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Chris Selley: As Trump's refugees stream into Canada, will our immigration policies hold up?

It’s a phenomenon that has splintered the European Union, animated a surge in far-right politics across that continent and put German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s professional future at considerable risk: the uncontrolled flow of asylum-seekers from Middle Eastern and African nations. 1,781 more words

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Are refugees fleeing Donald Trump's America?

Hemmingford has become one of the entry points for a growing flow of refugee claimants braving the elements to illicitly enter Canada.

As U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order suspending entry from seven majority-Muslim countries is debated in U.S. 490 more words

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'Trump was going to deport me': Migrants are losing fingers to frostbite while fleeing to Canada

WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Almost three months after Bashir Yussuf watched Donald Trump win the presidential election, he made his way to Noyes, Minnesota, where he set off at night into the snow-filled woods and crawled across the unmarked border into Canada. 1,316 more words


Dewar: Here's why Ottawa should declare itself a 'sanctuary city'

I was recently proud to join more than 1,000 other Ottawans in protesting President Donald Trump’s anti-refugee executive order. As the world considers how to protect and shelter tens of millions of displaced people globally, including those now wrongfully banned from seeking asylum in the United States, our city should take the lead in responding. 559 more words


What is the true relationship between UKIP and The Kremlin? 

During the EUref a very interesting situation developed that could not be dealt with then because of the need to maintain unity in the Leave movement. 1,130 more words


8 Turkish Coup Officials in Greece Pen a Dead Man's Letter

Greek weekly newspaper Proto Thema published a letter penned by the eight Turkish military officers who fled to Greece in an army helicopter following the failed Turkish coup on July 15, 2016. 197 more words