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Current Integration and Disintegration: Part 2, Thematic

Please see Part 1 for the introduction and abstract to this two part post.



As a matter of political sovereignty, here defined as impunity de facto, there are nearly, and perhaps greatly in excess of, two hundred fifty sovereign states in the world, as opposed to the one hundred ninety-two recognized by the United Nations and most of its members ― that is, themselves and the Vatican. 9,717 more words

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Political Geography Blog Assignment #3

Sorry, this one is a little late, you can turn it in by October 11th (instead of 4th)

Housing Refugees: Prejudice and the Potentials of Encounter

By Julian Shaw (King’s College London)

This summer the British media opened its eyes, cleared its collective throat, and eventually gave voice to a global refugee crisis that has been growing for years. 549 more words

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Geography and Elections – Studying voter turnout levels at the 2015 Marriage Equality Referendum

Adrian Kavanagh, 15th September 2015

Some of you may be aware that I am mainly an electoral geographer. What makes me different from political scientists? Well my main focus in studying electoral trends and behaviour is on studying how trends and behaviours differ between areas, or places, and as a result my main unit of analysis tends to be electoral data drawn from different areas (or constituencies) whereas political scientists would tend to mainly rely on data from surveys. 1,204 more words

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How Many Countries are There? Shout out to CGP Grey

While prepping another post, I was fondly reminiscing discussions I’ve had about countries and borders and their dynamic nature. We love to categorize and hold steady certain ideas, especially when organizing and data-basing data, but that becomes very difficult to maintain when dealing with the fluidity of border locations (or even building or street names… but that’s another post). 274 more words