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Telehealth expansion needs payment, coverage policy advances

By Dr. Nabil El Sanadi  | September 12, 2015

Like many industries, healthcare is at a crossroads. One critical decision facing practitioners, especially those of us who operate major healthcare systems, is whether to invest more in our bricks-and-mortar operations or increase funding for cutting-edge… 180 more words


Society for calls for a continued investment in UK bioscience

By Gabriele Butkute, science policy assistant at the Biochemical Society

Ahead of the publication of the Comprehensive Spending Review in late November, leaders of the science and engineering community are making a call for an increase in sustainable and strategic science funding, as the Government departments are asked to make cuts that range from 25% to 40% of their budgets. 354 more words


Global climate agreements could be counterproductive

by Judith Curry

International climate agreements like the Kyoto Protocol may discourage much-needed investment in renewable energy sources, and hence be counterprodutive, according to new research. 1,486 more words


Logging in: Using technology in practice to improve young people's mental health

Michael Carr-Gregg

This webinar will describe the role of technologies in young people’s lives, and how they might be used to support young people’s mental health. 193 more words


Europe's 'Safe Harbor' Ruling: A Headache for Tech Giants, but a Blow to the Little Guys

European regulators blocked a key pipeline on Tuesday that tech companies use to shuttle data across the Atlantic. It’s an annoyance for Silicon Valley giants, like Google, Apple and Facebook. 566 more words


"Land You Love" should make us all proud - no matter your political stripe

In an excerpt from the book Stephen Harper by John Ibbitson, the author writes “[W]hen Harper is really angry at you, he’s very calm. He looks you straight in the eye and tells you how you’ve failed him, and if you are a faithful follower, you simply want to die. 735 more words


FAA Seeks Record $1.9M Fine Against Drone Company, Claims It Endangered "The Safety Of Our Airspace"

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today announced that it has plans to give drone operator SkyPan, an aerial photography firm, a record $1.9 million fine “for endangering the safety of our airspace.” 390 more words