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As we enter into one of the most unique election years for the President of the United States of America, we are faced with some tough questions as we analyze the candidates and what they stand for.   380 more words


The Solution Does Not Exist

Author’s Note: Hello reader, thanks for stopping by! Here’s one for the election coming up.


It’s a tradition in my family to give a formal introduction, so apologies if this feels forced.  1,433 more words

Short Stories

What’s it like to live tweet a political debate?

Today has been an amazing day for me to test out my social media skills and to enhance my political knowledge. Why? Well…today the University of Sunderland hosted a political debate with Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce. 433 more words


Dear Public Figure

Dear person that I hate, You are a public figure. Everyday, I get so excited to open my facebook app just to see headlining news about some bigot, racist remark you make or have made. 27 more words

I Am Not Smart

I have to confess something.  It might shock you a little.

I am not smart.

And I don’t mean now, in this exact moment.  I don’t mean I’ve done something embarrassing or weird in front of my friends and coworkers.   607 more words


Thank God for elections. But do we need so many?

2016 – Year of Australia’s 45th Federal general election

Australia’s last federal election, the 44th since federation, was held on 7 September 2013. Under Australia’s constitution, three year parliamentary terms for the House of Representatives, are dated from the opening of the parliament, which was on the 12 November 2013, with the 45th election becoming due on the 11th November 2016. 1,283 more words

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