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Putting the Civil Back in Civilization, part N+1: Fabric Softener and Manners

So, an interesting thing happened to me today. And by interesting, I mean a moment or two of High Weirdness.

To set the scene: My wife and I live in an apartment complex. 1,140 more words

Putting The "Civil" Back In Civilization

Sunday Talks: DHS Secretary John Kelly -vs- Dana Bash...

The Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly sits down for an interview with John King’s ex-wife Dana Bash.  The primary topic was border security;

Media Bias

Stunning Research Videos - Was Berkeley Police Department Supporting Antifa Violence?....

This is a well presented and easy to understand video which appears to make a solid case that police munitions were fired by the Berkeley Police Department against Trump supporters, and in support of AntiFA thugs, last weekend. 78 more words

Jeff Sessions and John Kelly Visit Southern Border - Mulvaney Says Border Wall Funding a Priority...

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and DHS Secretary John Kelly visited the Southern border today and paused for an interview with Martha MacCallum:

Almost simultaneously, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney gave an… 496 more words

BREAKING: Cornered by Police Facebook Killer Commits Suicide in Pennsylvania...

According to Pennsylvania State Police, Cleveland Facebook killer Steve Stevens has killed himself after being located by police.  (Source Link)  Approximately 11:46am ET

Police Action

Cleveland Ohio Police Search for Facebook Killer Steve Stevens - Claims Multiple Victims...

Cleveland Police are urgently searching for a man named Steve Stevens who has killed at least one victim during a live Facebook broadcast, and claims to have killed more than a dozen more. 304 more words

AG Jeff Sessions Talks About Border Security, Gangs, MS13 and Enforcement (video)...

Attorney General Jeff Sessions sat down for an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro to provide an update on the latest DOJ focus on border security and a crack-down on violent gangs like MS13.