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Ideologues Can Be Liberal!!!

I have posted frequently about ideologues, explaining that I’m one in recovery and like being “in recovery” with any illness, the illness will always be present!  290 more words


Chuck Norris Gets Behind The Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory

Written by Brian Tashman (RWW)

Chuck Norris, the actor and conservative activist, is very upset that no one is taking his warnings about chemtrails seriously. 375 more words

Conspiracy Theory

Trump is an Overly Indulged Child

At times I actually feel sorry for Donald Trump.  For, like all of us he is a child at heart and his campaign demonstrates that beneath the surface he is a frightened, even terrified little boy.  394 more words


What is Going on with Evangelical Christians???

Donald Trump continues to give my clinical mind plenty of “stuff” to play with though much of what he does and so is very scary for the sake of my country. 516 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Trump, Romney, and Courage

I am resurrecting this blog after a long hiatus.  I should explain that my past as a mental health professional will be reflected in my human emphasis to the political scene.   393 more words


Introducing the Sovereign Party for Extremist and Radical Moderation

Since my most successful blog post is the one that pissed off half its readers, I’m going to do one better and piss off ALL my readers. 686 more words


"I'm Ready to Go. I'm Ready to Die."

This is purported to be the last moments of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Stand-off.

If this is real, it is what everyone expected. The last profane gasps of disturbed paranoid occupiers of Federal land. 620 more words

Conspiracy Theory