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MP3.com Founder Launches Clone of Apple Music's Beats 1 For Web, iOS and Android

Freebeats1 debuted Wednesday as part of 6 Seconds, a free radio app for iOS and Android that was launched earlier this year by MP3.com founder and serial entrepreneur… 75 more words

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EBU backing for net neutrality rules

In a declaration issued by the European Broadcasting Union, members said net neutrality rules are necessary to strengthen freedom of expression in the digital age, to foster knowledge for citizens, to leverage incentives for Europe’s creative industries and to boost innovation. 11 more words

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WTF of the Week: FCC Commissioner Says People Don't Need the Internet

It is important to note that Internet access is not a necessity in the day-to-day lives of Americans and doesn’t even come close to the threshold to be considered a basic human right. 98 more words

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The cable box might solve the Internet of Thing's biggest problem

Meanwhile, don’t expect anything resembling an IoT hub from Roku and Apple — two of the biggest players in the streaming-box game — any time soon. 69 more words

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Chicago’s "cloud tax" makes Netflix and other streaming services more expensive

Although the tax is technically levied on consumers, some companies are already preparing to collect it as part of the monthly bill. Netflix says it’s already making arrangements to add the tax to the cost charged to its Chicago customers. 32 more words

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FBI Investigating Attacks On Physical Internet Infrastructure In SF

Cutting internet cables isn’t easy — the fiber-optic core tends to be protected by a strong conduit, sometimes hardened steel. Other countries have seen internet cables vandalized by thieves looking for scrap metal. 47 more words

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Cisco buys a DNS provider to protect you in the cloud

Cisco Systems has snapped up OpenDNS, whose domain name services you might have used to dodge regional restrictions or improve on your internet provider’s less-than-stellar connection. 56 more words

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