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Blog Editorial on Trump's Asia Trip: Disappointing

On the macro-level, Trump’s Asia trip, is mostly about selling “America First” by kissing Asian leaders and Asian’s people butt, and so in sum, “Disappointing” that Trump sees such tactic as plausible. 30,022 more words


America's 2016 Presidential Election Revisited: All the Cheating & Russia Meddling Aside, Did Tech & Science Win Over Art?

Given Gerrymandering, voter suppression, the American electorate system and Russia’s meddling, America’s “Democracy” is a mess.

But clearly, in the 2016 election, Hillary used a great deal of art, particularly musicians and movie star endorsement, while Trump was much more into science, such as with Cambridge Analytics. 344 more words


Trump Just Marked One Year as President & Democratic Party Just Marked a Major Election Win in Virginia

Trump has just hit one year anniversary as President of America, where his approval rating is about 35% to 38% making Trump one of America’s President with the lowest approval rating. 1,142 more words


America's First: Danica Roem Wins Virginia Election & Becomes First Openly Trans State Lawmaker 

I lived in San Francisco for a long time and then in Bangkok for a long time, and both are well known for their LBGTQ community, and the community is quite large, and live very much in the open. 926 more words


These 5 advanced stats will predict winner of Cowboys-Falcons

As the 2017 NFL season approaches it’s true middle, it’s time to accept statistical trends as true indicators of team performance. Things will change as teams get hot or go cold, but we’ve reached the point where we can believe the evidence in front of us. 1,215 more words

2017 Season

Another Day, Another Mass Shooting in America: CNN's Report on the 3 Levels of Caring About Issues of Violence

Another day and another mass shooting in America and the latest is at a Church,  with about 30 death. This comes a month after Las Vegas that saw some 60 people killed. 493 more words


Trump's Wife Alpine Home Country, Slovenia: Election Result Sees Right Wing Parties Getting 1/5 of Votes

Is there still any doubt, after so many clear-cut examples of Trump’s actions and words, that Trump is a racist? Racism is typically associated with the “Right Wing.” For example in America, it is Trump and the GOP. 493 more words