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Political Geography Blog #5

Last blog of the semester, this one is due the Sunday AFTER Thanksgiving (Sunday the 29th)…discuss the significance of each of these pictures in the various civil rights movements of the 20th (and 21st) centuries.

Political Geography Blog Assignment #4

Discuss each of these political groups and why they would like to change the substate organization of the states in which they currently exist.

Geography Basics: U.S.-west Africa-Boko Haram

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant proposed that human knowledge could be organized in three ways. First, one could study the object specifically, toxicology, chemistry, geology, botany, and so on. 1,298 more words

Human Geography

Current Integration and Disintegration: Part 2, Thematic

Please see Part 1 for the introduction and abstract to this two part post.



As a matter of political sovereignty, here defined as impunity de facto, there are nearly, and perhaps greatly in excess of, two hundred fifty sovereign states in the world, as opposed to the one hundred ninety-two recognized by the United Nations and most of its members ― that is, themselves and the Vatican. 9,717 more words


Political Geography Blog Assignment #3

Sorry, this one is a little late, you can turn it in by October 11th (instead of 4th)