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Doctor's Orders: Lloyd-Jones on obsession with polemics

The polemic element is of course important and it has its very definite place; it is good for the people. But I’m warning now against the danger of too much polemic. 1,770 more words


When the pack turns on itself

The anonymous and comment-free churchwatcher recently put up a video of J D Hall defending judgment, discernment and pontificating on the art of polemics, which was very interesting, but incredibly defensive. 1,230 more words


Took some posts down! Pleasing the Lord

In the last several weeks I’ve posted about Dr. James White’s interfaith dialogue with Imam Yasir Qadhi. These posts have been deleted. Thank you for offering thoughtful comments.   72 more words

Pilgrim's Progress Revisited

Et Tu, James K.A. Smith?

Over the weekend, philosopher and Calvin College professor James K. A. Smith went on the record arguing that the recent usage of the words orthodoxy and heresy in debates surrounding same-sex marriage are illegitimate. 923 more words





political plague
hucksters swarm in washington
needs insecticide


the role of polemics (and emotions) in academic work

I’m here in Montreal at various pre-ASA conferences, and people are still talking about “Talk is Cheap,” Colin Jerolmack and Shamus Khan’s provocative article about the problems with interviews and the superiority of participant-observation. 917 more words


On understanding: a quick note

I hold all truths to be self-evident.

I need not think further. I turn
in a stream of concrete
and polaroids encased in superglue.

What is the meaning of thirteen… 131 more words