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1st Amendment Test on the FAA (part 1)

Bunny Boots strikes again. Here’s a 1st amendment test on FAA, I published this out of order because I showed you part 2 first.

Here’s part 1 so you can enjoy some security guard harassment! 37 more words


1st Amendment Test on the FAA (part 2)

This is one of my favorite ones. Bunny Boots Ink keeps the security guards and cops at the FAA at bay by doing one of the classic Silent Treatment videos. 112 more words


Can I violate any of your rights today?

Cops are trained that everyone that they come into contact with is to be presumed guilty. This is a perfect example of such case.

This is “bad activity” says the cop. 93 more words


Clayton County Georgia. First Amendment Audit

Ah, here’s the terrorist card again. Honor your oath from PINAC conducts a First Amendment audit in Clayton County, Georgia. The captain is as irritating as he is incorrect in his “investigation.” 148 more words


Rattled by the Law

A Personal Experience with Police Harassment and Citizen Surveillance

You know how you can “know” something in a cognitive sense, and then something happens that causes you to have a different understanding, a new way of knowing? 1,111 more words

Hiding a crime behind another crime. Stalking - gang stalking. What's the difference?

The difference is stalking is recognised and treated as a crime.

Gang stalking isn’t recognised, and the authorities assert dogmatically that gang stalking absolutely does not exist and is an absolute indicator of mental illness in anyone who claims to be a victim. 858 more words

Forget The Police, The Snob People Is What's Wrong With America

This will be a post where I will be talking about the problems with the police around this country. From Missouri to Maryland to Texas, it seems like each week there is another story with video of some police officers acting inappropriately to minority people. 816 more words

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