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Political Discussion Pitfalls

People suppose they have the right way, and it is the only way. — Jeffrey Tucker

“Political discussion” is an oxymoron. — Quippy

Have you noticed how people in political discussions never, ever change their minds? 980 more words


Why I think a September poll is likely!

Barnaby Joyce today called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to stand down from the leadership if  the Coalition fails to overtake Labor in the polls by Christmas. 318 more words

Political Debate

The Courageous Charge of the Monash Brigade!

Passionate Coalition duo George Christensen and Craig Kelly are the driving force behind a rebellious pro-coal forum reputed to have more than 20 back-bench signatures.  Their oft-repeated mantra is that coal will deliver “low-cost electricity for consumers and industry”, and create jobs. 354 more words

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Turnbull Finished! - Hartcher's Easter Prediction.


Of course, Gold Walkley winning Journalist Peter Hartcher is not the first political analyst to have asserted that Malcolm Turnbull has betrayed his political principles, become morally bankrupt, and is now a spent force in Federal Politics. 267 more words

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The Tony Abbott Conundrum.

I am disappointed in Tony Abbott. He exasperates me with his continuing carping at, and denigration of, Malcolm Turnbull. He has become a dogmatic, political know-all. 701 more words

Political Debate

18-09 Segment 1: Empowering Students To Be Leaders


In the last few years, many high school teachers have changed how they are teaching civics in their classrooms. Rather than straying away from political discussions, many are using innovations in teaching to make their classrooms a space for students to engage with each other while discussing these controversial topics. 400 more words

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