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Shared economic values can heal the political divide in Kenya

This article first appeared in my weekly column with the Business Daily on January 21, 2018

Last year’s election highlighted the deep and bitter political divide among Kenyans, divisions usually rooted in tribal identity politics. 446 more words

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Democracy is more fragile than many of us realised, but don’t believe that it is doomed - Andrew Rawnsley.

The dismantling of freedom begins with attacks on unfettered media and an independent judiciary.

Nothing ages so badly as visions of the future. When the fall of the Berlin Wall was followed by the implosion of the Soviet Union, Francis Fukuyama celebrated by publishing his bestseller, The End of History and the Last Man. 1,407 more words

Political Economy

Why We May Be Richer than We Deserve to Be

Sometimes the value of democracy is discussed in terms of economic gains and losses. With (representative) democracy – the story goes – we get certain freedoms that, for instance, facilitate innovation, which, in turn, helps economic development. 567 more words


How Economics Survived the Economic Crisis

January 19, 2018

How Economics Survived the Economic Crisis

by Robert (Lord) Skidelsky


Unlike the Great Depression of the 1930s, which produced Keynesian economics, and the stagflation of the 1970s, which gave rise to Milton Friedman’s monetarism, the Great Recession has elicited no such response from the economics profession. 1,018 more words


4 texts for the Final Essay - Political Economy - MD4212

Mass amaterisation/sharing economy

“we cannot properly perform eye surgery by watching tutorials on YouTube because the cost of equipment and the amount of training involved takes a lot of time and effort” 315 more words


New Year, New Book!

Our new book is here! Breastfeeding: New Anthropological Approaches is an edited volume featuring contributions by anthropologists across the sub-fields. In bringing together the work of bioarchaeologists, biological anthropologists, and sociocultural anthropologists, we hope to inspire innovative scholarship that advances our understanding of breastfeeding in the story of being human. 749 more words


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The world is constantly changing, especially in the music industry. This is due to new technology or new ideas that may seem little but can have a big effect when put into play. 1,606 more words

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