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Why bother?

Foreign Correspondent interviewed Mouse today. “So, you are determined to publish a book about the Dede’s first year on Instagram. I would say, 700 followers is not really a number that would justify the time and effort.” … 37 more words


Too late

“Honestly, I don’t like how decisions are made around here” said Monkey to his mates when Mouse had left. “Shouldn’t there be more discussion?”

“Oh’ … 28 more words


Art's Not Always Safe: The Fate of Arts Education in the Age of the Microaggression

Colleges and universities have become touchy places of late, with their “safe spaces,” “trigger warnings” and denunciations of “microaggression.” Comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock announced that they have sworn off doing shows on college campuses because of so often being accused of racism, sexism and more. 2,361 more words



Detail couldn’t believe what she saw: Mouse threw Top Dog’s manuscript straight into the recycling bin. “Executive decision” said Mouse unapologetically. She had made up her mind, as no-else seems to be able to make a clear call. 23 more words


More importantly

“Stop your silly navel-gazing and lamenting about the past. The only relevant book now is my biography” said Top Dog and he held up a manuscript. “My ghostwriters have been busy!”


Empty glass

Devil, who in the meantime had turned to a much bigger and now decidedly empty glass, was sitting not far from Mouse and Skeleton Edeltraut… 99 more words


Life goes on

“Life will go on” said Skeleton “it always does!”

“It has to” confirmed Mouse. “We have to decide what to do for our anniversary next month.” 83 more words