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Hillary Plans to Implode the American Economy!

~@ROliverLuce | 10-23-16

When Trump wins instead, ALL of us must remain vigilant and involved because the NWO-globalists will attempt at undermining every action Trump initiates!


Political Action

Exit, Voice and Loyalty - Albert O. Hirschman

Albert Hirschman defined three modes of responding to unresponsive governments that apply to our times too, in his monograph, Exit, Voice, and Loyalty.

I’m choosing “voice.”

Billy Graham Issues STUNNING Statement on Donald Trump... No One Expected THIS!

By R. M. – October 17, 2016 {Without all the advertisements!}

Trump is on target for what he promises to all Americans. The left isn’t that happy about the way he introduced the campaign, and told everyone that he dreams of big and safe America. 557 more words

Political Action

Protect Transportation Funding by Voting "Yes" on the Proposed Constitutional Amendment

During the November 8 general election, voters in Illinois will be presented with an amendment to the Illinois constitution. The amendment, shown below, is a limitation on the power of the General Assembly or a local government unit to use, divert, or transfer transportation funds for a purpose other than transportation. 185 more words

Political Action

2016 US Presidential Election Debate @ University of Nevada

Hillary Clinton  – US Democratic Presidential Candidate

. Donald Trump  – US Republican Presidential Candidate

Voters Choice in 2016

Sure in a totally sane USA Hillary Clinton should win but what if you and others around you are content enough not to vote …. DO YOU WANT TO RISK IT?. 2,474 more words