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Social Services, Inequality and Democracy

Nov 24 2017 (San Diego). There are several stories that have emerged over the last few months that seem disparate. However, they are very connected. By now you probably heard that the Children’s Health Program (HIP)is getting ready to shut down in nine states. 1,010 more words

The BREXIT Nugget: Centre Grounds

The real problem that we face today in this country post BREXIT is the lack of mature leadership able to unite the country by developing a pragmatic vision based on compromise/inclusiveness. 638 more words


Hearts & Minds in Egypt

Another cowardly attack on a mosque in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula claiming over 200 lives. Prayers to the victims and deepest condolences to their families. The concern is that now that ISIS is loosing grip in Iraq & Syria terrorists are moving to other regions of the Middle East & Africa where they believe to have more room for manoeuvrability; in Egypt’s case that would be the Sinai peninsula-a region where the Egyptian military – despite high expectations being set/reset – has so far failed to control & cleanse it from terrorists. 79 more words


Shifts in the Governor’s office brings more broadband experience to the foreground

Staff changes are underfoot as Governor Dayton moves into the last year of his administration. It seems like a good opportunity for good people to more on and good people to move up. 146 more words


Definition of Treason

If the following is not treason than what is it:

A citizen of the home country who meets with/works with agents of a foreign power (hostile to the home country or not) for the express purpose of undermining the overall stability of the home country or some specific process of the home country.

New Internet Society report on Internet Access and Education: Key considerations for policy makers

The Internet Society has just published a new report on Internet Access and Education.  This makes interesting reading.  In summary it argues that “The Internet has immense potential to improve the quality of education, which is one of the pillars of sustainable development. 143 more words


‘The Lady’s Not for Turning’: Political U-turns and why they matter

On 10 October 1980, Margaret Thatcher delivered a speech that would change the way we think about political decision-making for the foreseeable future. Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton, she uttered the words: ‘You turn if you want to. 632 more words

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