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The elegant paradox of the filibuster

or Why the Republicans always get their way and why it is bad for America

Xtreme Violet,

Unlike yesterday, today I have an actual serious political economy problem gnawing at me. 518 more words

Neil Irwin & co. seek to repeal 20th century (lexically speaking)

Dear Violet,

I feel like I’ve dropped the proverbial ball a little (a lot) since you’ve been gone to the wilds of Big Sky Country. 179 more words

You've given everything away, I know where the poison is

Dear Violet,

Interesting take you have on ACA and the Court-to-end-all-courts. But I’m not sure I follow you on Justice Kennedy. I don’t mean that I disagree, necessarily, but maybe I’m a little dim and am not quite following what you mean. 499 more words

here's the tree i'm barking up

Dear Rusty

I’m not quite the skeptic Rosenburg is (AND AM ALSO NOT A LAWYER NO LAW NOT ONE NOPE), if only because I’m not confident we have a model of How Social Change Happens. 978 more words

Godzilla v. board of education

Dear Violet,

I am most definitely enjoying all the law-talking. So, I was wondering about something. You said this about political news/discourse/libel (I think?):

…this is one of the few places where I think impact litigation can really bring about pretty strong social transformation.

563 more words

Maine's Hate Proposition

Just a random thought.  While I do of course want the proposition to invalidate gay marriage in Maine to fail, I also see that if it were to pass, it thoroughly and completely reflects what I feel about the zero-sum political processes we sacralize in the UINOSA that get focused into the useless tool called “voting.”  Sort of like what’s going on in the 23rd District controversy about the cuntservative kicking out the moderate, who stomped her little feet and turned around and endorsed the Democrat.  624 more words