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... Obama ' s Coalition was Never the DemoCrap Coalition [#fraud]...

.. it relied on artificially inflated minority turnout … .. plus a massive amount of fraud , plus … .. voter suppression of the highest order … .. 115 more words

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Ezra Klein: How Barack Obama made the old Daily Show obsolete

VOX: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were both responses to the Bush years. They were about the alienation liberals felt from their country at a moment when Fox News seemed the authentic expression of the American psyche and George W. 145 more words


Iraq parliament members in a hurry to pass 2014 budget; May reduce holiday break

Parliament in a hurry to send the government budget bill for the year 2014

11/19/2013 12:00 AM

Claims to cut holiday legislature in the event of the arrival of law… 960 more words

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Political differences over election law may create delays in passage of 2014 budget

Financial budget for 2014 is within the electoral propaganda of the political blocs with chronic problems

16-11-2013 11:46 AM

Baghdad (News)/report/… Soon federal financial budget up to 2014, the House and the balance will differ from its predecessors, so confirm with towards the end of the current parliamentary session and upcoming parliamentary elections, each political bloc sought to provide their interests or the interest of their constituents in the financial budget, it will be loaded with the chronic problems that come with it every year. 458 more words

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Parliament cancels Sunday's session; Current legislative session ends January 15th

Parliament cancels its meeting next week to the government not to send the budget bill
Wednesday, October 13 2 / November 2013 19:19

Canceled the Presidency of the Council of Representatives its meeting scheduled for next Sunday. 203 more words

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Sources: Iraqi Budget may be up to parliament this week

11/10/2013 12:00 AM

“Al-Sabah” informed sources sought Cabinet to send the general budget for the year 2014 to the House of Representatives this week.

in case arrived budget bill, the House of Representatives will have to cancel vacationing legislative even approving the budget. 792 more words

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Parliament member says, New election law will likely lead to some political changes

A member of the parliamentary regions: the election law will lead to some change and personal interests of the leaders behind the appeal
Sunday, November 10 2 / November 2013 14:16… 404 more words

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