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Teacher protests and Facebook

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve gotten into a public argument on Facebook with a complete stranger. About what? The civil unrest and protests in Oaxaca. 1,551 more words


The Runaway Slave in Dayton

A simple blurb in the paper was all it took to change one man’s life, and to start a huge political debate in Dayton.

FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. 373 more words

Dayton Ohio

Let's Hope 2016 Does Not Become the New 1968

Martin Luther King Jr. said the following at the Washington National Cathedral in March of 1968:

“I don’t like to predict violence, but if nothing is done between now and June to raise ghetto hope, I feel this summer will not only be as bad but worse than last year.” 498 more words

Current Events

Economic Issues & Elections

While trying to write some of my memoirs, I thought of some of my experiences as young engineering project manager in the Natural Gas Liquids Division of a major integrated oil company.   1,189 more words

Why Do We Have To Get Naked To Make A Statement?

In some many political demenstrations or even just to showcase a positive body image, so many people gets naked to get their point across. Why is that? 148 more words

Self Image

Ehh.. #SocialMedia alone not to blame for coarsening of political debates

This is my Broadsheet opinion piece from June 20th, written in the aftermath of the horrific murder of labour MP, Jo Cox. broadsheet.ie/ad-hominemphobia/

As people struggle to come to terms with how Jo Cox MP could be so brutally slain outside her constituency clinic, many have focused on the coarsening of public debate and the abuse, both actual and online, aimed at politicians. 776 more words


The definition of culture pt. 2

The generation gap

The generation gap shows its self in our attitudes to most parts of life and politics. Not to be confused with a deliberate lack of acceptance on the part of a different generation, this gap and its consequential unavoidable ideas of who a group of certain people are and what their ideas must be have shaped arguments around race, sexuality, gender ect. 436 more words