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In Praise Of Paradox

By Liam Barker

I am not an expert in anything. The facts in my possession are usually half remembered, ill-used or accidentally fictionalised – particularly with regards to expansive, cerebral matters, such as politics. 701 more words


Poor Senator David Leyonhjelm!

Poor David Leyonhjelm is worried. An estimated three hundred thousand Australians will soon be receiving less pension than before, following a tightening of the pension eligibility rules which came into effect on the 1st January 2017. 430 more words

Political Debate

Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion?

I was an ROTC grad from college.  So I got my 2nd Lt. bars and had to report for two years active duty within a year of graduation.   1,292 more words

Salvu Mallia qed jitfewwaq spiss



It-tifwieq huwa naturali. Imma b’daqshekk ma jfissirx li nieħdu gost jew niftaħru bih. Fil-fatt hu normali li meta taħrablek tifwieqa tgħatti ħalqek u tiskuża ruħek. Jekk minn waħda jiġu tnejn jew iktar, imbagħad ifisser li jkun wasal iż-żmien li twarrab ftit għax ma tkunx ta’ quddiem in-nies. 96 more words

Mallia Salvu

... Gee , If the ObamaCrap are Willing to Do This [#border security][#middle east]...

.. why not do it much closer to home , say , on our southern border ..

.. the ObamaCraps are proposing to do this border strategy [#4000k of border fencing and security] as part of a comprehensive strategy for combating I.S.I.L. 28 more words

Personal Opinion

Populism, the Hate/Victim dialectic and why the Left need to insult us.

Even the BBC are at it now. Populism is the new racism. It is the new buzzword. Everything we don’t like is now ‘populist’. David Cameron… 1,408 more words

Political Debate

Richmond by-election: Why the Liberal Democrats should be worried.

It’s very sad that Zac Goldsmith – a very good and honourable MP – has lost  his seat in the Richmond Park by-election. He always said that he would resign from the Conservatives if they decided to build the third runway at Heathrow. 858 more words

Beyond Brexit