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The Bannonesia Exit Interview ...

All the dinosaurs were picnicking on a fresh kill of Obamacaris. The Kushneratops and Tyvankanatrix had finished their meal and were off by themselves, tails dipped together in the Puhl-DePlugg Reservoir. 587 more words


The Bannonesia & T-Rump Show ...

The Bannonesia stepped out from behind the safety and security of the Pershing-Bunker Beds to give a rare meeting with the Mediacircustops. This took place with the Tyrumposaurus from the same Bullee-Tar Pit — a stunning development in Trumpassic Period annals. 337 more words


Charlottesville Divide Aftermath ...

Today’s bones point to a closed oval dwelling meeting between the T-Rump and his closest followers. This included the Bannonesia, a bird-like theropod that had escaped mention until now. 554 more words


Today's Free Bit of Truth 

Every time a person says “I don’t support Trump, but he was right, there was violence on both sides” a white supremacist gets his sheets.


T-Rump's Treacherous Rhetoric ...

Much has been made of the dinosaur’s brain being the size of a walnut. I would suggest however, that in times of great duress, they put their tiny brains together. 469 more words


T-Rump Jr. on the Lam! ...

My new Vegan-Vegetative Analysis equipment arrived today. I put it to use immediately and made a startling discovery. In a Tyrumposaurus Jr. bone, I found small irritations — tell-tale markers of a variant sphagnum moss found only in the remote northeastern Britishcolumbiana. 242 more words