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Is Trump America's First Dictator?

Watching President Trump attack the free press as the “enemy of the people” and discredit institutions of democratic government, I am reminded of a demagogue from another era. 382 more words

Political Compromise

FTAC: On the American Constitution and American Ideals

Reactionaries Inspire Revolutionaries

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez caught a bit of criticism today for her control of a “town hall” type meeting — although partisan — on behalf of a portion of those discarded or discounted within the American system. 732 more words

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Immigration Compromise

Today’s Issue: Immigration Compromise

Monday’s I try to focus on issues. Today we are taking a look at the GOP House bill that represents a compromise on immigration. 721 more words


There May be Hope for American Democracy After All

Those of you who read my blog (blackwhiteorgray.com) know that I have been harshly critical of national evangelical Christian leaders who peddle an intolerant, disrespectful, anti-immigrant, and generally hateful political agenda. 3,090 more words

Political Compromise

Mass Shooting of Students - Schools are the Problem

Like many Americans I have been brokenhearted by the senseless slaughter of so many of our young people. I have desperately searched for a common thread in all these violent episodes. 286 more words

Political Compromise

When Will Iran Get The Bomb??

A rogue nation launches a program to build nuclear weapons. A Democratic US President with the participation of allies and the blessing of the United Nations enters negotiations to end that program. 516 more words

Political Compromise

Hate and Intolerance Center Stage in Israel Today

Trump and Netanyahu celebrated the United States moving its embassy from Tele Aviv to Jerusalem with Israeli solders killing Palestinians protesting the loss of their future capital city. 156 more words

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