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Why You Should Take An Interest in Contemporary Art

Around this time last year I uploaded an article about the benefits of studying the history of art and what you can do with it. Since then, I have graduated with a bachelors degree in art history and have made most of my way through a masters degree in contemporary art theory, a subject which, like the history of art, people seem to want to question the use of. 478 more words


The Scottish Independence Podcast 107 - Chris Cairns & Greg Moodie

For the 107th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with Chris Cairns & Greg Moodie. Chris and Greg have come to prominence in recent years with their cartoons and illustrations depicting the various actors and their activities on the Scottish and UK political stages, and you’ll probably have seen their work on… 146 more words


Political Art: Is the Confederate Flag Art?

By Lauren Coffey

The last few months in the U.S has been a whirlwind of social upheavals. The long sought after, and quickly evolving opinion on Gay marriage has changed dramatically.  533 more words


Apolitical Fan Art: Bernie Sanders

I simply couldn’t resist…

Download the 18″x24″ poster: Bernie 2016 (PDF – 404 KB)

It came to me in a sudden flash. Blame it on jet lag and bad taste, but there is was in my mind: … 73 more words


US Museum Acquires Portait of Pope Benedict XVI (Made of Condoms), Sparks Outrage

Pope Benedict XVI is stirring controversy in Milwaukee. The kerfuffle is the result of a depiction of the former religious leader, made of 17,000 multi-colored condoms, which was recently acquired by the… 481 more words

Republican Idiots - The onchaztheweasel: teal-deer: sinshine: So...

via Republican Idiots – The onchaztheweasel: teal-deer: sinshine: So….


I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. What I’m against is the bullying coming from the right.

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My full PhD Confirmation Report

As promised here is my full PhD Confirmation Report, submitted in April 2015
as a PDF document:

Alternatively, below is the Title/Research Question/Abstract for all those of you who… 311 more words

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