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Video: NYPD Cops Interrupt A Comic's Set To Make An Arrest, Then Heckle Him For Good Measure

One question comedians always get asked is how we deal with hecklers. Hecklers are easy to deal with, because who doesn’t have a few canned insults? 282 more words

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That 'Django Unchained' Actress Was 'Having Sex In Broad Daylight!' Shrieks Suddenly Prudish TMZ

Over the weekend, actress Daniele Watts, who played Coco in Django Unchained (one of the house maids at Calvin Candie’s Candyland, I believe), was detained by the LA police, 572 more words

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Police Incidents. 1832.

It has been a long time since I have done a police incident post, I love these little historical peeks into the lives of the badly behaved. 595 more words

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Fire through the roof!

This fire broke out on a cold windy night on December 16, 2011. Fire and  police crews responded to numerous 911 calls stating there was some kind  of explosion. 222 more words

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'I Don’t Know If It’s A Hunting Dog, But It’s Definitely A Humping Dog'

It’s been a real crazy animal week around Yankton.

There is the black dog chasing people near Hillcrest Golf Course. There was the cat that reportedly “mauled” a man and scratched his eyelid. 468 more words

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Drunk with Byron

Here’s a reproduction of the Police Incidents report in the Sydney Herald 9 July 1832.  For your literary pleasure courtesy of the court reporter. 873 more words

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