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Chris Jones Was Not The Right Fit At Louisville

The Chris Jones saga at Louisville is over. However the fall out will last forever. This season will go down in Louisville history as one of the strangest in the history of the program and for good reason. 285 more words

Rick Pitino

Louisville Can Still Make A Deep Run In The Tournament

Ok, I am not a Rick Pitino fan. To me he is not the best coach we (Louisville) ever had. That title belongs to former Coach Denny Crum, hands down. 493 more words

Louisville Cardinals

Tapping into the unknown

Hello world!

When I saw the light of day as a freshly-born red-faced tiny-little child, I made my first pitiful attempts of sound. I don’t know if I was only confused or if my tearful cry already showed first hidden signs of curiosity. 166 more words

First Blog Post

Democrats Abroad

Democrats Abroad was established on Mar 1, 1964.  Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party arm for the millions of Americans living outside the United States. 479 more words


Joe Scarborough is kidding or does he know what's in the Bible compared to the Quran-Hadith?

~@ROliveLuce | 02-27-15

Life and freedom comes in the name of the Word of God (the Bible) from the mouth of the CREATOR, who was made flesh & blood, and that Word was named Jesus the Messiah who came to save us from ourselves! 281 more words

Political Action

homelessness, political action, and prayer

This morning, I just wrote emails to about 25 council members on Indy’s city council to ask them to support Prop 291 and 41. The proposals are intended to help protect the rights of homeless individuals. 278 more words