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humility is weakness
no dragon will suffer
no self-respecting hombre
spits shyly in the wind
real men want shark skin
steel teeth in stone jaws… 88 more words


Can atheists help themselves to objective morality on atheism?

Here’s Dr. William Lane Craig explaining why you can’t:

He presents 3 reasons why in the video, all of which are also discussed in his Defenders class… 1,369 more words


Black Friday

a day suitably named
reflecting the minds
who would stand
all-night lines
to make purchase
of doubly discounted
cheapened esteem


'Cry Oceans' by Mary Cecil

Cry Oceans

Cry oceans and weep the seas
Where waves flow over
The endless motions of life
The swimming perfection that flees
The Armageddon of destruction… 214 more words



I bend into the earth
as a pig might set
nosing for truffles
except I am snuffling
for remnant scents
recently left by the
passage of virtuous… 117 more words


I Am a Dead White Male

arrange me among my antiques
I belong to their centuries
chairs in which I may repose
in the ghostly embrace of old friends

thinking our shared ancient thoughts… 193 more words