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And I heard him murmur… “I’m just wanting to have an ordinary day…”

The church I serve calls this time of year ‘ordinary.’  I listen to my neighbors, I watch the news, I open my facebook page, scroll up the twitter feed and it seems that this time of the year is anything but ordinary.  1,946 more words

Because Someone Needs To Say Something!

The Great Debate

It astonishes me… no, it saddens me the support I’m seeing for either Hillary or Trump. How did this even happen? How did these two become the front runners of both parties? 588 more words


Prayer for September 27

Prayer for September 27: Please pray with me. Holy God, today we come before in the aftermath of a political debate. People are divided, feeling lost, looking for direction and vision.  34 more words


We Are More Than This

Political posturing.

Finger pointing.

Fear mongering.

Mud slinging.


Truth bending.



We can make noise about how other people do it, or we can make a bigger difference by acknowledging our own stuff and doing less of it ourselves.


A sad/happy day in America

The presidential debate took center stage tonight. There was nothing said that anyone who has been listening to the Democratic and Republican candidates for the last year couldn’t have quoted from a primary speech. 442 more words

Political Debate

Everything you need to know about yesterday's debate

Summary: Here is everything you need to know about yesterday’s debate, beyond the trivialities that filled the 90 minutes. These are things your favorite news media might not have mentioned. 525 more words