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The GOP's Problem Isn't Trump

It’s Trump voters.

Maybe if more Republicans went into higher ed, they’d have realized earlier, by closely reading the signs of his combustible misogyny, that Trump’s campaign would explode at the last minute, pulling them down with him. 200 more words


The C word

I skimmed some of the potty talk about the Clinton Foundation’s treatment of donors and wondered if anyone perpetuating the Clinton Scandal of the Day has ever worked at a nonprofit before. 83 more words


Phobicness (#Orlando)

My 2016 campaign will focus on eradicating the suffix “-phobia” from the language of our polity.

“Homophobia” and “transphobia” inadequately characterize the lethal hate our LGBTQ friends and family experience daily. 353 more words



I know why a dude who pummeled his wife daily might also gun down a gay club on Latin night: gender norms are f-ing lethal. Plus racism. 31 more words


On Real America

Please read this ode to our beautiful, difficult country, whose Riverside County, California, is as vibrantly American as genetic research, fried chicken-donut sandwiches, and the Civil Rights Movement. 125 more words