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"President Trump? Not Just A Joke, A Bad Joke": American Voters Will Catch On Eventually

I am getting hit on Twitter for forecasting Donald Trump’s demise a couple months ago in this space. As he has risen in the polls and dominated the news media since the Fox News debate, I have been told what an idiot I am to have underestimated The Donald. 636 more words


"No Trust Issues": Don't Believe Those Who Say Hillary Clinton Can't Win Because Voters Find Her Untrustworthy

Is it true, as some pundits claim, that Hillary Clinton is a fundamentally flawed candidate, one whose presidential aspirations are potentially doomed by her lack of likeability and, especially, high levels of voter mistrust? 829 more words


Out-of-Pockets: What They Really Mean | Robert Nelson, MD | LinkedIn

Some things are so familiar or so close to “us” that we don’t see them for what they really are.  Take the case of the famous vision impaired artist depicted above, Claude Rhinoir. 

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Recent Poll Shows Support for a Carbon Tax

According to a recent University of Michigan poll,  a majority of respondents (56%) support a revenue-neutral carbon tax, and an even larger majority (60%)  support a carbon tax with revenues used to fund research and development for renewable energy programs. 29 more words

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Your Friday Afternoon News Dump: Obama Admin. Admits Medicaid Expansion Costs More Than Projected - Forbes

So the Obama administration had projected newly eligible Medicaid enrollees would cost about $50 less than other Medicaid-enrolled adults, but they actually cost nearly $1,000 more.  

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Abbott and Costello's take on unemployment? Its hilarious. | PJ Wilcox, Author | LinkedIn

Let’s take a break from the Greek default saga for a day so we can prepare for the NFP number; the Non-Farm Payroll data. How many new hires are there? 88 more words

Economic Issues

Health Insurers Request Big Premium Hikes Under Obamacare—And One State Regulator is Pushing Rates Even Higher - Hit & Run : Reason.com

Still, this year is notably different. That’s because this is the first year in which insurers have a full year’s worth of claims data to support their rate requests.

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