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Things We're Not Interested In: The NFL Draft

With the┬áNFL Draft plastered across the TSN networks for three nights this week, it’s a busy weekend for Stuff I Don’t Care About. It’s a fun time, folks! 513 more words


Distinction Without a Difference

pay the toll for tomorrow today
give the unprincipled partisan hack
golden keys to the treasure house
let him fill up his ideological
coffers with lucre of treasonous… 79 more words


Does Christianity Deserve Respect?

One would expect of us to be most grateful to have been born in a place and time where we may speak our minds freely, without the imminent threat of torture, exile or death. 840 more words


Ryan T. Anderson: background on the same-sex marriage case before the Supreme Court

This Daily Signal article is a great summary of everything that a lay-person like me or you ought to know about the case that is going to be decided by the Supreme Court. 689 more words


Are atheists more moral than religious people?

Well, let’s take a look at the numbers with this article by Arthur Brooks, published by the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.


How do religious and secular people vary in their charitable behavior?

1,468 more words

Once Upon a Time in Chicago

architectural winds
swept the lake
looped the river
whose banks pulsed
with cattlemen bloodlines
magnificent mile
hosting retail nirvana
in shimmering towers
preserved beaux arts piles… 198 more words


Does peer-reviewed science support Bill Nye's attempt to prove materialism?

Casey Luskin looks at Nye’s new book “Undeniable”, which turns out to be very deniable, since it uses discredited science to support materialist philosophy.

Luskin writes: 599 more words