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French-cuffed gestures trickle with sarcasm
from blood red links of sardonyx signets
fluttering fingers speak coherent hypocrisy
collecting catastrophe out of the air
they fold fulgent lightning bolts… 87 more words



to see with one eye

to hear with one ear

insults the endowment

of reasoned free will

ignores the philosophers

from Plato to Nozick

injures the birthright… 17 more words


My Dream Broke Me

What’s it to be, no more a man
Who ran so fast, he overran
His heart with a chase, past his soul’s debris
In a mad race, to save a face, my dream broke me… 89 more words


10 reasons why you should seriously consider Mexico for your next vaycaycay!

1. Food.

Just nom nom nom your way to most restaurants and you wont be disappointed. Green Mole, Red Mole. You don’t need to know what it is, just know that it’s going to be delicious. 485 more words


Pray Tell Me

pray tell me the name of that woman or man
unmoved by allure of ambition and avarice
someone who earns grateful incense of hearts
for their impulse to nobly serve citizenship… 117 more words


Once A Boy Was I!

Once a boy was I
Not this fate’s fall guy
Was as new as a dream
Not this splintered esteem
Of a man who yearns to die… 98 more words


The Slick-Waldron Debate: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (part 2)

By Sam Waldron

I said in my first blog post that debates for me are about truth—not about winning. I do, of course, hope the truth will win. 63 more words