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No, Pharmascolds Are Not Worse Than The Pervasive Conflicts Of Interest They Criticize

Let’s start with a quick poll:

 Which is worse?

  • A. The pervasive influence of industry on medicine, which has undermined the independence and altruism of physicians.
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The Internet's Physical Backbone is Maxing Out

The fiber-optic cables that transmit the internet’s data and direct its traffic have a power limit. For decades, researchers have been amplifying the signal passed through these cables to keep up with growing internet traffic. 62 more words

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Spotify may kill its free service due to industry pressure

Spotify has already refuted the rumors, claiming its free tier isn’t going anywhere. “It’s totally false,” the company told The Next Web. “The model is working.” According to anonymous sources, however, the company may soon simply offer a three-month trial instead of its ad-supported service. 51 more words

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Diet Drug Study Crashes And Burns In The Wake Of Leaked Results

The ill-fated Light trial, which was supposed to examine the cardiovascular outcomes of the weight loss drug Contrave, a combination of naltrexone and bupropion marketed by Orexigen and Takeda, came to a spectacular halt today. 106 more words

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Prominent Harvard Cardiologist Moves To Google X To Head Large Study

Here’s a clear sign of the ascending role of digital/precision/personalized medicine: a prominent cardiologist has left a top academic and clinical position in Boston to run a large, innovative study in Silicon Valley. 81 more words

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City workers caught streaming Netflix, Hulu while on the clock

[I]t seems some workers on the city of Houston, Texas payroll have been streaming movies and TV shows when they’re supposed to be hard at work. 53 more words

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Tor shutters its anonymous Cloud service

Tor, founded in 2011, is software that routes traffic through a network maintained by volunteers. It was initially used by political activists living under repressive governments, but others, such as media companies seeking to shield whistleblowers, had started to turn to it as well. 18 more words

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