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To serve: Cop ran security for Gangster disciples drug shipments

“Former Crockett County Sheriff’s Office deputy Calvin Fields pleaded guilty to counts of distribution of cocaine and possession of a firearm during drug trafficking in U.S. 228 more words

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It's not just the cops, it's the system: Man released after 2 decades in prison

A federal jury on Wednesday awarded a man more than $13 million after he sued thecity, seven Chicago police officers and two Cook County prosecutors over his conviction for the 1992 slayings of Jeffrey Lassiter and Sharon Haugabook. 319 more words

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Heroes of the week-Cops arrested for April 14 2017 : - Child porn, robbery, domestic violence and more

Those crazy cops are back! They are beating, robbing and raping their way into are hearts! That’s right boys and girls, here is the latest edition of our public servants at work.   

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Police Brutality

Cop shoots dogs leg off after drunken fall from motorcycle

And of course the Asshole lies about what actually happened. “Feared for his life” my ass. How many people and animals have lost their lives because some trigger happy coward “Feared for his life”? 201 more words

Police Abuse

Scumbag cop who shot surrendered father and killed autistic 6 Yr. Old convicted of manslaughter

“A Louisiana cop has been convicted of fatally shooting a 6-year-old autistic boy after a high-speed car chase turned into a deadly shooting spree, prosecutors said Friday. 417 more words

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Top Cop who left noose for black officers resigns

No racism here at all. Plus they do not lie on police reports, beat innocent people or use their citizen granted powers for evil.

WALKER- A high-ranking Walker Police officer has resigned after he was suspended for placing a noose inside the squad room of the department. 243 more words

Police Brutality

Cop arrested for stealing from Hispanics he arrested

Another cop out there risking his life everyday. Who would have guessed that the guy with the badge was the real criminal? After all he is a hero right? 229 more words

Police Brutality