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Rechnitz and Reichberg Mile-High Club Member Retiring

NYPD Commander Who Allegedly Took Trip With Prostitute Decides It’s Time To Retire


“After nearly 20 years of service, the former NYPD commanding officer of the Upper East Side’s 19th Precinct is retiring. 307 more words

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Going Cashless to Fight Corruption: The Case of Kenyan Public Transit

In the fight against petty corruption, a potentially game-changing development is the rise of cashless payments. In a world where people do not use or carry cash, petty bribes to traffic cops or low-level government bureaucrats are either foolish—in that they require a processing mechanism and are therefore easy to detect—or altogether impossible. 1,129 more words


Finally Got The Courage To Get A Copy Of My Police Report

Since the DA will not prosecute my RAPIST, I have been forced to seek other means of justice. I have been working withe the victim law advocates, and they are trying to find me an attorney who might take my case to civil court. 340 more words


Katy Bourne is a Fucking Liar!

Dear members of the Sussex Police & Crime Panel,

For the avoidance of doubt may I take this opportunity to recap.

On the 11th May 2016 I’d made a complaint that Katy Bourne knowingly lied during her re-election campaign. 855 more words

Police Corruption

Hillsborough: Ten Questions That Remain Unanswered

by Martin Odoni

The rebooted Inquest into the Hillsborough Disaster has at least finally produced a verdict that tallies with what really happened. Considerable new information was unveiled during the proceedings, adding to public understanding. 5,814 more words


Brimob and how the Yerisiam Gua people’s sago groves were cleared: PUSAKA

By Zely Ariane for Yayasan Pusaka

English Translation by AwasMIFEE

11 May 2016

Sima village, Nabire – During a discussion on Monday 9th May community representatives were asked if they agreed with PT Nabire Baru’s statement that police mobile brigade (Brimob) were stationed on the company’s premises because the community had requested their presence. 1,005 more words

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