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[ARC] Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist by Sunil Yapa

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Seattle, 1999. The Washington State Convention and Trade Center should host the WTO meeting (World Trade Organization), but the convention is blocked by the… 256 more words

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Super Hoopla

I went yesterday to see the Super Bowl hoopla at Moscone Center. The NFL had set up a huge staged exhibit that cost $35 a ticket. 218 more words


Comelec: Policemen as BEI members only a last option

The Comelec says that policemen will only be tapped to join the BEI in “extreme situations“
Chairman Bautista says that the Comelec still prefers public school teachers for the task… 20 more words

Five Kenyan policemen dead as bomb attack hits Somalia

At least five police officers died in a roadside bomb attack in eastern Kenya, police and reports said Wednesday, as troops inside Somalia pulled out of some bases after Islamist attacks. 393 more words

Kurdish militant attack kills 3 Turkish policemen: report

ISTANBUL – Turkey’s state-run news agency says Kurdish militants have killed three policemen and wounded four others in an attack in the southeastern province of Sirnak. 105 more words


Rainbow in the Night

She sat inside her house listening to the rain hit her roof,’Thank God for the rain’she muttered to no one in particular.There had been a long spell of dry season,the rivers had thinned out and dried up and the animals ,the humans too had become malnourished and weak.They called it the ‘Season of the Hyenas’,because only these scavengers seemed to enjoy everyone’s misfortune.They would prey on the carcasses and even on the weak animals and once in a while,they came too close to eating up the little children who were weak and walking from school in the sun,but they had not done much damage on that end,and everyone was always looking out for them.It was funny that the schools’ safety drills involved what to do if you encounter a hyena on your way home. 1,433 more words


NFF man’s killing: ‘Policemen ignored distress calls’

The Chairman, Security Committee, Kado Estate, Umar Kotangora, says policemen on duty at the estate failed to respond to his distress calls during an attack on the estate. 555 more words