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Police Damage Control Tactics Hurt Them With Community, Activists Say

Activists criticized police departments in Chicago and Asheville, North Carolina for using damage control tactics that appear to make poor relations with Black residents worse. 568 more words

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No, to SARS humiliation, Yes, to Police is your friend: The consequences of “greasing the palm” of police officers

When selected men and women are decorated with the title to serve our nation, for the purpose of protection and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order, it should be an upmost privilege held to their hearts. 1,523 more words


Man killed by Chicago police was trying to show officers his gun license when they blindsided him

Harith Augustus had a gun, yes. But Chicago Police Department leaders want you to think that’s the end of the story, not the beginning.


-Think Progress; 7/17/2018

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(Image: the words “CPD murdered Harith Augustus)

I been quiet, but I been busy:

On July 14th Harith Augustus, aka Snoop, was murdered by CPD. He was a barber, a family man, a staple of the community. 191 more words

Racial Discrimination: From the Streets to Prison

As Michelle Alexander argues in The New Jim Crow, The United States is far from post-racial. In today’s society, racial discrimination is legal in terms of the criminal justice system, which is blatantly seen in the unfair treatment of Blacks from police. 1,189 more words

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The Lights Have Gone Out In Our House

The lights have gone out in our house
How frantic we look for the clues

The storm has been gathering for some time now
until with a fury it caught the power lines… 145 more words


Police are protesting two novels on a school's summer reading list that grapple with police brutality

Police in South Carolina are protesting the inclusion of two novels on a school’s summer reading list that describe police violence against unarmed black people, saying they could stoke anti-police sentiment. 757 more words

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