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Maser’s ‘Repeal the 8th’ mural: Street art, abortion access and the battle over public space in Ireland

After the removal of Irish street artist Maser’s ‘Repeal the 8th’ mural from Temple bar this week, Lorna O’Hara – an IRC-funded PhD student in the Department of Geography at Maynooth University – reflects on the battle over public space that has characterised the debate over abortion access in Ireland in recent years. 1,787 more words

Human Geography

Fracturing Britain: the end of the United Kingdom?

Last year’s 2015 general election revealed a Britain that was increasingly fractured between nations, between the north and south of England, and between more prosperous metropolitan and deprived areas. 568 more words

The materiality of archives -- preliminaries for the work of forging solidarities

Three years ago today, I was in Mexico City for one of my research trips. I’m revisiting the notes and photographs from this particular trip today as I return to writing a review article on political geographies of memory and aesthetics. 457 more words


Duterte’s Tough Talk Paves Way for Federal Philippines

The election of Rodrigo Duterte, the long-serving, tough-talking Mayor of Davao City, to the office of the President has given renewed impetus to some serious talk about restructuring the Philippines from a unitary to a federal system of government. 691 more words


Reading the Landscape: Decoding the Meaning of Built and Biological Environments

“It seems ironic that, no matter how fleeting or for how long—inquiry starts with stopping in order to observe what is going on, to notice something that is happening, to watch and see, listen and hear.” 2,439 more words


Large states, artificial borders, and the African exception

Large states have been shown to be correlated with a large number of poor developmental outcomes, including poor institutions (Olsson and Hansson 2009), conflict (Buhaug and Rød 2006; Englebert et al.

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Cultural Geography is a series of intellectual and politicized engagements with the world. Cultural Geography is one of many styles of thought in human geographies that is not fixed within any particular time or space. 762 more words