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Lebanese Interior Minister parties at the beach while security forces shoot at protesters

The Lebanese people are waking up, they are taking the streets united by the stench of the trash accumulating in the streets due to the dysfunction of their government and corruption of their representatives. 350 more words

Political Activism

الشعب اللبناني يتحد ضد فساد النظام - آراء بالصوت والصورة

لا يمكن قول الكثير وأنا أشاهد المشاهد المؤلمة والمشجعة من شاشة في بلد الإغتراب، ولكن سوف أضع الشعب اللبناني يتكلم عن نفسه عبر تسجيلات جمعتها في الساعة الأربع والعشرون الأخيرة.


Love Came Down with Fire to ACT!

If ever there was a time in Canada for Christians to stand up, it is now. As we move into this election season, there is only one main agenda for voting: Vote for LIFE. 1,568 more words

Love Came Down

Never feel ashamed of coloring as an adult with this badass feminist coloring book

What could be better than coloring books for adults? Adult coloring books featuring badass feminists, of course!

Author and illustrator Ijeoma Oluo combines empowering women with everybody’s favorite amateur artistic pursuit in her upcoming  439 more words

A letter to the Prime Minister on Marriage Equality

I was one of the 110 Christian signatories to this letter asking the Prime Minister to allow a conscience vote on marriage equality. Sadly, the day before this letter was delivered, at a Prayer Breakfast at Parliament House, a six-hour joint LNP party room meeting decided not to allow members of the LNP a conscience vote. 1,003 more words


We need more politics, not less

In Romania, everybody’s an expert on two things: football and politics. (Should give baseball a go.) Queuing for something? Talk about politics (or football, if you’re a guy; is BKL still in jail?). 717 more words

New Politics

Why You Should Definitely Care About Politics

Between the GOP debate and Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show, I’m feeling pretty bummed out about politics tonight. I care so deeply about my (admittedly idealistic) beliefs, and it’s hard not to feel discouraged in the current political and social environment of this country. 363 more words