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001: Why I am Liberal--My core value of love.

It is hard for me to just pick one reason to write about, but today encountered me an opportunity for reflection on what is behind my liberal ideologies. 530 more words

Be Kind

Public Knowledge, Projections, and Memory

In 1978, the U. S. Congress enacted energy legislation that outlawed the use of Natural Gas to generate electricity.  “knowledgeable Experts” were projecting that we would be out of natural gas by 1985.   1,467 more words

#98 Politics - 'Whoops! Opened The Wrong Door'

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Swaggering around with all my confidence from yesterday I stumble across a problem, I have nowhere to swagger… 741 more words

Mental Health

A plan to accelerate home ownership!

This blog nearly four years ago drew the attention of readers to the benefits of Canada’s superannuation policies over our own in the following post: 509 more words

Community Issues

The Podcast Diaries

I never wanted my podcast to turn into any sort of political ranting soapbox. But over the course of the last twelve episodes, that’s a lot of what it’s become, and on the one hand that’s something of a frustration for me. 329 more words


The right way to argue

Lately I’ve spent quite a bit of time online engaging in political debates and arguments. The more time I spend on it, the more I find that the arguments themselves are structured… wrong.   518 more words

Rotten Fruit (When Liberals Go Bad)

I don’t have time to write a review at the moment and I’ve decided to post some non-musical videos that give you an un-PC viewpoint. So what about a trawl through You Tube? 126 more words