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There Are Stories Behind What We Wear: If It Ain’t Got A T-shirt In Africa, It Ain’t Got Nothing

SOMETIMES, it feels like the t-shirt was a greater invention for Africa than sliced bread – after all, as those who know about poverty on the continent better than I ever will say, many of them can’t afford bread. 474 more words

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LETTER FROM A FRIEND: ‘Strange’ Things At Africa’s Borders, Obasanjo’s Dentist, And Zuma’s Palace

 IT is again time for LETTER FROM A FRIEND. My weekly column in Daily Nation titled “How Uhuru Can Make Or Spoil The Lunch Of East Africa’s Border People”, noted that in the mornings at the Kenya-Uganda border crossings, one would witness the curious phenomenon of thousands of Ugandan school kids in Kenyan schools uniforms crossing the border to study in Kenya. 403 more words

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Escape From Kenya, And Why With Election Jitters, It’s The Right Time To Buy A House

Yesterday I tried to buy an Economy class seat for a quick dash to Uganda, and return on Sunday to catch the Election Day action on Monday March 4. 668 more words

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Music, Miniskirts In Africa, And Why It Is All About The Politics Stupid

One of the Elders associated with Nation Media Group (NMG) is extremely well-travelled and from all over the world he soaks in several lessons about media. 1,653 more words


Malawi’s President Mutharika Dead; Was He Hero Or Villain, And What Did His Re-Election In 2009 Tell Us About Democracy In Africa?

Vote rigging, buying, and selling are the price we pay for democracy in Africa. Like all investments, if you put in money long enough and are able to withstand the ill winds, it pays off. 848 more words


Disease, The Clock, The Gods, Greed – And The Wisdom Of The People – Have Saved Africa (Reflection on Mkandawire's Story)

In “Disease, The Clock, The Gods, Greed And Stupidity Have Helped To Change Africa As Much As Democrats, Generals (The Sequel)”  we speak of Malawi ruler Kamuzu Banda’s tyranny. 384 more words

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