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I Hate it When!

I HATE it when:

  • I get deodorant on the outside of my shirt and I’m oblivious till late in the day, plus it’s so suppose to be an invisible solid!
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The Old Normal

Several conservative commentators have taken the position that Donald Trump’s tweets about The Squad last weekend were a PR blunder. One pundit described it as an “own goal.” I disagree. 287 more words


Debunking the LGBTQIAPK+ Lobby's Propaganda

First things first: let get the obvious out of the way

Homosexuality is a phenomenon which has probably always existed and which has often polarized society into two camps: those who believe that there is something inherently bad/wrong/pathological/abnormal with homosexuality (probably most/all major religions) and those who emphatically disagree. 5,568 more words


AZ Republic‘s reprehensible cover-up of a cover-up

A local priest, now retired, has died. In his sleep. In Ireland. Michael O’Grady, a priest since 1958, was designated a monsignor by Pope John Paul II. 331 more words


I May Have Assaulted a Douchebag Millennial -- Allegedly

If you see me being led away in handcuffs anytime soon, it was just life teaching me another little lesson about me.

Here’s my side of the story. 836 more words

Political Correctness

RIP James Bond: 007 assassinated by political correctness.

After over 50 years of cunningly dodging villains such as Blofeld, Scaramanga and Goldfinger, Bond has finally met his match, succumbing to the all powerful force of identity politics. 1,166 more words

Identity Politics

This One’s for You and Me...

Ah…ah, Yes! I have been along the lines of freed, unchiseled,
unhandled, let loose from unhealthy relationships, and I am talking about the
lot. Things of late have been unadulterated animal excrement. 405 more words

Political Correctness