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Reblog Trouble?

The “reblog” function seems to have disappeared from both the posts I write and those that I read. This is distressing as I have come to rely heavily on that utility. 10 more words


The Verbal Spar

how firm is a belief if you can’t bear the thought of challenging it?

i’m not coming at the world with a loaded gun — i don’t believe in harming others. 100 more words


Should the Gospel of Thomas be included in the New Testament?

I was on a long distance drive Monday night. I finished listening to “God’s Crime Scene”, and started “The Case for the Real Jesus”. Craig Evans’ discussion about the Gospel of Thomas stuck in my mind, so I’m turning it into a post. 754 more words


Cat Burglar

scale the face

of my trust

pry open my eyes

slip inside and

begin your work

rifling my dreams

fill your sack

with my hopes… 67 more words


J. Warner Wallace: 10 important questions for Jehovah's witnesses

So there’s this group of people called Jehovah’s Witnesses that use Christian language to describe a religion that denies key parts of the Christian worldview. They like to go door-to-door to tell people what they believe. 923 more words


Rant Uno

There is this person that I have been paying attention too much lately on social media.

That person clearly has too many problems and therefore has the obligation to share on the world wide web his/her thoughts to the world. 263 more words