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Muslims Trump All Other Minorities Because of the Victim Value Index

Frontpage, by Daniel Greenfield, Feb. 27, 2015:

James Kirchick has written an extensive piece on the Victimhood Olympics replete with examples and references. He notes that… 729 more words

Progressive/Islamist Alliance

Defining Judgment

What Does Judging Look Like?

When I was a kid, I figured people who didn’t follow my family rules were automatically wrong. Of course, now that I’m an adult, I’ve learned a thing or two about personal opinions and I realize that some people have a harder time with certain areas ( 809 more words

Religious Tolerance

What is religious tolerance?
Straight off the web it says:-
Religious toleration is when people allow other people to think about god(s) in ways that they do not think are true. 158 more words


I Can't Hear You

WARNING: Offensive Language Below. Read at your own risk.

When I was growing up, a child of the 90’s (yes, I am that young), I had television shows such as Ren and Stimpy, the Beavis and Butthead and Rocko’s Modern Life. 509 more words


Firm Foundations

I’m a builder by trade and when you build you had better get your foundation right, especially when you live in areas subject to occasional earthquakes.   721 more words

Eloquently stated

On cultural appropriation; some interesting quotes from an article I just read:

Cultural appropriation is…., “…using someone else’s cultural symbols to satisfy a personal need for self-expression is an exercise in privilege.” 33 more words

The Church In The Cloud

The church must modify some of the ways that she does things to be attractive to the rapidly changing technological and social map.

As the web is now found “in the cloud”, the church must become “the church in the cloud.’ 709 more words