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The route refugees travel to slip by Hungarian border police is filled with diapers, sanitary pads and food tins

Footsore, exhausted and sweating under a hot sun, they tramped down the railway line in an almost unbroken column. Some were hobbling on crutches, suffering from gunshot wounds that they said were inflicted by Syrian soldiers, while many carried babies in their arms and toddlers on their shoulders. 543 more words


Five years after the MV Sun Sea’s arrival, crackdown on ‘irregular arrivals’ draws praise, scorn

Five years after a cargo ship with 492 Sri Lankan migrants landed on Canada’s western shores, the rusting vessel sits at a government dock waiting to be dismantled, but debate over the government’s response to the mass arrival of Tamil refugee claimants still simmers. 945 more words


Embattled immigration lawyer Sandra Zaher testifies to being misunderstood

That immigration lawyer Sandra Saccucci Zaher has found herself on trial, charged with fabricating a refugee claim, is all a big misunderstanding, she testified in her own defence Wednesday. 551 more words


Is brother of China's ex-chief of staff seeking to defect to the US?

A well-connected Chinese businessman, described by officials as potentially one of the most damaging defectors in the history of modern China, is reputed to have requested political asylum in the United States. 512 more words

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Sweden Fails to call - Another chapter in the pre-trial (and pre-charge) punishment of Julian Assange Updates

*Please see below Important Updates as of Friday 24/07/2015*

2015 is certainly a year of amazing activity in the Wikileaks organisation, with their publishing adding to the fount of public knowledge more revelations on the world of politics, secret government and corporations and how it operates. 807 more words


Extraterritorial processing of asylum claims

The Agenda on Migration , published by the Commission on 13 May 2015, advocates a holistic approach which includes the establishment of a pilot multi-purpose centre in Niger by the end of the year. 839 more words


Calgary imam facing sex assault charges in U.S. fights to keep refugee status

A Calgary imam facing criminal charges in the United States is still waiting to hear whether he will be able to keep his refugee status in Canada. 342 more words

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