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Does sustainability assessment ensure effective policy development?

New article explores the contribution of sustainability assessment to policy development in higher education.

Universities worldwide are paying considerable attention towards integrating sustainability in their education, research, societal outreach and campus operations. 513 more words

Sustainable Higher Education

May 4/15: Ed Policy: The Record Off The Record: Genderbread

 P1: Standing Committee / Board Meeting Report
P2: SD61 Applicable Bylaws / Standing Committees / Letters from BC School Boards
P3: Disclaimer / SD61… 4,638 more words

The Future for Democracy - Public Participation in Health and Social Policy Evaluation

Several weeks ago twelve randomly selected Australian citizens, half with a disability and half without (representing participants and taxpayers), came together in the first instance of public participation in national policy in Australia. 654 more words

Australian Politics

Sweden have successfully used taxes to reduce environmental damage.

Sweden has shown a longstanding commitment to the environment, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and nitrogen leaching.

Renewables supply more than a third of its energy needs. 91 more words


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Interesting piece, and it now has a great link to the OECD report that the statistics come from.

Some ways to solve the school policy problem

To run effectively, schools require policies, guidelines and procedures. They are important to give schools points of reference from which to operate and ensure that everyone in the organisation is on the same page. 552 more words

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New green energy course inspires high school seniors from across the country

I always look at MIT’s stuff whenever the world gets me down and I feel like giving up.  There is so much innovation and enthusiasm there that my hope gets restored.  14 more words


Jan 19/15: Board Meeting: The Record Off The Record:Concussion Policy, FSA Opt Out, More

Page 1: Meeting times, audio files, general background info
Page 2: Bylaws/ Policies / Regulations / Robert’s Rules essentials
Page 3: Agenda and meeting

https://linedpaper1.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/january-19-2015-1-1.mp3… 4,664 more words