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Facebook's Not All Rainbows

Last June, rainbows of pride and happiness beamed out of my computer and unto my face. The US Supreme Court had just decided that marriage equality was a constitutional right – and in response, … 731 more words

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The Call, Column 34 - Don't Avoid Meat, Just Eat Your Vegetables!

(November 22, 2015)

The Urban Farmer

Don’t Avoid Meat, Just Eat Your Vegetables!

Part 2

Two weeks ago, we began our criticism of modern nutritional science, in the context of that ridiculous claim from the World Health Organization that “meat causes cancer”, and hopefully made a solid case that much of what we’re told about nutrition is probably just wrong. 1,467 more words

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The Most Politically Charged Act We Can Ever Perform

Simply Jesus is a book by N. T. Wright – and on page 217, he gives insight into why our worship of God through Jesus Christ as Lord is a politically charged act. 301 more words


The Activist App Project.

Dear reader I am sharing this information with because I personally think that it’s in important idea and can possibly help more people to get involved in the political process and issues that matter to them which could possibly lead to actually change in the system of politics as a whole. 62 more words


A Day to Unite the Civilized World - Again

 November 13, 2015

Vive la France et les Français.

Today, November 15, 2015 – the French Air Force has made their appropriate response to Radical Islamic terrorism. 166 more words

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The Call, Column 33 - "Meat Causes Cancer" - the Folly of Mainline Nutritional Science

(November 8, 2015)

The Urban Farmer

“Meat Causes Cancer” – the Folly of Mainline Nutritional Science
Part 1

Last week, the World Health Organization released a statement that classified processed meat as “carcinogenic to humans”, and red meat as “probably carcinogenic”. 1,481 more words

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Ignorant White Bitch Blames Black Culture For Police Attacks On Blacks

I make no apologies for the headline. That was my second and more restrained choice of language. The Faux News “journalist” is referring to this incident, in case you haven’t seen it… 317 more words