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Letters to My Representatives 9-20-2017

Here are this weeks letters. They are pretty much the same as last week’s with more emphasis on Healthcare as the Republicans want to pass another terrible bill before September 30th. 1,413 more words

Political Activism

Party System, Voting System and Media Conspiring To Hollow Out Croatian Democracy

To listen in on any halfway serious discussion of politics in Croatia these days is to eavesdrop on a cacophony, on a racket of dissatisfaction, anger and disillusionment. 1,613 more words

Waking up

My mind has started to wake up in the past couple of weeks, I feel as though the pressures of the summer holidays have lifted now that the kids are all back in their routines and calm has descended in the house at least for a couple of hours in the day. 824 more words

Mental Health

Politicking on company time

In a recent video, RamzPaul highlights leftist hypocrisy when it comes to the ability of employers to fire their workers for their political activism. Following the Charlottesville debacle, many of the attendees were doxxed and then terminated from their jobs. 288 more words

Letters to My Representatives: 9-13-17

Letters today are mostly the same as last week, excepting an inclusion for my senators to support SA 869, an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that supports transgender troops, voicing opposition to Graham/Cassidy healthcare bill, and voicing opposition to DeVos’s dismantling Title IX. 1,399 more words

Political Activism

Trump Resistance on the Santa Fe Plaza


The U.S. Electoral College chose a president in 2016 who, in the inimitable words of John Podhoretz, conservative Commentary pundit, is the “Special Great Villain” of the “proletarian media” (Alex Jones and his ilk). 1,363 more words

Political Activism

Letters to My Representatives: 9-6-2017

I have failed to write my representatives for three weeks in a row and I am not happy about it! But I’m back. Sometimes life gets in the way and that’s okay. 1,266 more words

Political Activism