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Come Away with Poler and Pendleton Woolen Mills

We have been waiting for this one to hit. The Poler and Pendleton merchandise is finally live, and we can show you what fun it is. 84 more words

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Polo Mojo, Where Art Thou?

As I apply more liquid chalk and grip aid to my hands, nostalgic memories of taking flight (as per picture) wash over me. I am, as polers would diagnose, in a major, utter and complete pole funk *tear!*. 583 more words


Stop Microwaving Your Panini! This Sandwich Maker Will Heat Up Your Lunch Hour

Your lunches don’t have to be limited to soggy bread and wimpy lettuce—the Poler Sandwich Maker helps make your lunch hotter and (hopefully) smothered in melted cheese. 37 more words


The Poler Sandwich Maker is a Must-Have Camping Accessory

Next time you head out on a camping trip with the homies you better have one of these Poler Sandwich Makers.  Switch it up from the normal food you always grill when you hit the outdoors and make a grilled cheese sandwich or a tuna melt over the open fire.   12 more words