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Hero of the week:Laguna Beach police officer arrested in fraud, elder abuse case

See that mug? That is the face of a hero. How do you know? Because he is a cop and wears blue.   Every day he goes out and risks his life to keep us safe.    267 more words

Dustin Mormando

Heroes one and all : 9th officer arrested on federal corruption charges linked to Gun Trace Task Force


Go ahead, keep telling yourself it is just a few bad apples.  If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. A badge and a uniform does not a hero make.  

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Hero of the week: Decorated officer cuts off GPS device and flees before trial for rape and kidnapping

And then the scumbag meets a fitting end… Suicide while waiting out a SWAT team. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. In the end you cannot hide who you are. 311 more words

Dustin Mormando

Compilation of lying cops for 10/19/2017

Don’t feel bad if a lying cop costs you some freedom or a heap of money. Truth doesn’t matter when you are given default “Hero” status and as a “Sworn officer of the court” your testimony is given the weight of truth.    

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Heroes in blue: Compilation of cops arrested 10/5/2017

FHP trooper arrested on child-sex charges, Lake deputy on leave

Orlando Sentinel–Sep 25, 2017

A Lake County deputy sheriff has been placed on administrative leave after a Florida Highway Patrol.. 737 more words

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Disarm the police

It’s very simple

There is no reason that a guy doing traffic stops or doing routine duty needs a gun

The biggest fear that an officer has is that he will be disarmed and shot with his own duty weapon… 127 more words

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