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Why it's time to move beyond 'Fat vs. Thin'

Last night Channel 4 aired Plus Sized Wars, a seemingly predictable take on the ‘Fat vs. Thin’ debate, in which attention turned to the wave of plus size  532 more words


Reluctant to Share Political Opinions via Social Media?

Note: I’m moving some older articles/blog posts to my new blog here at WordPress. Apologies to those who’ve already read the original pieces, though some, like the one below, remain timely. 836 more words

Civil Debate


Well that was quite bizarre.

I was not aware there was another TV election debate… I would not have watched it anyway but it was bizarre from what I saw. 761 more words

The Invisible man - Cameron running scared! National debt doubled under Cameron!

Boring political debate. Miliband comes out strong.

The most obvious thing being Cameron too afraid to put in an appearance – says it all. He can’t defend his appalling record. 13 more words


Too Big To Ignore

The Penalty Rate Debate is nothing new.

There will always be a small percentage of employers who do not believe they should pay their workers any more than minimum wage. 570 more words


The Fix: Red vs. Blue: A history of how we use political colors in NBC

Now with every election we hear about this red state or that blue state…..but how many know where this word play with colors became part of the American election divide? 26 more words


So, I'm A Liberal

Which basically just means that I agree with things liberals tend to say: misogyny is not cool, punishing the poor for being poor is not cool, entrenched systems that favour white folks for being white are not cool, etc etc etc. 733 more words