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Letters to My Representatives 5-24-2017

Here is today’s letter. I relied heavily on ItsTimeToFight.com today. They had some wonderful scripts that made covering all the information much easier and as I’m short on time it’s a life saver. 871 more words

Push Back the Narrative

When asked if he, without naming names, thought there was “anyone who is or could be the next George Washington”, Mike Lee responded:

“Oh sure. Look, look.

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All Politics Is Local

WCNY Radio Capitol Pressroom Audio: Louis Grumet and John Caher on "The Curious Case of Kiryas Joel"

WCNY Radio Capitol Pressroom features an audio recording of Susan Arbetter in a discussion with Louis Grumet and John Caher, co-authors of  “The Curious Case of Kiryas Joel.” 145 more words

Haredim And Ultra-Orthodox

Letters to My Representatives 5-17-2017

Here are today’s letters. All three received essentially the same one with a few changes. Here is the one for Representative Mitchell (R).

Dear Representative Mitchell,

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No clear boundary between religion and politics (as it should be)

This campaign stemmed from religious belief and was expressed in both a religious and a political way. By being sensitive to the influence of personal belief on political actions, we can see that the Bible in state schools campaign was not merely a cynical political exercise where a church or churches sought more power.

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Letters to My Representatives 5-16-2017

Today’s letter is for Representative Paul Mitchell only. I’ll write all three of my reps tomorrow with my usual letters, but today the GOP needs to wake up. 836 more words

Snooping Around the Conservative Mindset

Commentary By KAY MATTHEWS

Once again Trump’s erratic and dangerous behavior, this time the firing of FBI director James Comey, has taken over media attention, and… 2,529 more words

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