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DOJ Report States “Hands Up - Don’t Shoot” Narrative Was Completely False - We Again Explain Its Origin

Today the DOJ released their comprehensive finding report on the Mike Brown shooting. The DOJ Report states unequivocally the “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” narrative was a completely false construct, … 2,653 more words

Officer Darren Wilson Will NOT Face Federal Civil Rights Charges - Full Ferguson DOJ Finding Report Included (pdf)

Following the shooting death of Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri the federal DOJ launched two investigations.  One investigation into Officer Darren Wilson, and a second investigation into the Ferguson Police Department. 147 more words

Yet Another Gay Crime Hoax - Ohio Gay Rights Activist Manufactures Dangerous Kidnapping Hoax...

Why do gay rights advocates have to do these stunts? Not only are these ridiculous stunts nonsense, they are actually dangerous and pull law enforcement officers/officials away from other events which can have horrific consequences. 142 more words

Ferguson Police Department Anticipates Finding Out Results of Federal Investigation Today...

According to a leaked media report the DOJ is anticipated to claim the Ferguson Police Department has discriminated against minority offenders through the use of fines and penalties for legal infractions: 282 more words

Tomorrow's Headline Story - Alarming Video Shows LAPD Shoot Homeless Man....

Details are very sketchy – however, the story and video is rapidly gaining attention via social media.

A struggle of sorts between LAPD and what appears to be a homeless man. 216 more words

SNL Parodies ISIS - People At NBC Actually Thought This Was A Good Idea....

The SNL “skit” is a takeoff on a mainstream commercial for Toyota Camry. Named “My Bold Dad” the Toyota commercial features a father driving his daughter to the airport so she can join the U.S. 120 more words

President Obama Honors Third Anniversary Of Notorious Burglar, Thief and Knock-Out Participant's Death...

TODAY …”President Obama on Thursday commemorated the third anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old black high school student shot dead in Florida by a neighborhood watch volunteer.

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