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Why are people so rude on Twitter?

Twitter is the most unpleasant place to be sometimes.

I suppose some people used to engage in rudeness, abuse and intolerance before the advent of this most ubiquitous digital debating pit, but people used to have to make more of an effort, and mostly probably just didn’t bother. 808 more words


Day 2: Take a Nap

Yesterday, choosing happy took some doing. The day was set to be a good one, with brunch scheduled with my Aunt and my Mom, but the recent atrocities in the news took the reins of the conversation, and a quaint stroll on a lush trail of conversation derailed right into oncoming traffic: The world is damned, and we’re all at fault, and there’s barely anything we can do about it. 557 more words

100 Days Of Happy

Opinion: Right, Wrong and Yours

For everything in life there is a right and wrong answer. So if you believe the wrong answer, then don’t say its just an opinion. Its not just an opinion, its either a right or wrong opinion. 172 more words


In Calais. Two years have passed since my visit to the ‘Jungle’ camp. Now demolished. Without migrants. And I get to measure time in a different way. 75 more words


Political parties on both sides

I grew up in a very political minded family. Every member -from my grandfather, down to my nieces and nephews -have firm grasps on their political beliefs, and the ways they think best to ‘fix’ things. 784 more words

Is the ABC biased?

Law graduate Michelle Guthrie became the first woman to hold the position of Managing Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) when she took over from Mark Scott in May 2016. 473 more words

Political Debate


Cemetery: (n) a burial ground; a graveyard

No racial tension.

The same space available for everyone.

No complaints.

No gender bias.

No discussion about sexual preference. 58 more words

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