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UK police arrest pirate who cost the music industry 'millions'

[T]he Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) often targets people suspected of illegally sharing movies, music and other digital downloads. In Liverpool, the City of London division has today, with help from Merseyside Police and UK copyright agency… 31 more words

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Don’t Want To Go Over Comcast’s Data Cap? That’ll Be Another $30

Comcast has been testing data caps — they adorably call them “data thresholds” — in a number of markets around the country since 2013. In those markets, if customers cross the threshold, they can be hit with overage fees. 85 more words

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Dish Taking Away Users’ Right To Sue Company In Court. Here’s How To Opt Out

Over the weekend, a number of Consumerist readers wrote to us with the bad news that, like a growing number of companies, DISH Network is updating its terms of use to strip customers of their right to dispute legal claims in a court of law. 38 more words

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MTV desperately wants to reach millennials, but the VMAs are proof they’re doing it wrong

I was willing to tolerate Miley and her tongue in order to enjoy the rest of this year’s show—maybe she’s this generation’s Max Headroom?—and figured it would be no problem, since MTV knows millennials don’t pay for cable and watch everything on the Internet. 80 more words

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Hackers Up Attacks On Media, Showbiz

Computer hackers’ efforts to penetrate and disrupt media and entertainment networks were up sharply in the quarter that ended June 30, major Internet security company… 15 more words

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Twitch vs YouTube in the battle for game streaming exclusivity

This isn’t entirely new, and won’t affect many beyond those players who have signed a contract to monetize their livestreams. Twitch already had a clause preventing partners from using rival services (such as hitbox or standard YouTube) for gaming broadcasts, but doesn’t prohibit the uploading of recorded clips to “static” video sites. 12 more words

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Facebook Says It's Finally Ready to Start Cracking Down on Video Pirates

Facebook is rolling out a “video matching technology” that will let content owners tell Facebook that a video clip belongs to them, and take it down if it’s not supposed to be there. 68 more words

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