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Hero of the week : James Comey

What a typical cop this asshole is

How does Trump like all of his “Law and Order” B.S. now?

The highest LEO’s in the nation, lying, conspiring and doing as they damn well please… 60 more words

Dustin Mormando

Hero of the week:Laguna Beach police officer arrested in fraud, elder abuse case

See that mug? That is the face of a hero. How do you know? Because he is a cop and wears blue.   Every day he goes out and risks his life to keep us safe.    267 more words

Dustin Mormando

Heroes one and all : 9th officer arrested on federal corruption charges linked to Gun Trace Task Force


Go ahead, keep telling yourself it is just a few bad apples.  If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. A badge and a uniform does not a hero make.  

575 more words

Dustin Mormando

Hero of the week: Decorated officer cuts off GPS device and flees before trial for rape and kidnapping

And then the scumbag meets a fitting end… Suicide while waiting out a SWAT team. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. In the end you cannot hide who you are. 311 more words

Dustin Mormando

Compilation of lying cops for 10/19/2017

Don’t feel bad if a lying cop costs you some freedom or a heap of money. Truth doesn’t matter when you are given default “Hero” status and as a “Sworn officer of the court” your testimony is given the weight of truth.    

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