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Filming in a country that was thrust into civil war, Hull-born Sean McAllister found himself in the spotlight.

As a film-maker, you are trained to stay behind the camera and let your characters dictate the action.

Hull-born Sean McAllister thought he had found the perfect pair when he came across two political prisoners in Syria who fell in love in neighbouring cells. 894 more words

Foreign Affairs

Bernie Sanders is Nomad-in-Chief

I already supported Bernie Sanders campaign for president, but I was pretty reserved about it. While clear he was the most ethical person campaigning, I didn’t want to get too excited. 336 more words

Nonpartisan Elections

Tasting with the Heart

Your heart understands, but your mind may not know what to make of that wisdom.

So the conservatives say they are all about that prosperity for everyone, but that’s just a lie to make sure you sucker up to being robbed by psychopaths. 759 more words


The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On (1987)

(Spoiler warning for people concerned with such things. If you’re just looking for a recommendation, I recommend this film with no reservations. Go watch it.) 790 more words

Male Film Directors

The Sympathetic Skeptic: Luis Cabrera’s Interview with Richard Falk on behalf of the World Government Research Network

1) You were the North American director for the World Order Models Project (WOMP), which was aimed in part at developing an inclusive international academic dialogue on global integration. 2,601 more words


September 11, 2001 - Honor but Always Question

In honor of all those who were murdered on this day, September 11, 2001, may they and their loved ones find peace. My most heartrending memory of this terrible event were the phone and email messages of love sent by the victims to their families and friends. 104 more words

American History

Lebanese Interior Minister parties at the beach while security forces shoot at protesters

The Lebanese people are waking up, they are taking the streets united by the stench of the trash accumulating in the streets due to the dysfunction of their government and corruption of their representatives. 350 more words

Political Activism