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Episode 38 - Talking About Political Parties with Professor Frank Pridemore

Next on Thinking It Through:  I bring back Professor Frank Pridemore to talk about the history of political parties and the state of political parties in our modern times. 63 more words


The Traitor Is Always the Hypocrite

Did anyone find it strange that the party which has a hard-on for witch hunts is caught in their own web of hypocrisy-especially with respect to Russia? 262 more words

Political History

Blackholed Sun Now in the Jesus Christ Pose

Chris Cornell, the lead singer of the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, has died at the age of 52, according to the Seattle Times.

Cornell was one of the Seattle performers who, not only made grunge marketable, but also crossed over into heavy metal about the time that Alice In Chains had. 144 more words

Political History

So Long, American Gobbells.

The American Goebbels breathed his last and was pulled into the bowels of Gehenna earlier today, according to CNN.

The irony is that Roger Ailes rolled a pair of sevens before Justice pulled the trapdoor on the liar and sent him to Hell. 151 more words

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What a difference a few hours made!

Impeachment of the American Hitler became a possibility before midnight last night. However, it’s becoming more of a certainty today-the CEOs haven’t even set up today’s nooners yet! 203 more words

Political History

Does Anyone Care About A Traitor's Vulnerabilities?

One knows that there’s a problem in the bunker when Paul Ryan commented the suspicion that Putin pays Trump.

While Melania stays away from her Adolf in New York City, Wigboy might be forced to do something he’s probably never had to do before: stand on his own. 178 more words