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Seriously, Trump probably believes that.

His approval rating is down to 35%, while 43% want impeachment proceedings to begin. He responds by turning more and more to his base, that 35%. 170 more words

Donald Trump

Minor parties get no good news from Roy Morgan either

This has to be dreadful reading for the ACT party when Kim Dotcom’s Internet/Mana is getting double their support.

“Other” will include Gareth Morgan’s TOP, which is likely to be keeping the “Other” category that high.   245 more words


Begging and Other Undesirable Actions

I have 72 thousand contact updates on Linkedin and other messages in my email inbox tonight. I don’t even know why I have a Linkedin account. 443 more words


Polling the Titanic

A quartet, to begin with.

Paris is so damned beautiful. Unabashedly beautiful. Pdv has lived in/ known many cities, including Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Boston, Munich, London, Rio, Delhi, Mumbai.  974 more words

Rocky's Bridal Boutique

Earlier this week I commented that I try not to be angry at callers on the telephone. They can call at inconvenient times, such as during meals or when I’m watching TV. 718 more words

Unreliability of Polls Acknowledged

The unreliability of polls is acknowledged by more people with each passing day.  A case in point is a Chicago Tribune article by Art and Art History Professor, Eddie Chambers.   58 more words

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Analysis: Keeping PQ coalition together a struggle without unifying sovereignty plank

Since taking over the Parti Québécois leadership, Jean-François Lisée has delighted in headlines that said he’s running a hyperactive opposition.

But in the wake of a new poll showing PQ support in a freefall only six weeks after he took over, Lisée is going to need to crank up the voltage to carry the day. 664 more words