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Starting a Blog

This is the cliche “Why I Am Starting a Blog” post. I would not usually do this but I need to flesh out what I am trying to say. 211 more words



Let’s talk quantum morality for a moment.

Are you reading the news? Lots of stuff that isn’t really all that interesting, but confirms much of what we suspected long ago. 441 more words


Activism's Fatal Flaw

Activism ignores the God of the Bible.

This works itself out into two related lies. First, they deny that God is who He says He is. 1,076 more words


Artistic Security

by Jess Howard

The work of the infamous graffiti artists Banksy has caused controversy and divided opinions since it began to appear around Britain in the early nineties. 597 more words


And now for a bit of Banksy

For those who do not know about Banksy, he is an English street graffiti artist, political activist, film director and Painter. Banksy is merely an alias, if you will, for this anonymous creative. 67 more words


Cracker Jacks & Chinese Food Carryout

I am having some Cracker Jacks. Haven’t had it for a very long ┬átime. Even has a prize inside. Woo Hoo!!!

Missing the way Chinese carry out use to be served. 125 more words

Psalm 37

This is an acrostic psalm loaded with popular proverbs of David’s time. It’s the age old question of why it seems the wicked prosper and the righteous are blown by the winds of blind fortune. 639 more words