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The Resistance Cannot Rest

Yesterday was a success. Not only was Trumpcare defeated, but by the time DJT pulled the plug, only 17% of Americans favored the bill. That means 83% were against it—a huge turn around for some DJT supporters. 596 more words


SWC asks for emails in support of Rindge Dam removal



Dear Fly Fishers and fellow conservationists:

Many of you have heard me speak about the Rindge Dam removal. Well now is the time I need you to help me! 303 more words

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Trump's Russia Crisis

The House GOP showed again today that it can't be trusted to investigate Russia & Trump's Kremlin ties. A special select committee is needed pic.twitter.com/dqrV8ly1ur…

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Shame on You Donald Trump!

from Occupy Democrats

We expect the person who becomes President to know
how to host a state visit.

Angela Merkal arrives in the role of Prime Minister of… 28 more words


It is Time We All Know the World for What it Truly Is

 George Orwell once said that “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Since he offered those words decades ago, we have seen deceit become a pervasive and global problem, where the general public really has no clue what is happening around the world. 941 more words

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Lib-Media & Obama, Inc, always negative, always anti-American

@WashPost @NYtimes @CNNnews18 @YahooNews @FoxNews
Lib-Media & Obama, Inc, always negative, always anti-American

Lib-Media & Obama, Inc, always negative, always anti-American, & always full of bull, always hating America! 37 more words

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George Clooney & Liberal Elites of Both Wayward Parties are now Muslims with an American Conscience!

You see, Georgy and all other ‘hardcore’ American liberals know better than Muslims who grew up Muslim. Those so-called true Muslims were brought up in The Middle East knowing only Islam and nothing else that would dispute it as they were growing up! 226 more words

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