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The Cult of Ca$h

I’m a bleeding heart elder-millennial. 

As a child of the 80’s, I was both blessed and cursed to grow up during the 90’s. The United States of America was a beacon of economic growth and the American dream was as alive as it had ever been since the end of WW2. 837 more words


What is patriotism?

To me, it seems like the Democratic Party has completely lost its way in regards to patriotism. You almost never hear Hillary Clinton talk about patriotism in any way (and Hillary is an ardent internationalist), and, although Bernie Sanders is a left-wing nationalist (or the closest person to a left-wing nationalist in American politics), you don’t hear too much of any patriotic rhetoric from Bernie. 419 more words

United States

From the thesis: The Church and the Law

After yesterday’s apology by the Victorian parliament to those convicted of crimes because of their homosexuality (hooray for Daniel Andrews!) I thought it might be timely to share some history about the Uniting Church and laws regulating homosexuality.  4,293 more words

Random Musings

The Art and Political Activism of Ai Wei Wei

By Beth Kearney

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), recently held a major retrospective surveying the work of post-modern artist,1 Andy Warhol (b. 1928, d. 1987),2 and the provocative Beijing-based artist and social activist, Ai Weiwei (b. 1,668 more words

Nonsense at American Thinker

An author named Fritz Pettyjohn at American Thinker, after recounting a brief amount of electoral history since Reagan, had this to say:

So we’re left with constitutional conservatives and libertarians.

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The Port of Piraeus and Greek society - Athens Part II

English/Deutsch          Athens, 16 May

Ever since mankind started travelling the oceans, harbours have been crucial points of transit. People either arrive from a journey or they set off to one, there is business conducted and the atmosphere is commonly one of a dynamic bustle. 2,533 more words


15 May 2016. If You Want to KNOW About a Topic… Ask Specialists… NOT Activists… NOT Politicos… NOT “Preachers”… NOT Ignorant Lay People


I saw the following on FB in re the current imbroglio over Target’s “bathroom policy”:

I love how ignorant people are. They boycott Target because of bathrooms, but not all the other corporations sending our jobs overseas putting our people out of work, or Wal-Mart for not paying their employees a liveable wage, forcing them to take welfare at the expense of the taxpayers.

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