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Polls Show Sanders Strong, Clinton Falters Against Trump | Political People Blog

Once in an occurrence. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern. If three recent polls (Washington Post – ABC News, NBC News – Wall Street Journal, CBS – New York Times) are to be believed, then the pattern that is occurring is Hillary Clinton is losing her already slim lead against Donald Trump. 

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Bernie Sanders

yet another poll

I watched a follow-up this evening, on a TV current affairs show from yesterday; about 2 ladies with cancer, who are ‘thumbing their noses’ at the law & … 200 more words

Intolerance in Politics

I was reading this article over on “Five Thirty Eight” concerning intolerant supporters of candidates. The information there is quite eye-opening. Compared to Trump, Kasich’s supporters are the most tolerant group of people, followed by Cruz’s supporters. 687 more words


Voters divide on issues mostly along party lines

I think the current crisis of American politics is the inability to fit three radically different political movements—for change in our capitalist system (Bernie Sanders), for change in our democratic system (Donald Trump, Ted Cruz) and defenders of the status quo (Hillary Clinton, John Kasich). 481 more words


Polling the pollsters

The urgent news of the day for New Brunswick is in. It’s now time to close the shutters, batten down the hatches, head to bed with a nice cup of steamed hemlock. 557 more words


Polls show Sanders as stronger Dem candidate

Donald Trump may have an overwhelming lead in television coverage, but Bernie Sanders is ahead in major public opinion polls.

A compendium of recent polls by Real Clear Politics indicates… 106 more words