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Summation I: Anarchism, Anarchists, Anarchy

I hereby, from now on, going forth into life unto my certain death, entirely renounce the modern ideology of Anarchism.

I no longer subscribe nor adhere to any Anarchist beliefs, views or opinions. 1,266 more words


Dangerous Ideologies XIII: Conservatism, or Fascist-Fetishists of the False Past

How many times have we heard the old refrains? Don’t dwell upon the past! This particular adage is unfortunately true. No, we should not dwell upon the past – but many of us do it anyway… 2,268 more words


Contemporary Crony Capitalism USA: Shit Clown Political-Economy

Don’t do it!

I mean become a wage slave just because some hypocrites and lowlifes tell you to get a job. What jobs are those bum experts talking about anyway? 3,509 more words


On Surviving A Police Stop (Unlike Terence Crutcher)

One morning in the winter of 1989, after finishing up a short trip to Binghamton, NY with a pair of friends, I was driving back to my home in New Jersey. 577 more words