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Panel debate on Open Science

On January 21, qBionano’s Mattias participated in a panel debate entitled “How Researchers & Publishers Can Collaborate In The Move Towards Open Science” organized by Elsevier in Amsterdam. 517 more words

Business in Ada paying $800 per month for fiber

I’ve written about Weave Got Maille before – the super niche, super successful business in Ada, MN that manufactures chain mail. Think of what knights wear. 413 more words


Bali is imposing a tourist tax #travel #BaIi #island #Indonesia #tax #tourist #tourism #vacation #holiday #policy #law

As one of the world’s most beautiful islands, Bali is known for lush beaches, beautiful temples and UNESCO-listed rice fields.

Source: Bali is imposing a tourist tax


Maybe there is a role for government in broadband deployment

Last night I wrote about an editorial from the Freedom Foundation in the Minneapolis Star Tribune saying that government should not get involved with providing broadband. 194 more words


European company data to go open (probably)

Great news – it looks as if Europe is taking a huge step forward for corporate transparency and open data with the new Public Sector Information directive. 325 more words