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Letters to My Representatives 2-22-2017

Here is my letter to my representatives today. They are all getting the same one that discusses immigration, ICE raids, and Trump’s Extreme Vetting EOs. 402 more words

Political Activism

Letters to My Representatives 2-21-2017

Here are today’s letters to my representatives. Later today I’m going to be working on a post about what you can do to help the Resistance! 614 more words

Political Activism

Representative Lujan Came to Peñasco to Talk About Health Care


New Mexico Representative Steve Pearce’s staff locked his constituents out of his field office in Las Cruces last Thursday afternoon after they came to complain about the teleconference call he held where many people were also locked out. 982 more words

Political Activism

Non-partisan Support

We don’t encourage activism because it brings you too close to idolatry. It traps you in the Western mode of thinking and material reality. We don’t promote “Christian” virtues as law because it reduces religion to mere legalism. 1,472 more words


Baby's First Activism

I’ve been busy becoming politically active for the first time in my life. Kind of. Within reason.

I haven’t ever stirred myself to get involved in my country and its direction before, and so I haven’t really known what to do, but I’ve just sort of waded in. 2,424 more words


"He Said It, So It Must Be True"

Words may fall into obscurity for lack of use, even though they refer to realities that still figure prominently in our daily lives. Here’s one that has been little used since the days of the McCarthy hearings: … 295 more words

Let's use this fire-breath to bring down the patriarchy! (Or something...)

Something in me cracked open.

It seemed to come out of nowhere. But let’s be real, it had been building for weeks. (Precisely three weeks and five days…if you get my drift.) 484 more words