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Mind Travels: The Murky Middle Way

 One Foot Out the Door means one foot is often still in … while I started this blog to document and ruminate on my travels, I can’t step out of my regular life every day or even every month sometimes, so I decided I should also write about what’s going on inside the door on occasion. 1,225 more words


Polemicists speak not to persuade.

Rather, they are drawing lines of amity and enmity.

A Literary History of Violence

In To the Lighthouse there is a minor character called Augustus Carmichael: a poet whose meek and unthreateningly eccentric demenour caricatures the modern literary male. 622 more words



Another racial brouhaha regarding the Oscar’s: one of the red carpet girls in the pre-awards telecast cracked a bad joke about a black actress’s braided hair. 138 more words


Je·sus (jē′zəs)

Jesus was a good 1st century rabbi , a prophet, who after his death got enveloped into some of the then current speculative theological ideas and concepts present him as he God. 

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Argumentative People are Dangerous People

There is a difference between having an argument and being an argumentative person.

There are times when we need to “argue” and even “fight” for the truth or an important idea. 

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Fifty Shades

call me a prude
or a fossil or maybe
an anachronism
cranky of culture
for thinking and
saying conflation of
pleasure and pain
is sheer madness… 120 more words