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BREAKING: TV LAND Cancels Popular Classic "The Dukes of Hazzard" - Political Correctness or Attack on 1st Amendment?

Andrew Pontbriand
July 2, 2015

TV Land has pulled the plug on twice a day re-runs of the 1980’s classic, “The Dukes of Hazzard.” This comes after the Confederate Flag was somehow criminalized after the Charleston Shooting. 79 more words

Confederate Flag

Is it OK to Fall ??

I’m like most chefs been trained and grown by  a feeling of consent verbal and sometime physical abuse to make me stronger, faster and able to think under pressure, I personally feel this has made me a better chef not that I’m sadistic and enjoy it…ok maybe a little.. 94 more words


Politically correct flatulence?

I was just reminded of a little episode with my mom regarding flatulence. I’m giggling as I write…

When I was younger – actually up until my mom got to be “old” – my mother did not like farting around her. 630 more words

White privileges or lingering anti-black racism?

I recently came across an article in the Washington Post which completely caught my attention.


Heroin addiction sent me to prison. White privilege got me out and to the Ivy League. 2,627 more words


Political Correct

When did “being” politically correct control our minds, viewpoints, media, communication, relationships and entire lives? Probably since our latest leadership began to control everything. Just before he arrived, we hear words to soften our feelings. 404 more words

Christian Living

Muslims Trump All Other Minorities Because of the Victim Value Index

Frontpage, by Daniel Greenfield, Feb. 27, 2015:

James Kirchick has written an extensive piece on the Victimhood Olympics replete with examples and references. He notes that… 729 more words

Progressive/Islamist Alliance

Defining Judgment

What Does Judging Look Like?

When I was a kid, I figured people who didn’t follow my family rules were automatically wrong. Of course, now that I’m an adult, I’ve learned a thing or two about personal opinions and I realize that some people have a harder time with certain areas ( 809 more words