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Facebook and adtech face a turbulent time in Europe's courts: the Brussels case.

This note examines a Belgian court ruling against Facebook’s tracking and approach to consent. Facebook and adtech companies should expect tough sanctions when they find themselves before European courts – unless they change their current approach to data protection and the GDPR.  3,120 more words

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Join us for Great Decisions this Summer!

GREAT DECISIONS: America’s Largest Discussion Program on World Affairs

The Foreign Policy Association provides background information, policy options and stimulates discussion on eight critical issues facing America today. 129 more words

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Risks in IAB Europe’s proposed consent mechanism

This note examines the recently published IAB “transparency and consent” proposal. Major flaws render the system unworkable. The real issue is what should be done with the vast majority of the audience who will not give consent.  1,955 more words

Policy Issues

Your Right to Free Speech, Like My Right to Self-Defense, Isn’t Open to Debate - Reason.com

We really don’t consider our rights open to discussion. We don’t consider anybody’s rights open to discussion—not even when they’re exercising some rights to call for limiting others. 8 more words

Irreproducible 'Scientific' Results

The reliability of evidence-based medical care depends on validation of original research. Let’s start encouraging and incentivizing investigators to verify (or refute) heretofore non-reproduced studies; while simultaneously discouraging primacy signalling with impact factors such as prestige of the institution.


It's no time to change time change

By Jay Denney

It’s one of the longest ongoing debates in the public sphere – should we keep changing our clocks twice a year, or not? 681 more words

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