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A climate terrorist's take on wind farms

I sometimes go for a charge (i.e. a walk, a ramble) over some hills in the south of Glasgow. The view can be spectacular. The city of Glasgow to the north, the Firth of Clyde to the west. 1,117 more words

Human Geography

GE21001 Lecture 8: State, Geography and Territory

This lecture explores the varied approaches political geographers have taken in their attempts to understand: the role of the state; ties to land and sea; efforts to control and monitor people and places; and, different forms of political processes. 72 more words

Critical Geopolitics

Fractured Worlds: Gerrymandering & The Sorting Of America

Tuesday is election day — for a relatively small part of the country — and my question for those voting is: Are you voting for the candidate you believe in, or are you voting to keep the other side out of power? 2,222 more words


Taking a Closer Look at State Partition

Stefano Bianchini talks about the recent referendums and why we should give more attention to State partition. 1,169 more words

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Book review forum on 'The Anarchist Roots of Geography'

The AAG Review of Books has published its book review forum on Simon Springer’s The Anarchist Roots of Geography to which I contributed an affirmative but critical commentary. 24 more words

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Islands and archipelagos are powerful, recurring, and vexing to the spatial imaginary: highly unique, idiosyncratic, disparate and yet revealing, offering spatial form, pattern, and logics that are everywhere reproduced (Mountz, 2015: 638).

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