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NYT: Settlement Reached in Samuel DeBose Shooting

The NY Times reports that  the University of Cincinnati will settle with the family of, yet another unarmed black man killed b y police, Samuel DuBose: 420 more words

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Wash. Post: Prosecutors will seek murder charges against Georgia officer who shot an unarmed, naked black man

The  Washington Post reported that a Police Officer killed a “Anthony Hill, an Afghanistan war veteran who was naked and unarmed when he was killed.” The article continued on stating that… 204 more words

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Chicago Tribune: Family of woman accidentally shot by Chicago police files lawsuit

The  Chicago Tribune recently reported that a lawsuit has been filed by a women who was shot and killed by police fire in Chicago. The article reports that: 361 more words

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Houston Chronicle: Grand jury indicts, DPS to fire trooper who arrested Sandra Bland

Although it often occurs without further scrutiny, police are rarely indicted for giving false testimony under oath.

The state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old African-American woman who was found dead three days later in her Waller County jail cell, has been indicted on perjury charges, a special prosecutor said.

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Visualizing ‘Officer-Involved’ Deaths In America

Michael Ireland – Springfield, MO

“A cookie-cut subdivision, a mall parking lot, a rural country road. Linking these unremarkable pockets of America, and hundreds of places just as ordinary, is the fact that they’ve all been sites where people were killed by U.S. 121 more words

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Shoot First, Apologize Later: The Police Killings of Bettie Jones & Quintonio Jones

For most Americans, December 26th isn’t a date that holds a great deal of significance outside of its relation to the day that comes before it. 1,539 more words

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U.S. Police Killed 1,152 People This Year

Epidemic of Police Homicide Spreading

U.S. police have killed at least 1,152 people throughout the country between  January 1 and December 15, 2015. About one in four of the people was killed by police departments in one of… 373 more words

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