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IamRANTING: An Open Letter to Gamergate

All right, welcome once again to IamRANTING. Before you read this, I must warn you, I’m feeling especially salty right now, so this may not be my calmest work. 1,229 more words


I can't believe this needs to be said

It’s hard to fathom that there can be a need for these words to be said in this day and age (or actually in any day and age) but there undoubtedly is, so I’m going to. 125 more words

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Funny cats or change of government

Social media has become an integrated part of our lives.

Social media has become an integrated part of our lives. Among the endless funny cat videos and what you had to eat today photos, there is a much more significant occurrence going on though social media sites around the world. 518 more words


WATCH: You Will Never Look At The Political Candidates The Same After This Hilarious Bad-Lip Reading Video

Praise America! We finally have some political comedy to laugh about other than Donald Trump’s toupee and racist remarks.

Let’s admit it, if you’re not an avid political debate viewer, you’re probably bored to tears by the end of the drawn out ordeals. 159 more words


Our Racist Founders

When I think of the Founding Fathers, two major misconceptions come to mind. The Founding Fathers were racists and the majority of them were Deists or atheists. 2,410 more words

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A Message to Tomi Lahren and Anyone Who Supports Her Viral Rant:

If you haven’t seen the video of Tomi Lahren’s rant that has gone viral throughout the conservative sphere, then you should. Not to internalize the message that she tries to convey, but to truly understand that this is what ignorance looks like. 1,396 more words


Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

Without question the biggest draw in the presidential primary campaign is Donald Trump.  In the carnival world of politics he’s a three-ring circus by himself.  Despite miss-steps that would have derailed the heartiest of campaigns, he shoulders on, leading the rest of the Republican field. 416 more words