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Join us June 24th for Aging Chicago Style: A User's Guide to Housing

Are you interested in alternatives to traditional senior living?

Are you a family caregiver?

Are you interested in creating the housing for your future?

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Restoring Hope in America's Democracy: ACLU Launches Multi-State Legal Action on Voting Rights

The ACLU issues a statement (source) today: “ACLU LAUNCHES MULTI-STATE LEGAL ACTION ON VOTING RIGHTS” as those who believe in “Democracy” are concern that Trump’s latest move relating to elections in America is a pretense to increase voter suppression and oppression. 1,114 more words


Iconic & Respected Krugman says “Republicans Don't Give a Damn About Their Country or Its Constitution”

As hard as it is to believe a major political party of any country, like America, does not give a damn about their country or the country’s Constitution. 703 more words


Yellen Touts America's Women as Solution to Solve Slow Growth: But Trump Touts "Handmaid's Tale"

Donald Trump’s Mother’s Day proclamation is straight out of “The Handmaid’s Tale” reported Quartz (source). The Handmaid’s Tale is a 1985 dystopian novel… 2,590 more words


S.O.S....S.O.S: Former American Intelligence Chief: “Our Institutions are Under Assault” by Trump

Former intel chief: “Our institutions are under assault” by Trump, reports Shareblue. And when a former intel chief says this, all sorts of alarm bell should be going off. 2,731 more words


Only 29% Approved of Trump’s Firing of Comey: This Third Firing Solidify Assertions Trump Destroying Rule of Law

A lot has taken place in the last few days, on the Comey firing, for example, Trump admitting that he fired Comey because of the Russian probe, to Trump interviewing people to replace Comey, to Sessions who recused himself getting involved, to WH spokesperson escaping the media on the issue to hid in the bushes, to demand growing for independent inquiry, to Trump threat Comey with secretly recorder tapes, to demands from here and there for the tapes to be disclosed, to all sorts of analysis by the media, such as because of this, GOP mid-term elections looks bad and other. 862 more words


Pope & Trump: Middle-East, Peace, Muslims, Netanyahu & Then There is Mexico


Israel oldest newspaper, Haaretz, has an opinion piece written by a former AP journalist to the Vatican, Ariel David (source), headlined: “Cooling the ‘Holy War’ Between the Vatican and the White House”   2,061 more words