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The Media's Take on Hillary's First 100 Days....if she had won

Daily the media bashes President Trump and all he “hasn’t done” in the First 100 Days (in the latest graphs coming out we see 87% negative coverage by the media). 1,266 more words

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Post #227 - Dearest Microwave (Reblogged from Inperfectly Perfect)

As I was unable to reblog this post, I had to copy and paste it. I highly respect this critical thinking humorous friend of mine. A fellow blogger. 335 more words


Best Trump Impression

Anthony Atamanuik from UCB Comedy has the best Trump impression I’ve seen yet. Alec Baldwin gets the honorable mention, but at this point everyone’s seen Baldwin’s Trump impression. 207 more words


When CNN asked AG Sessions if he would prosecute media outlets his response blew them away...

CNN, America’s #1 source for liberal propaganda and indoctrination held an interview with AG Jeff Sessions regarding his goal to go after Wikileaks and Julian Assange for its, arguably, illegal activities. 195 more words

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Trump opens up private doctors to help veterans

On Wednesday, President Trump signed a bill (Veterans Choice Program Extension) to allow for veterans to seek private care rather than go through the myriad of holdups, delays and denials via the Department of Veteran Affairs (aka VA).   213 more words

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Why are liberals afraid of safe borders?

Too often when President Trump speaks of securing our borders along the Mexican line, why are liberals so up in arms about it? I mean a simple YouTube search will expose the absolute FACT that… 489 more words

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All is fair in love and politics - even if you are a conservative on Fox News - Bill O'Reilly gets canned!

With the huge news that Fox News and Bill O’Reilly have parted ways today, his departure demonstrates that even far right leaning anchorpersons on a seemingly far-right network are not above repudiation. 277 more words

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