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This - But Not That

I’ve touched on this issue before, but it’s still bugging me. A number of commentators – most recently, Bethesda Magazine – have suggested, or repeated the suggestion of others, that Kathleen Matthews’ 2014 campaign contribution to odious Missouri Senator Roy Blunt is not only a subject for criticism, but is in fact… 465 more words

Maryland CD8

Scott Walker's plan to reform public sector unions

(Source: OpenSecrets.org)

I am not sure if I really explained the importance of Scott Walker’s plan to rein in public sector unions in my last post… 871 more words



Here is a list of the top twenty PAC contributors from OpenSecrets.com

Do you notice anything interesting? While the business related PACs favor Republicans, they do give a fairly balanced amount to both parties. 63 more words


Beware the Clinton Bandwagon (Updated)

I like to see myself as an equal opportunity political basher, calling out bad behavior as often as I can. Although the Republicans have taken the lead in positioning themselves center stage at the… 591 more words


'They vote against their economic interests'

Liberal Democrats like to talk about the foolishness of rank-and-file Republicans who vote against their economic interests.

But I think this is no less true of liberal Democrats themselves.  391 more words


You can do a background check, too!

Many companies will do a background check on employees prior to employment. There is some question as to which parts of a potential employee’s background can be used to determine hiring. 146 more words

Can political contributions show you more than you want to know?

In this day and age many employers are looking up potential employees on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and through Google in general. You can do the same. 209 more words