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Who Is The Establishment?

A word that made its way into common usage this political year was “Establishment“, and it became wildly popular with both those on the right and the left to describe anyone that disagreed with them. 926 more words


Virtual War 2

It’s the nature of our shared faith. On the one hand, our heart-led path is very narrow, steep and rough. Precious few are those who walk with us. 1,007 more words


Our Great American “Now or Never” Moment

By Ryan James

Copyright Nov. 28, 2016. All rights reserved.

Lazy citizens are destroying America.

Our Democracy was not designed to be a spectator sport. 1,191 more words


A scientific, six-step plan to becoming an effective political activist in the age of Trump

When Donald Trump pulled off a stunning upset and became the president-elect of the United States, I knew I was ready for a fight. But like a lot of people, I wasn’t sure where to begin. 1,633 more words

Sample Course Guide on HIV/AIDS Justice

The following post is meant to a practical way to discuss the HIV/AIDS crisis in an academic setting, while focusing on using knowledge about HIV/AIDS history, arts and culture to generate new activist potentials. 3,434 more words


Is it just me?  I keep looking for media coverage of what I think is a “yuge” story about how many people are newly minted activists in the wake of the Trump win. 427 more words

2016 Election

Bridging the divide, one Syrian musician’s German experience

Mohammad Abu Hajar is working on his latest lyrics and sound, blending traditional Middle eastern melodies with Western rap.

“People when they think about a musician from Syrian they think, ‘Ah he’s playing the oud (a string instrument) and dabke (a traditional dance) and this kind of thing,” Abu Hajar said. 671 more words