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Wisdom and Foolishness in Abrahamic Faith

“Knowledge is power,” is an oft-repeated saying. In an information economy this makes perfect sense, and our educational system is geared to develop know-how.

Wisdom, on the other hand, sometimes seems a neglected virtue. 647 more words


Does violence distinguish Muslimism from Christianity--as a polemic?

I recently had an interesting discussion with a friend on Facebook.

While I am not delving into a study of apologetics nor thoroughly exploring a proper argument for the Christian faith (here, anyway), I’m posting below my comments in the conversation. 845 more words


Anti-gun statistician takes a look at the effects of UK and Australia gun bans

I found this op-ed in the radically-leftist Washington Post, of all places. The author took a look at the evidence on gun violence for Five Thirty Eight, and decided that gun control policies would not help the problems that we are actually facing. 1,320 more words


Tax Day

break china vessels in mirrors
to get at their tantalized powders
run your tongue
along edges
that jaggedly bisect
romantic wigged
thickly-calved footmen
whose dismembered hands… 259 more words


Is the presupposition of naturalism in science good for the pursuit of truth?

This topic came up recently in a discussion, and I wanted to be sure that all my readers were aware of how to think about the work that the presupposition of naturalism does in supporting naturalistic views of science. 1,041 more words




sharpen your ignorance

I’m coming for you

lay your mind to the

whetting wheel

turned on your cogs

of closeted cowardice

hear me and fear me… 162 more words