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A Serious Challenge to the New Perspective on Paul

by Michael Kruger

As most readers know, there has been a long scholarly debate over what is known as the New Perspective(s) on Paul (NPP). This approach argues that “justification” in Paul does not mean what many Christians (especially Reformed folks) have always believed. 107 more words


Call for Submissions: Full Bleed journal

Full Bleed aspires to feed the passions and curiosities of contemporary artists, designers, illustrators, and critics.

Launching in Spring 2017, the new critical journal will offer an intellectually diverse forum for insight and argument about art and aesthetic experience, visual and material culture, and design. 125 more words

Calls For Submission

Fourth Estate

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and I fully expect I will also enjoy the Democrat Convention in Philadelphia next week. For political junkies and public policy wonks (and I’ve been something of each over long stretches of time in my life) these quadrennial events are analogous to the Olympics or the World Cup. 287 more words


Machen: The Only Good Reason To Criticize Someone's Theology

“Such counterfeits  should be removed, not out of a love of destruction, but in order to leave room for the pure gold…” -J. Gresham Machen, … 71 more words

"Nobody is truly innocent"

Out there 500 years from now is a mass murder of such magnitude: thousands of victims, scores of demented persons with double assault rifles firing 746 rounds per second – why, it will be necessary to bus in victims from different states to die in the massacre and one tiny bill covering a single dot of the issue might try to pass through congress (like mushrooms from your pizza) so the NRA must raise billions and billions to bribe all congresspersons and that does it. 21 more words


Luke Barnes discusses the fine-tuning of the fine structure constant

Here is an article from The New Atlantis written by cosmologist Luke Barnes about one specific example of cosmic fine-tuning. (H/T Uncommon Descent via J. Warner Wallace tweet) 652 more words


The Difference Between an Idol and the Living God

“The main difference between a living God and a dead god (an idol) is that a real, living God can still surprise us.” -Robert Jensen