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Is the Liberal Party Uniting?

The announcement by Prime Minister Mr Malcolm Turnbull this week for a new super-portfolio under the direction of present Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, to oversee and coordinate issues of national security, had been under consideration for at least several months. 140 more words

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Happy (political) days are here again!!

Don’t you just love political intrigue!

This is Peta (Incredible) Credlin.

She has the Libs in a spin They are already fighting over her; and she is not yet even in Parliament. 370 more words

Political Debate

The Racial Monument that Probably Should be Demolished

The South after the Civil War had an economic crisis.  The Plantations on which the Black Slaves were employed were pretty much destroyed by the war.   667 more words

Who's behind the current Liberal Party Brawl?

Ostensibly it’s an ideological war between the conservatives, slanting policies to preserve the privileges of the more wealthy, and those promoting more egalitarian legislation.

Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister of the UK between 1979 and 1990, and it was she who first coined the derisive name “wets”, for those members of the party she perceived as lacking in hardness, and willing to compromise with the union movement. 466 more words

Political Debate

Might longer parliamentary terms reduce leadership wrangling?

Australia’s last federal election (the 45th) was held on the 2nd July 2016, and resulted in only a  two seat majority for the Coalition in the House of Representatives. 384 more words

Political Debate

The Great Debates of 1968

Perusing through the Netflix lineup one can chance to stumble across a documentary entitled “Best of Enemies“. This documentary was a blast from the past; The year was 1968, a year of seismic political change across the nation, it was a year of pop culture, a year of Vietnam protest, a year of significant debates. 1,131 more words


Politicking, the price of democracy?

It is barely a year since the last federal election, but already the political heat is building to discard Malcolm Turnbull as Leader of the ruling Coalition Party. 366 more words

Political Debate