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Civil Asset Forfeiture (Unlawful Government Confiscation)

Civil Asset Forfeiture, that is Feds Taking Your Money and Property, has been the topic of the Attorney General as of late, stating that he will increase forfeitures…why? 643 more words

It’s a good idea to be polite to cops, but politeness won’t solve police misconduct

Arizonans perusing their state’s official driver’s handbook will find new language in the latest edition. The last section of the book is titled “Law Enforcement,” and its two pages of instructions for how drivers should behave when pulled over by police are subtitled “Expectations for the safety of yourself, your passengers, the officer and other motorists on the roadway.” 713 more words

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Parents Have Children Stolen from Them by the State for Low IQ Scores

They’re going be stealing a lot of kids then. Maybe that’s part of the dumbing down agenda and pumping people with chemicals, sticking smart phones in their faces, and telling them everything is fake… 947 more words


The Rutherford Institute :: Policing for Profit: Jeff Sessions & Co.’s Thinly Veiled Plot to Rob Us Blind


Despite the fact that 80 percent of these asset forfeiture cases result in no charge against the property owner, challenging these “takings” in court can cost the owner more than the value of the confiscated property itself. 220 more words

AI POLICE STATE: China To Use Technology To Predict Crimes BEFORE They Happen

CHINA is hoping to use artificial intelligence (AI) to look into the future and help police predict crimes BEFORE they have even been committed.

Much like in the 2002 film Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, authorities in the east Asian country want to catch criminals before they have done any wrongdoing. 90 more words

5 Articles About the State Taking Parent’s Rights

Source: TheDailyBell.com
July 24, 2017

The state is deciding who is fit to be parents, keeping parents from treating their sick kids, and arresting parents if their kids skip school. 349 more words