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We don’t often dive in to the political realm here at What’s Your Tag?, but sometimes we feel it’s absolutely necessary. We won’t bore you with the specific issues this comic references, but hopefully it gets you thinking a little bit about subconscious racism. 58 more words

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Comics and Harassment

Interesting article from last week’s Guardian on the use of comics as part of an anti-harassment campaign on Egypt’s metro. I know there’s a fairly strong tradition of cartoons in the Arabic world as a form of political commentary – but informational comics? 235 more words

Political Comics

Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times

Well, it’s the first week of November. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m always late to the punch for Halloween, preparing a costume, organizing parties and such. 879 more words

Political Comics

"Our Benign Dictatorship" : A Comic About the Upcoming Election

Even if you miss the October 13th voter registration deadline, it is still possible to vote! Click here to learn about what you need to bring with you to vote on October 19th. 42 more words

2015 Canadian Election

Patricia Cornflake: comics and feminist art theory

Guest post by Suzanne van Rossenberg

My very first cartoon made in 2007 (image above; click for larger version) has become emblematic of the research I started last year… 346 more words

Political Comics

Team Bean

More Canadian political comics – this time in the form of a satirical take on the upcoming election. Beans sets the Canadian federal election campaign in a posh school, where all the politicians are students competing in the upcoming Student Council elections.  105 more words

Political Comics

Social Media Contradictions: Sharing Knowledges of Life and Death in Story of Helen Betty Osborne

Pamela Jayne Holopainen.
Amanda Sophia Bartlett.
Tina Fontaine.
Delores “Lolly” Whitman.
Maisy Odjick.
Jennifer Catcheway.
Elizabeth Mary Dorion.
Bea Kwaronihawi Barnes.
Lisa Marie Young. Leah Anderson. 937 more words

Political Comics