is written by Dr. 822 more words


An Unpopular Stand

inside the sound and the fury
the deafening voice of the storm
mocks the hubris of humans
convinced of their power
to instigate change in… 33 more words


Notes on Polemic

I recall reading a piece a few months back–which, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate to link here–lambasting academia for its fetishization of objectivity and balance in writing. 428 more words

A Serious Challenge to the New Perspective on Paul

by Michael Kruger

As most readers know, there has been a long scholarly debate over what is known as the New Perspective(s) on Paul (NPP). This approach argues that “justification” in Paul does not mean what many Christians (especially Reformed folks) have always believed. 107 more words