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How 'Homeland' Complicates Showtime's Transition to Streaming

While Showtime Networks doesn’t have subscription VOD rights to “Homeland,” studios that produce series for the cabler are contractually prohibited from licensing them to SVOD services like Netflix while they are still on the air; 20th is currently in production on a fifth season of “Homeland,” to bow in September. 63 more words

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Sanders, Warren want probe into 'ridiculous' cable, Internet prices

The issue of the FCC’s authority over Internet pricing is contentious. The business community and conservative lawmakers have said they think that the commission’s new net neutrality rules open the door to rate regulation. 38 more words

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Posting Pics Of Frayed Apple Cords Won't Do Anything, But This Might

Tumblr is great for publicizing a problem, but do you know where you should be sending these pictures? The Consumer Products Safety Commission. Specifically, the… 51 more words

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Prince is still using Spotify to promote new music, one song at a time

Prince may have pulled his music from nearly every streaming service, but that’s not stopping the artist from using them for promotional purposes. He has a new single, titled “Stare,” that’s available for streaming as… 67 more words

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Cord Cutters: Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting For A Starz Streaming Service

“We said in October 2014 and have said all along that we will evaluate the fast-moving marketplace,” a Starz rep explained to Fierce Cable. “Our focus is working with our core distributors in selling Starz, be it through traditional means or working in developing creative ways–i.e., place Starz on top of a skinny video bundle–in tapping new growth opportunities.” – Chris Morran, … 12 more words

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I Finally Cut The Cord: How Getting Rid Of Cable Helped Me Discover Better TV

I’ve had Netflix and Hulu subscriptions through late high school and college, traditional cable gave me an out to lazily and mindlessly spend my time searching for something on TV rather than actively looking and choosing a show or movie I’m actually in the mood for. 87 more words

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Two Weeks Later, Neil Young Finally Removes His Music From Spotify

Neil Young wasn’t able to remove his entire catalog from streaming services. Currently, Spotify still makes five albums available for streaming, including the 1983 title “Trans” and “Old Ways” from 1985. 59 more words

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