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Justin Trudeau poll: 100 days later, young people and women are PM's biggest fans

After 100 days in office, young Quebecers age 18-24, women, and Montrealers give Prime Minister Justin Trudeau high marks, while men, older people and Quebec City residents are unsatisfied, a new poll shows. 418 more words

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Overall Against Republicans, Sanders Polls As-Well-As or Better Than Clinton in Critical Swing-States

Because Presidential elections are about winning a majority of Electoral Votes, looking at the critical swing-states is important when discussing candidate electability.  After all, whoever wins the majority of swing-states this November will be the next president of the United States. 71 more words



Presidential elections are about winning a majority of Electoral Votes and the key to that is winning the swing states.  Thus, to determine the electability of the candidates, it is only necessary to compare appropriate polls from the swing-states.   251 more words


No longer political puritans

No longer political puritans

While putzing around with the TV remote, I was afflicted with the Fox News Channel’s attempts to interview Chris Christie. 754 more words

TV news coverage ignores Sanders, puffs Trump

Public opinion polls show Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders with roughly equivalent public support.  Yet Trump dominates TV news coverage while Sanders is hardly even noticed. 588 more words


A Donald Trump Presidency?: Not So Fast

Regarding Donald Trump, his impressive status in the polls, and his chance of becoming President of the United States.

1. Political Polls have not been accurate in predicting who the eventual nominee would be, let alone the person eventually becoming the President. 364 more words

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