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Letters to My Representatives 3-30-2017

I did write a letter to Representative Paul Mitchell on Tuesday, but in a weird Copy/Paste mishap I lost it. I know, who can’t copy and paste correctly? 1,526 more words

Political Activism

Go Big or Go Home

The question is always the same whether it’s politics or war: Cui bono?

If your dream is to destroy a moral evil on the earth, take away the profit. 958 more words


Artistic Activism: Art in Politics

By Kwamesha Joseph

At the 89th annual Oscar lunch, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences president said, “Art has no borders. 685 more words


Trump Art Business Boom

“Political activism can be measured in several ways: by the number of signatories on a petition, demonstrators at a protest or donations to an organization… 159 more words


The Day After

Piotr slept well. He turned around under the blanket, yawned and stretched out his arms with a loud cry of contentment. Sunny morning after a successful action, what could be better in life? 3,407 more words


Shout-out to Dems: Seize the Day

Commentary By KAY MATTHEWS

I opened a link on Facebook to an article from the Independent Journal Review (founded in 2012 by several former Republican staffers) that included a video of an Anderson Cooper interview with Nancy Pelosi titled “Anderson Cooper Asked Nancy Pelosi to Name the Leader of the Democratic Party . 1,020 more words

Political Activism

A Teachable Moment For The Republican Party

That famous Republican Party discipline (or, ideological commitment), the one that made sure that many of Barack Obama’s legislative priorities were derailed through relentless parliamentary grandstanding, that ensured the federal government’s operations were shut down, producing misery and inconvenience for many, that produced budgetary brinksmanship of the highest order and negatively affected the national debt rating, it also ensured… 491 more words