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This morning when I was climbing Harlem Hill in Hamilton Heights, named after Alexander Hamilton, our first Secretary of the Treasury, because he lived there, I came upon a little old lady pushing a tiny grocery cart. 196 more words


Dating (Part II)

Last week I said it was more likely for a Polish woman in her forties to be attacked by a bear than find a husband. Well, I’ve tried online dating and I was wrong. 848 more words

Internet Dating

Dating in Poland (Part I)

Poland is not a good place to be if you’re single, especially if you are a single woman. I read a very scary statistic not so long ago, or rather my PRACTICAL SILESIAN WIFE translated it from a magazine here. 632 more words

Internet Dating

Why Polish Women Are the Greatest on Earth

I have a natural weakness for Polish women. They just absolutely make me swoon. Here’s why:

They’re Intelligent

It’s no secret that Poland has received the short end of the stick countless times over the centuries. 889 more words

Polish Culture

The Best Things About Poland: Episode I

As a guy who is crazy about Poland, I think there are many great things about it. In fact, I could fill 10 blog posts on the topic. 796 more words


Polish Festival of Los Angeles

Let’s get it cleared: I’m of Filipino descent with a dash of Spanish (my grandfather is from Barcelona, Spain, hence my last name, though both my parents are from the Philippines). 722 more words

Foreign Adventures

How To Meet Polish Women

Warsaw has 1.7 million people. Luckily for us single heterosexual males, many of those 1.7 million people do not have a penis. The ones without a penis are called “women”. 2,031 more words

Meeting Polish Women