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Nazi Islam

For the “first” time since Hitler’s “death,” Germany is publishing the Nazi leader’s political treatise “Mein Kampf”, (My Struggle) unleashing a highly “charged row” 559 more words


False flags, true believers and trolls: Understanding conspiracy theories after tragedies

By Niraj Chokshi (Washington Post)


A lawyer for the family of one of the San Bernardino attackers invoked skepticism over another mass shooting in questioning police accounts of the mass shooting. 1,874 more words

Conspiracy Theory

Waging the War we Are

“We wage the war we are.”

I probably use this quote from W. H. Auden more than any other, in this venue and also in my day to day life.  482 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Conspiracy Theories Running Amok!!!

Gawd  l love conspiracy theories!  In the link provided here, you will find some of the juiciest ones that have circulated in my country lately as well as a few of our favorites from the past.   367 more words

Republican Party

It's Even Worse Than It Looks

“We know the Republicans are evil! We’ve known it for years.”

That line was not a slip of the tongue, nor was it fortuitously overheard by a passing… 1,924 more words


"Who Owns Most Of The Guns? 'The Base!": Overlapping Circles Of A Hard Core Of Dangerous Folks

It’s a research finding that is startling but not really surprising (per a report from NBC’s Maggie Fox):

A new study aimed at figuring out who owns gun in the United States and why suggests that about a third of Americans have at least one. 529 more words