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Oshima's "Ceremony"

I don’t doubt that Ôshima Nagasi intended the recurrent assemblages of the Sakurada family at weddings and funeral in his 1971 “Ceremony” (the Chinese characters adapted by Japanese for “ 752 more words

Stephen O. Murray

Sinking Teeth

Barracuda Barracuda
Answer the phone sweetly
Shaven ice toothpick
Facilitate smooth consumption of bile
Digging ditches with a trainwreck
sinking teeth, I dig it… 52 more words



In order to get this blog really started, it would be useful for me to try and find the theme, or the reason why this blog was created. 184 more words

College Student

Doing Dangerously Well - A Scary/Funny Novel about Water, Corruption and International Interference in Nigeria


This is a great book! For no particular reason except my obsessive alphabetical-by-author selection process, I recently picked up and devoured Carole Enahoro’s 2010 over-the-top novel… 279 more words


We Can Do Better Than This: Redefining Citizenship in the 21st Century

The 7.125 billion people on this little blue planet have the ability to connect with, learn about, and interact with each other more than ever, and our political systems and definitions of state and citizenship must adapt. 680 more words

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Our Viral Lives Turns Into A Book

In the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking and planning for what has always been the goal of Our Viral Lives: to write a full-length book that provides an insight into how digital storytelling practices can build HIV/AIDS political power and transform individual perceptions, often negative, of HIV/AIDS. 20 more words


We're Still Here: an Orlando testimonial

Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you for your hashtags.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Thank you for your solidarity.

But we’re still here, and we’re still hurting. 466 more words