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DNA can solve crimes and reveal your ancestry but beware of others who want in

ABC News Malcolm Sutton 7 June 2018

DNA technology has been lauded for helping to solve crime, but its increasing use by ancestry websites and others is fuelling a discussion on ways to keep it out of unwanted hands. 153 more words

Clinical Forensic Medicine

Cannabis and driving: new briefing presents questions and answers for policymaking

EMCDDA News Release 23 May 2018

What is the impact of cannabis use on driving? Do edible and smoked cannabis products affect drivers in the same way? 178 more words

Drug Analysis And Toxicology

Labour’s strategy of deliberate ambiguity threatens to hobble its policy development — Conservative Home

In the early days of Corbynism, Labour was routinely struck by the inconvenience of being challenged over things its leaders said and believed. The stock response – denouncing any negative coverage as a “smear”, even when it was based on on-the-record comments and confirmed facts – worked among the Absolute Boy’s core support, but had…

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Discount rate provisions of Civil Liability Bill unchanged Bill after Lords Committee stage

Peers spent around four hours on Wednesday 15 May debating the new approach in the Bill to setting the personal injury discount rate which, in summary, is (a) that the link between the rate and returns on Index-Linked Gilts is scrapped and (b) that a timed-limited and detailed procedure of advice from an expert panel and a decision by the Lord Chancellor is put in place. 1,186 more words


Whiplash reforms in the Lords

On 10 May Peers scrutinised the whiplash reforms set out in Part 1 of the Civil Liability Bill. As was noted here previously, a range of probing amendments had been tabled for debate and, days before, the MoJ had released draft regulations setting out its preferred definition of whiplash injury and its preferred tariff of general damages for whiplash injury. 634 more words


Civil Liability Bill - themes of second reading debate on 24 April

Yesterday’s second reading debate on the Bill focused, for over three and a half hours, on a few key concerns around the proposed reforms to whiplash claims and the setting of the personal injury discount rate. 709 more words


WOW Walks: Steps Towards the Brightest Possible Golden Years

The World Health Organization defines mental health as being a state of well-being where an individual can contribute to society and respond to regular daily stressors [1]. 477 more words

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