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Corporate War Still Sucks

Democrats say the fat man is a Putin-stooge puppet.
Democrats then vote to exceed the fat man Putin-stooge puppet’s war budget request.
Democrats say the fat man Putin-stooge puppet is also cheating on his wife. 58 more words



A very simple digital composite Dwarfed is a patchwork of lies Trump told early in his term. Listed by date by one of the major East Coast newspapers the lies are small and/or incredibly stupid and/or real whoppers. 93 more words

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Nine Times

For the past several months this sentence kept coming back to me: “Und dann werden Sie mich sagen hören, ‘Alle!'” (“and then you’ll hear me say, ‘all of them!'”) — the brutal denouement of Brecht and Weil’s… 434 more words


Resist #Harder

skip the starbucks
flag the fake jobs and high rents on craigsListicle
boeing’s raytheon engineers will never scrub the toilets for lockheed’s jpmorgan chase



Thought Tanking: Just This Side of Iraq. Version 4.Still

me, waiting for change like it’s 2000 and nine
you, bought a new prius and donated to the latest art-scheme for higher rents across from the largest weapons-shipping operation on most any coast




I began this series of posts here, setting up the issues and summarizing Jesse Prinz’s main points in his groundbreaking “The Aesthetics of Punk Rock” 1,549 more words


Richard Barrett : creating meaningful alternatives to what we hear around us

Richard Barrett (Swansea, 1959) is internationally active as composer and performer, and also teaches at the Institute of Sonology in Den Haag and at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts at Leiden University. 1,299 more words