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Daily Dose

These bombs were nicer.
These bombs are idiots,
but the jobs are swell.



Uber Wreck

to make it in this state
work hard to be born with a silver psychotic needle in your brain.
crazy, crazy, sane
should have built a seed bank that floats.




PART ONE – Higher Education Pre CSUMB

I’ve been painting my whole life. I never doubted I would go to college and there was never a doubt about what I would study. 590 more words

Contemporary Visual Art

Be A Light

Originally drawn as a very small ink drawing on the day of the presidential election, this past January. My very political godmother really liked it, and asked for one for herself, so here we are :) 47 more words

Week 19

Another “exhibitions” week.

The Wellcome Collection

Electricity: The Spark of Life

This was surprisingly comprehensive for a free exhibition. The exhibits spanned the whole of human history, from lightning to modern power generation, and included art as well as artefacts. 366 more words

Hashtag DoubleThunk

A pointer out of things
that don’t quite belong,
in a land where those things do.



Berlin Welcomes Refugees

Spending ten days in Berlin & Budapest gave me a chance to look at the United States from a different perspective.  To feel ashamed of America overseas is powerfully disturbing.