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Their our to many Pakistans in my town Luton too ignore its time to take are country back now!

By Timmy Rodinson

Im going too explain this in the most simplest of ways too make you understand what is really going on in are nation right: I was born in england and that makes me english and a british because I am british. 751 more words


Paul Harvey’s "If I Were the Devil"

In 1965, Paul Harvey broadcasted “If I Were The Devil.” 

It is really amazing to realize over 53 years ago how accurately he “prophesied” the future spiritual condition of the United States.  571 more words

The Best

"Bearing Arms" website will not allow me to post comments

“Bearing Arms” is a fairly well established website. It is supportive of the Second Amendment.

However, I cannot sign in nor can I even register to make comments UNLESS I agree to allow Facebook – notoriously anti-gun, anti-Declaration of Independence and anti-Constitution – ‘… to use cookies and website data while browsing “bearingarms.com” ‘ My answer is no. 42 more words

Political Correctness

Quote of the Day

It is impossible to persue this nonsense any further.

—Karl Marx

Political Correctness

Are We Heading Towards Censorship?

Here goes another potentially incendiary post, but one I feel called to write.


The writer’s path, like that of any other occupation, has always been littered with obstacles. 929 more words