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Meghalayan farms are also bird habitats

While several of India’s natural ecosystems including forests are now ‘Protected Areas’ (PAs), there are many patches that fall outside PA-limits but also support wildlife. Meghalaya’s Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary and reserve forest are surrounded by community-managed forests and wooded betel leaf farms. 78 more words


HUD Files Complaint Against Facebook

On Friday, HUD published a press release announcing that it was filing a housing discrimination complaint against the social networking site Facebook. The Department claims that Facebook has a series of options which allow advertisers to control which groups can see their advertisements. 210 more words


Acidification in Nordic waters status, trends and implications for marine species

Recent studies on marine life show that the anthropogenic increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration can have negative impacts on growth and survival of groups of marine life such as corals and other calcifying organisms. 343 more words


It's All a Matter of Title

Now this is NOT intended to be a major point but it is certainly a valid one, to me anyway. While watching former CIA Director John Brennan… 195 more words


The reason why AI is imagined as female: sexism

Virtual assistants are increasingly popular and present in our everyday lives: literally with Alexa, Cortana, Holly, and Siri, and fictionally in films. These names demonstrate the assumption that virtual assistants, from SatNav to Siri, will be voiced by a woman. 169 more words