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"Some of my Sisters", ISIS and art

Art and politics works…sometimes. Most of the time, the art should be on the poster of the cause, and left there. But, not always.

I am of the mindset that political and social consciousness should be an underlying part, but hitting someone over the head with it…not my game. 87 more words


John Lanthier

Montreal-based artist John Lanthier can usually be spotted around the city in a top hat and a long electrci gold trench coat, doing what he called “hyper-doodling.” 89 more words

Ceilidh Michelle

A Political Art Primer - Part 2

Last week, I blogged about some common terms you may come across when viewing/discussing political art. There where too many to list in a single blog. 209 more words


Be Afraid & Consume

This is a 3d paper collage postcard I created for the Royal Collage of Arts Secret Postcard Exhibition which showed during Art Dubai last week.

Jodi Magi

The Tomi Ungerer Show

When I was assistant-to-the-editor, I was captivated by a picture on the wall outside Mr. Monjo’s office. It showed a costume party with one character standing out from the rest as not fitting in.   159 more words