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Hiding a crime behind another crime. Stalking - gang stalking. What's the difference?

The difference is stalking is recognised and treated as a crime.

Gang stalking isn’t recognised, and the authorities assert dogmatically that gang stalking absolutely does not exist and is an absolute indicator of mental illness in anyone who claims to be a victim. 858 more words

Forget The Police, The Snob People Is What's Wrong With America

This will be a post where I will be talking about the problems with the police around this country. From Missouri to Maryland to Texas, it seems like each week there is another story with video of some police officers acting inappropriately to minority people. 816 more words

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Home Alone 2

This is, sadly, the sequel to my previous blog Home Alone.

After surfacing physically unscathed from an attempted home invasion, I found my troubles far from over. 735 more words

Police will change their minds as they deal with suspects

This cop said that it was ok to sleep at the church, but when his buddy showed up and asked if I pissed in Sherwood Forest, then I was told not to sleep in the church parking lot anymore. 129 more words

Correspondent Michelle Demishevich beaten by police

Michelle Demishevich: “One of the police officers punched me in my abdominal cavity while I was following Sümeyye Erdoğan’s press statement.”

Source: “Muhabirimiz Michelle Demishevich’e polis dayağı!” (“Police beating to our correspondent Michelle Demishevich”), T24, 1 June 2015, … 284 more words

LGBTI Activism

Getting Rid of the Clark Country Curfew for Pets At the Strip aka the Strip Pet Ban

There is a little, maybe more than that, controversy over the true purpose of the Vegas Pet Strip Curfew (VPSC) and it is obviously a problem because, as I’ve pointed out, and as anyone could find out for themselves, the police don’t always give the same answer as to what the law specifically is about it or agree what animals are supposed to be banned, and it also causes a conflict between officers who love or like cats verses the morons and mean-spirited ones who don’t and refuse to acknowledge the obvious: cats can serve as service animals, or as some say, “emotional support animals” and so do serve a purpose for the disabled that helps them with their disability. 1,977 more words

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