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WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Refugee Political Asylee - Vigil Call Out 16/08/2017

It is almost seven years that Britain arbitrarily detains Julian Assange, for the last five years he has found refuge inside the Ecuadorian Embassy. We stand by him in solidarity! 283 more words


More families fleeing Central America resettling in Mexico

MEXICO CITY — The armed, masked gang members showed up on a motorcycle at the home in northern Honduras last fall with a stark warning for the occupants: Leave town within 24 hours, or else. 1,090 more words


Guest editorial: Plan needed to avert more border deaths

It was entirely predictable — not that it diminishes the tragedy — that someone was going to die trying to illegally make their way from the United States into Canada. 544 more words


Asylum claim wait times could hit more than 11 years and cost $2.97 billion, internal documents say

OTTAWA — A increase in asylum claims in Canada could eventually mean a staggering 11-year wait for a hearing and $2.97 billion in federal social supports for claimants in the meantime, an internal government analysis has concluded. 717 more words


Refugees Are My Neighbors

Refugees aren’t strangers walking off a plane — not permanently. One of my mentors was a North African refugee 30 or 40 years before we met, and now cooks spaghetti and hassles me about whether I’m living up to my potential. 63 more words


Reform of the Qualification Directive [EU Legislation in Progress]

Written by Detelin Ivanov (1st edition),

The current refugee and migrant crisis in Europe has called into question existing EU legislation on asylum, in particular the criteria according to which applicants for international protection can qualify for refugee or subsidiary protection status, as recognised in the Qualification Directive. 230 more words


Germany: New Generation Diaspora

One of the things that those who manage to go from Turkey hear most is the sentence “You’ve left and saved yourself, good for you.” Do the departers truly live in a euphoria of victory with a fundamental sense of salvation? 92 more words

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