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Accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can...

Upworthy: The comic on the left breaks down the problem with whitewashing race. I read this comic on Upworthy and decided to make a parallel comic of my own detailing how this comic got it wrong.

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Do You Matter?

I know you are tired or not of hearing the debate on “black lives matter”. Who said they didn’t matter? It came out of news of black guys being shot, unfortunately by policemen. 192 more words

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Who Tells You the TRUTH?

Last year in a small group setting, I asked 6 teenage girls whom they trust to always tell them the truth. I was surprised to hear their responses, but after further thought maybe not so surprised. 504 more words

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Stop the World I Want to Get Off

I thought the madness would stop eventually but it seems it is only getting worse and spreading throughout the world.   Liberal activists seems to delight that a man claiming to be a woman at heart has won a weight lifting championship.   183 more words

Dear President Trump

Just a simple request. Please do not let the Media, Entertainment Industry or Liberal Activists make you back away or water down what you know needs to be done. 59 more words

Purpose: Kill political correctness

It’s 2017, America. Last year was filled with some of the most tragic and pathetic moments in history. The purpose of this website is to allow anti-political correctness to shine brighter than ever, in a world where conservatives are being hated simply for doing what everyone else feels they’re entitled to do: speak their mind. 85 more words