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FTAC: A Comment on America's Deep Polarization

The Left is the achievement of Western enlightenment.

Recall the authoritarian and reactionary governance in place that involved hundreds of years of warfare between politically absolute monarchies and the development of a mercantile class powerful enough, eventually, to stand up for their own interests and security. 177 more words

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Dangerous Times

Dangerous Times

Things need said that most people don’t want to hear, particularly about the state of the USA right now. Actually, better put would be the DSA, as in Divided States of America. 494 more words

Meeting with Extreme Right Politicians, January 23, 2018

It is NOT NORMAL for members of the House of Representatives to plan a meeting with the leader of an extreme-right Polish political party.  The politician in question has called for the banning of Islam, and the parliamentary secretary of his party has called for the gassing of Jews, gays, and Roma. 12 more words


Not Your Daddy's Cold War

If you had fallen asleep in 1975 and woke up today, you’d probably think the US and the USSR were still deadlocked in a Cold War. 964 more words


The Trump-Republican Legacy: Institutional Capture And Degradation

There might be some disputation over whether the Donald Trump-Republican Party unholy alliance is politically effective in terms of the consolidation of executive power or actual legislative activity–seasoned political observers consider the Trump administration to have been an utter failure on both fronts–but there can be little doubt about the extent of the damage the combination of the Trump administration and the Republican Party have done to American political institutions. 431 more words


Extremism in America

“Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe.” – Theodore Roosevelt

In January of 2016, I decided to go back to school for my Master’s degree. So for the last year this blog has run silent while I’ve studied the effects of extremism within the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in a land that’s no stranger to political divisiveness among family, friends and community. 1,299 more words