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CrowdSuit Wants To Help You Get Even With Your Phone Company

We all know telecoms are evil.* But as an individual, there’s rarely a way to fight back.

Enter CrowdSuit, a new company that aims to help phone customers seek legal redress against phone companies even when they cannot file class action suits. 598 more words


Baylor University Drops 'Homosexual Acts' From Conduct Rules

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WACO (AP) – The world’s largest Baptist university has dropped specific references to homosexual acts from its sexual conduct policy. 128 more words


Reparations Convert

This piece is technically in response to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “A Case for Reparations” (The Atlantic), which is a long but important and compelling read. But it’s also sort of in response to his most recent piece, and so many of my friends’ recent facebook posts, and it’s sort of an extension of my previous post. 1,440 more words

An Aimless Strategy in Syria

This morning, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and JCS Chairman General Martin Dempsey are once again testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Often these meetings are political posturing but sometimes the questions are pertinent and the answers are revealing. 446 more words


Low carbon infrastructure is vital to UK investment ambitions

George Osborne has two main objectives for government expenditure as chancellor: eliminate the deficit by cutting day to day spending and increase investment by prioritising capital spending. 812 more words


Hey Honey this is what I do: Citizen-Centered Health Promotion

My primary audience for this post is my husband (17 years next month!) because he unfortunately has to answer this question for others all the time, “what does your wife do, again?”.   826 more words

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