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Father de Souza: Pope and Trudeau both talk about 'open borders,' but are pragmatists at heart


From the first months of his pontificate, Pope Francis has championed openness to migrants and refugees, advocating a generous provision for same and castigating those countries that close their borders. 803 more words

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Number of people seeking asylum in Canada at levels not seen since 2009

By Stephanie Levitz

OTTAWA — The number of people seeking asylum in Canada is now the highest it’s been since 2009, driven in part by a surge in asylum seekers showing up at the Canada-U.S. 557 more words


Windsor's next refugee wave could be citizens of El Salvador living in the U.S.

The next big wave of refugees to arrive in Windsor could be coming from the United States.

More than 260,000 El Salvadorans could face deportation from the U.S. 628 more words

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Officials eye Salvadorans as potential source of next wave of border crossers

OTTAWA — Officials in Canada and the U.S. are concerned that the next wave of asylum seekers at the border could be a population far bigger than the Haitians crossing now. 772 more words


Kelly McParland: Liberals right to be nervous about Canada's migration crisis

The sudden influx of asylum-seekers entering Canada from the U.S. is a crisis for the Trudeau government. Not because Canada can’t handle a few thousand more arrivals, but because the Liberals have a halo to protect. 979 more words

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A Roll of the Immigration Law Dice

In EsquireBrian Castner walks us through the case of Captain Noorullah Aminyar, an Afghan army officer seeking asylum in the U.S. following threats and retaliation by the Taliban that have already left his younger brother dead. 313 more words


Corbella: Trudeau has erased our border with one simple tweet

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, in essence, erased our southern border and torn up Canada’s immigration laws.

The results of Trudeau’s reckless actions are now well known. 583 more words