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UK Supreme Court – six new members needed by end 2018

The Supreme Court will resume sittings on 5 October 2016. We highlighted some of the key upcoming cases last week here.

Five of the current Justices are due to retire by the end of 2018, including the President Lord Neuberger and heavyweights such as Lords Mance and Sumption. 1,453 more words

Supreme Court

Combat, claims and the ‘compensation culture’

One of the issues on the new PM’s agenda is, to put it briefly, how to put claims against the UK armed forces on a different footing so as to cut out speculative actions, thereby preventing time and resource being spent on such cases. 402 more words


Another fiver lost in the ABS betting stakes: SAGA steps back from legal services

If Paddy Power had been running a book on which of the ABS’s were more likely to succeed I would have put a fiver on SAGA. 165 more words


Supreme Court – news about permissions to appeal

The Supreme Court is currently in recess and will sit again in early October. Its most recent list of decisions on permissions to appeal, published over the summer break, offers points of interest in the cases it will hear. 525 more words


Transforming our justice system: fixed costs to expand and civil litigation heading online

Welcome back to the blog and good bye – temporarily – to MPs as the first set of post-Brexit party conferences kicks off. The last day before a recess often sees notable Departmental activity and yesterday the Ministry of Justice published both a statement and a consultation entitled ‘Transforming our justice system’. 323 more words


What to do when the business is failing?

Q: I can’t admit this to anyone, but I’m afraid my small business is in trouble and may even be in danger of going under. What can I do? 747 more words

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