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Palm Oil vs Orangutans

Carex, a home healthcare product manufacturer, promised to stop using environmentally destructive sources of palm oil in their products by 2020. But it’s 2018 and they won’t even come clean about their current sources, which are threatening some of the last orangutan habitat on Earth. 8 more words

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Keep Oil Drilling Out of National Parks

National parks across the UK are currently threatened by fracking and other oil extraction. You can be part of the public outcry that stops it! 11 more words

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Drop the Big Stick

In the summer of 2017, I was given the opportunity to travel to Cuba as a university graduation gift in the nick of time provided President Trump’s impulsive travel restrictions. 581 more words


Marion Cronin, 1920 -

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Starbucks Cups

In spite of previous promises to switch to recyclable materials for their cups, Starbucks is still contributing heavily to plastic pollution.

Join Stand.earth and Greenbaes  on  28 more words

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Want an easier way to keep writing your elected officials on the issues you care about? ResistBot is here to help you streamline your activism. 67 more words

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Just Our Cup of Tea

Last month, we got PG tips to hop aboard the biodegradable teabag train, which will keep 10 billion pieces of plastic out of our oceans every year. 36 more words

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