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Reform of the Qualification Directive [EU Legislation in Progress]

Written by Detelin Ivanov (1st edition),

The current refugee and migrant crisis in Europe has called into question existing EU legislation on asylum, in particular the criteria according to which applicants for international protection can qualify for refugee or subsidiary protection status, as recognised in the Qualification Directive. 230 more words


Germany: New Generation Diaspora

One of the things that those who manage to go from Turkey hear most is the sentence “You’ve left and saved yourself, good for you.” Do the departers truly live in a euphoria of victory with a fundamental sense of salvation? 92 more words

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Opinion: Extend safe third country agreement to deal with migrants

Canadians have been inundated with media reports of desperate migrants trekking over rugged terrain in freezing temperatures into Canada from the United States to claim asylum. 697 more words


Urgent plea to Canada as Snowden's "guardian angels" face expedited deportation

In the two weeks since lawyers in Montreal drew attention to the plight of Edward Snowden’s “guardian angels” — the asylum-seekers who sheltered the National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower in Hong Kong — Canadians have offered to open up their homes, volunteer their time and donate money for their upkeep and legal fees. 843 more words

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Guest Editorial: Who are the real pretenders — asylum seekers or certain politicians?

By Shannon Gormley

A third-rate reality TV participant who brags about Skype-calling female colleagues in his underwear may well be an unserious person, but as he is also preferred over most other Conservative leadership contenders, we must at least pretend to take Kevin O’Leary seriously when he says that “Canada can’t afford to sit back and watch thousands of people walk right into our country without any documentation pretending to be refugees.” 591 more words


Windsor can expect influx of refugee claimants from U.S., says lawyer

Windsor can expect to see an increasing number of asylum seekers crossing the Detroit River by boat or stashed away in the back of transport trucks as they flee the United States, predicts a local immigration lawyer. 581 more words

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