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Alison J. Knowles

Title: Director of Human Resources
Company: SH Group, Inc.
Location: New York, NY United States

SH Group, Inc. is an engineering technology company that provides architectural lighting design, audiovisual services, commissioning solutions, energy services, facilities management, information technology, medical communications, security and vertical transportation services. 140 more words


... The Coin of the Realm is Trust [#governance]...

.. and the ObamaCraps have pissed it all away , in a very big way …

.. we generally trust government to do what is right . 103 more words

Personal Opinion

Fare evasion: taxis and turpitude

Nick Rogers reported here  on the Court of Appeal’s decision on 19 July in Beaumont ‎and O’Neill v Ferrer. The claimants, teenagers at the time of the accident, failed on the grounds that their hopping out of a moving taxi in order to evade the ten pound fare was the cause of their injuries.  843 more words


Lorraine Kerr

Title: President
Company:  New Zealand School Trustees Association
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Notable Member 49 more words


Private Members’ Bills: “present procedures are misleading to the general public”

Oh how times have changed. Half a century ago, legislative change initiated by Private Members’ Bills had a profound impact across British society, such as, for example: the… 610 more words


Resigned to leaving?

David Cameron announced his resignation this morning, albeit postponed, following the vote by a majority of some four per cent of the UK electorate in favour of the UK leaving the EU. 464 more words


Garth W. Eisenbeis

Over a 13-year career in California’s political arena, Garth Eisenbeis has served as chief of staff to several state senators, advising on policy, strategy and various aspects of the legislative process. 51 more words