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The Legal Protection Of Armed And Deadly Assault By The Police

There are, supposedly, many legal protections to guard a citizen’s interaction with law-enforcement agencies and their officers: you may not be detained without cause (‘Am I under arrest?’ ‘Am I?’ ‘If I’m not, may I go?’); you and your personal spaces and possessions may not be searched without cause (‘Do you have a warrant?’); you may not be coerced into making confessions or incriminatory statements (‘I’m not talking.’); you have the right to an attorney (‘I want to see a lawyer’); heck, you even have the right not to be assaulted or shot dead during the course of an interaction with a police officer. 411 more words


Two killed in terror stabbing in south Tel Aviv -- At least one Israeli dead, two in hospital

The Jerusalem Post

A terrorist stabbed three people  in south Tel Aviv on Thursday, killing two people and wounding another.

Police said that the terrorist attempted to flee the scene, but was apprehended by civilians who subdued him until police forces arrived on the scene. 441 more words


The Next News Network

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | According to TPNN In his most recent attempt to centralize the federal government’s grip on America, Obama has launched his “21st Century Policing” pilot program, COPS, in six cities across the country. 34 more words


What Americans Need to Hear From Their Police

In case our nation’s  police leaders simply don’t know what to say, are stimied and failing to understand the crisis in which they are in, I have a format they can use to begin the process of restoring trust. 636 more words


DUI Enforcement from Police

July 3, 2015 (San Diego) San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmernan reminds residents of San Diego that the police will be enforcing DUI laws this weekend. 179 more words

Police Forces

Josh Duggar and Officer Michael Brelo

May 25, 2015 (San Diego) On the surface there might be no connection between these two men. Yet, there is something disturbing going on. If Josh Duggar was not a well connected star, with deep roots in his community, and money, likely he would be in jail for sexual assault. 641 more words


Policing in the 21st Century: Final Report

May 20, 2015 (WASHINGTON) On Monday the White House released the final report to the President on Policing in the 21st century. There were some changes from the draft… 2,157 more words