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Summation V: Honor & Dishonor, Long Gone, but not Forgotten

Summarizing our Human Lives unto Death – there’s always something that we had forgot to mention – from the last conversation. Reviewing the Blog List of Topics, there was Anarchy, Empire, Guns, Drugs, Conflict, Class, Power, History… 2,176 more words


Summation III: Amerikan Nightmare on Hell Street

Purgatory Punishment exists for real. In this Life, I have uncovered the Hell Mouth, which leads into the Mine Pit of Frigid Darkness, Black Fog, and Dank Corpse Death. 2,448 more words


Summation II: The Amerikan Empire, War Liberalism Extremist

Non-compliance, non-cooperation, non-participation, no deals given nor received – none whatsoever.

This is how we fight The Great Sociopath. We actually have no other choice in the matter… We are simply out of options – but for the sake of our own survival, we must act… 2,359 more words


Summation I: Anarchism, Anarchists, Anarchy

I hereby, from now on, going forth into life unto my certain death, entirely renounce the modern ideology of Anarchism.

I no longer subscribe nor adhere to any Anarchist beliefs, views or opinions. 1,282 more words


Dangerous Ideologies XIII: Conservatism, or Fascist-Fetishists of the False Past

How many times have we heard the old refrains? Don’t dwell upon the past! This particular adage is unfortunately true. No, we should not dwell upon the past – but many of us do it anyway… 2,286 more words