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Yarl’s Wood controversy comes to Glasgow as protesters hit the streets

  24 April 2015

Protestors and activists from a variety of different groups, including Glasgow based refugee advice service The Unity Centre, the Socialist Workers Party and Glasgow Anarchist Federation, yesterday gathered outside the Glasgow branch of the UK Border Agency to highlight the death of 33 year old Pinakin Patel, who died on Monday of heart failure while detained at the… 533 more words

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Fear, Intimidation and Retaliation: The Atlanta Cheating Scandal and You

I promised in my last entry that I would blog a bit about the Atlanta Teacher scandal.  How little did I know how closely this thing would hit home for me, personally.  1,271 more words

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Activism: from off to on

Although the Internet as a concept was created over 30 years ago, it’s been only two decades since we saw a true rise of this technology. 1,221 more words

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CW: The Uncomfortable Truths about the Effects of Social Media on Social Activism

Social Media, love it or hate it, has come to be the way that we connect these days. The benefits of advances not only in the technological complexity of networking sites such as Facebook, but also in the increased global accessibility of these platforms means that minority groups, or simply people who just share the same opinion, can connect and share their thoughts in such a way that genuinely fortifies these movements. 1,328 more words


A Tip of My Hat To the Following Followers. Well, maybe.

First up: Josbons and her about message  at the following address:


I think she is a revolutionary. She is a poet, I think, and I enjoyed the poetry that I found on the following page: 224 more words

Blindsided by ignorance: the toll of political inactivism

In a country where, according to USA Today, the last presidential election claimed a vote of less than 20 percent of the population aged 18-29, it is perhaps not surprising that my political knowledge of some major issues has been lacking. 653 more words



When I first arrived in Prague last January, the first thing I remember seeing as I was being taken from the airport to my dorm in Holesovice was a big sign on a bus stop with the phrase “Je Suis Charlie” imprinted on it. 433 more words

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