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Alienated from our Consequences

Capitalism ensures we are alienated from the horrors that result from the purchasing decisions we make.

Whether it be the child working in horrendous conditions that made our shirt, the slaves that caught the fish that is on our plate, the workers driven to commit suicide that assembled our phones, the lakes and water supplies polluted by the mining for precious metals in our laptops, the endangered forests destroyed to make the furniture we purchase, we are kept ignorant of how our purchasing decisions perpetuate injustices which we find intolerable. 270 more words

The Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs: 4 Things You Should Know

The Health Affairs Blog covered some interesting points on the rising cost of medicine in the U.S and how it affects consumers and their wellness. It is no surprise that drug prices are skyrocketing and this will affect both patient and institutions across the nation. 292 more words

Jennifer Davis-Oliva

You Before Me- Combatting Table-Savers

I loathe table-savers. You know who I mean – the folks who walk into a restaurant with counter service, like a Panera, and make a game plan by the door. 693 more words

Middle Age Ramblings

Why I Blocked Your Blog

I have begun to block bloggers from my blog that have expressed dissatisfaction with the content found here. I will not make my blog private, but instead will force all of you to remove my blog from before your eyes. 37 more words


Dish Taking Away Users’ Right To Sue Company In Court. Here’s How To Opt Out

Over the weekend, a number of Consumerist readers wrote to us with the bad news that, like a growing number of companies, DISH Network is updating its terms of use to strip customers of their right to dispute legal claims in a court of law. 38 more words

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In India, Google Could Face Another Antitrust Case

The investigative arm of India’s Competition Commission, CCI, has filed a preliminary report with the agency arguing that Google abuses its position in search, posing a potential hurdle for Google’s expansion in one of its biggest markets and arriving as it fends off an antitrust suit in Europe. 449 more words


Volatile Crocodile

Just a small town girl, living in a volatile world: Volatility continues in global markets as main world stock indexes opened down this Monday fun day. 266 more words