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Sister Suffragette

So what is the difference between a suffragette and a suffragist?

A suffragist was a supporter of suffrage or votes for woman and used constitutional and non militant methods to try to procure this – petitions, rallys, demonstrations, conferences etc. 117 more words


Saree Makdisi on looking to Blake in moments of crisis and transformation [Audio]

UCLA Professor of English and Comparative Literature Saree Makdisi  joined the block Museum to discuss the historical parallels between Blake’s era and the 1960’s, examining how these concurrent histories are the result of profound changes in politics, economy, art, and society during their respective periods. 430 more words


Wind, Energy, People

This is the thirty-sixth post in my series that explores the most-used words in the top stories shared amongst Environmental Historians and Environmental Humanities scholars on Twitter each week. 333 more words

The Edelweiss Pirates: the teens that bought down Hitler

Gertrude Koch wasn’t like other 17 year old girls. But with her living under Nazi rule in Cologne, Germany, during WW2, that’s not exactly surprising; after all, her days were spent recovering from the latest air raid and picking her way through bombed out streets. 920 more words

Jerry Falwell Jr. relishes new fight for Donald Trump as Liberty University peaks

Falwell calls Liberty University the Fox News of academia. But where is one of President Trump’s staunchest supporters taking the university he and his family built? 33 more words