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Cry Country

lift the pain from these ill deceived bones
let this heart fly above the white mountaintops
up where whole worlds can be brought into view… 45 more words


Mark D. Linville: does Darwinian evolution make morality rational?

Have you ever heard an atheist tell you that naturalistic evolution is an answer to the moral argument? I have. And I found a good reply to this challenge in the book “ 1,202 more words


Can atheists help themselves to objective morality on atheism?

Here’s Dr. William Lane Craig explaining why you can’t:

He presents 3 reasons why in the video, all of which are also discussed in his Defenders class… 1,377 more words


New study: couples that delay sexual activity experience higher quality relationships

From Family Studies, news about TWO new studies.

Excerpt: (links removed)

[T]wo recently published studies call into question the validity of testing sexual chemistry early in dating.

1,137 more words

Sorry, Vlad. We've Got Our Hands Full Here at Home.

Newsweek posted a story yesterday that should be good for a laugh:

Sorry, Comrade. We can’t even secure our own border, let alone close up someone else’s halfway across the world. 88 more words


Peer-reviewed paper: Michael Behe's "First Rule of Adaptive Evolution"

JoeCoder was writing some JavaScript code last night and he ran into a problem where a 3rd-party open source library was not performing as expected. So he got the non-minified version of the library and commented out two lines to get the behavior he wanted. 882 more words


Decline and Fall

oh for a mind free of doubt

how does knowledge

accumulate certainty

where is the truth

if not naked and stark

right in front of the eyes… 109 more words