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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The Long, Tortured History of Absentee Parliamentarians

One hundred and ninety-five years ago, in the venerable House of Lords, the Earl of Shaftesburylaid on the table the report of the committee appointed to inquire into the precedents relative to the enforcement of the attendance of peers during great and solemn occasions… 5,658 more words

... Gee , If the ObamaCrap are Willing to Do This [#border security][#middle east]...

.. why not do it much closer to home , say , on our southern border ..

.. the ObamaCraps are proposing to do this border strategy [#4000k of border fencing and security] as part of a comprehensive strategy for combating I.S.I.L. 28 more words

Personal Opinion

An argument for honesty

Of course, there are an overwhelming number of arguments for the virtue of honesty. But I thought this one should have some extra attention called to it. 450 more words

Jon Friesch

Why Listen to the News?

In the Tulsa World newspaper in December, Jay Cronley – a long time writer for the paper – wrote a column titled “It’s time for the media to play nice or go home”.   1,094 more words

empty/empty vision

back to back they faced each other
spitting in each other’s eye
the enemy just would not go blind
as both their mouths ran dry… 82 more words