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Murray at Middlebury

Four days ago, conservative libertarian Charles Murray stood on a stage at Vermont’s Middlebury College to talk about his latest book, Coming Apart: The State of White America… 541 more words

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FTAC: The New Nationalists and Moscow's Reflexive Control


Historically, Moscow has devoted itself to managing political perception domestically (thank George Orwell for the parables) and producing political influence in its target states. The depth of the totalitarianism is what strikes us, but other aspects of the state’s diplomacy seem within bounds until one starts looking into 20th Century intellectual and political history. 682 more words

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Alt-Right Infighting Simmers Around Inaugural 'DeploraBall'

By Brakkton Booker (NPR)

Notes: Racism is usually associated with conspiracy theories. I include notes to clarify, due to a broken link. This is the hard-core Trump supporters, just in case anyone wanted to know. 496 more words

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It's a "Come to Jesus" Moment

A “come to Jesus moment” in popular culture has come to mean to face a day of reckoning about circumstances that have been ignored to the point where they can no longer be disregarded.  580 more words


The Republic Is in Trouble

I have been wrestling with a piece on the election, but it is difficult to get my mind around it all inasmuch as our President-elect is so deficient and offensive in so many ways. 265 more words


'Christian Soldier' Trump Supporter Describes Plans For Possible Race War After Election

Written by Curtis Purdy
Displayed with permission from GOPocalypse

Expect to find less toilet paper and bullets on store shelves for a while.

His name is Jim Moseley and if you aren’t white, or are white and not wearing enough Duck Dynasty apparel, it seems possible he could shoot you after the election. 425 more words

Conspiracy Theory

Why Trump Supporters Are So Susceptible to Conspiracy Theories

Note: read The Paranoid Style in American Politics by Richard Hofstadter (1964). Trump’s campaign is not new in its blatant use of conspiracism, but perhaps in its ubiquitous use of conspiracy theory in a modern presidential campaign.

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