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Harvard University astrophysicist discusses fine-tuning in the Washington Post

I’m pretty sure my readers already know about the fine-tuning argument, but it’s not every day you see it discussed (however briefly) in a far-left mainstream newspaper like the… 714 more words


Are endogenous virus genes evidence for common descent?

This is a guest post by JoeCoder.

It’s often argued that when two or more organisms share viral genes in the same place, it is evidence those organisms evolved from a common ancestor.  640 more words


An Honest Critique of Trends

It’s not every day you will come across such stuff online, maybe once in a while you will, but think of this not as a rant but as a simple and honest rebuke of certain habits that really, are not beneficial to any one – at least if you aren’t a vanity chaser. 1,297 more words


Famine, Plagues, and Anti-Christs

The 18th chapter of the right-hand volume of the Great Treasure (ginza rba) represents a dramatic break from the rest of the text, no more so than in its genre. 1,167 more words

Doctrine Of John

Maples' fabricated glue melts under scrutiny

Jeff Maples is one of the chief writers for the Pulpit & Pen polemics site. He is also an administrator for the chookwatcher Facebook page. His articles are included in… 829 more words


stitch suture my

eyelids—crack the


slice through

any bundle of vocal

cords that would

tell me what today

adds up to what

today becomes


Make America What?

I have been staying out of most political conversations for months. Today, While I was driving around the county, providing community mental health services to people who would be most negatively impacted by a Trump Presidency, I realized that the Trump campaign signs needed editing to more accurately reflect the affect of his campaign on the state of interpersonal relations in this country. 20 more words