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Does Christianity Deserve Respect?

One would expect of us to be most grateful to have been born in a place and time where we may speak our minds freely, without the imminent threat of torture, exile or death. 840 more words



you bruise my tattoos
with each slap at my values
damn your arrogance 8 more words


The Evisceration of the Christian Faith

 By Sean Gerety

One of the central doctrines of the Reformation and the Christian faith is the principle of sola Scriptura – Scripture alone. It is in this principle that all other Biblical doctrines find their source, legitimacy, and warrant. 850 more words

Sola Scriptura

A Call for Christian Rationality

By W. Gary Crampton

We live in a day when the Apostle Paul’s sermon on Mar’s Hill to the first century philosophers concerning the worship of an unknown god (Acts 17) is all too relevant. 339 more words

Sola Scriptura

Progress of Chaos

before demiurge
the formless
the void
not yet taught
of cosmogony

ultimate freedom
carries the day

growing backwards
pre-ethical state… 25 more words


Christian Perspective on John Frame

By John W. Robbins

Perspectives on the Word of God, An Introduction to Christian Ethics, John M. Frame. Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, 1990, indexes, 66 pages, $5.95. 251 more words

Sola Scriptura

Re-Framing Reformed Baptist Doctrine

As a graduate of Westminster Seminary in California during the mid-1990s, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is some variant of, “What did you think of John Frame?” The question is unsurprising. 173 more words