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Last Friday in Polis

Things are winding down in Polis for 2016 for me – we leave Sunday for a week of work at PKAP in Larnaka. I finished looking at pottery yesterday, both pieces in the museum and what we had stored at the apotheke. 271 more words


10 Days to Go

Time is flying by, I only have til Sunday in Polis and then we head to Larnaka to do some PKAP work next week, mainly cataloguing and illustrating artifacts. 188 more words


From Cyprus to Greece

I head from Cyprus to Greece this morning and transition from our work at Polis (which is publishing an excavated site) to field work with the… 61 more words


Starting to Feel the Pressure

I am always amazed at how each season in Cyprus goes the same way. When I first get to the island, everything is nice and relaxed and I look forward to how much work I will be able to accomplish. 216 more words



So, today is the halfway point for my time in Cyprus. I have been here for two weeks and have two more to go. Today was a day off, so to speak. 116 more words



Not much new has happened. A normal day at the apotheke yesterday working on refining some of my initial pottery reading. I also started illustrating some of the pieces we pulled for inventorying. 216 more words


Not a lot to report today. We are into our standard routine, get up, go to the apotheke, look at pottery, eat lunch, look at more pottery, dinner. 247 more words