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FactWindow: What is the Green Energy Corridor Project?

Welcome to our FactWindow section! This time we review what is the Green Corridor Project? What does it entail? How does it benefit? Its all here! 547 more words

Energy Efficiency


As the wiki says, a ninja was:

“A ninja (忍者?) or shinobi (忍び?) was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan… 167 more words


Health Insurance Coverage is Improving, Especially in States that Have Not Tried to Block It

A.    Introduction

The US Census Bureau released on September 13 this year’s editions of three reports which normally come out at about this time:  Its report on… 3,284 more words


De-Risking: Why Should You Care?

> Posted by Sonja Kelly, Director, CFI

This post is the first in a series examining the global phenomenon of de-risking and its impact on financial inclusion. 651 more words

Center For Financial Inclusion


Anyone who knows me well knows I love New York & Company. I’ve been wanting to own one of their watches but I hadn’t yet found the right watch at the right price (I love scoring deals!). 525 more words


Reclaiming Cities from Cars

Photo credit: Fortune Magazine, http://fortune.com/2016/01/14/parking-is-the-biggest-fight-in-urban-planning/

Cities are Growing

According to the UN’s 2015 World Population Prospects report, the global population is projected to increase 33% to 9.7 billion people by 2050. 545 more words