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The Problem Isn't Polling, It's the Pollsters

In the wake of several failures of political polls to predict large wins for Republicans in 2014, for Likkud in Israel, and for Conservatives in the UK’s general election this year, pollsters are wondering what could possibly have gone wrong. 150 more words


Politics April 27, 2015: Bush leads Hillary Clinton in Virginia matchup remaining GOP candidates close

Bush leads Hillary Clinton in Virginia matchup remaining GOP candidates close

April 27, 2015

New polls are showing that despite the Democrats love affair with Hillary Clinton she is not faring well when it comes to potential general election matchups with her Republican opponents. 9 more words

Political Musings

Election 2016: Hillary Clinton's head start

This chart, despite its headline, is good news for Hillary Clinton.

True, she is a controversial character.  About 48 percent of those polled look on her favorably and 45 percent unfavorably.   128 more words


There's No Gold In the Poll Vault.

Most people think opinion polls are pretty easy. Somebody asks you questions, mostly over the phone, and you answer them. Simple. A lot of people also take poll results as gospel. 920 more words

Political Commentary

Brampton Local Budget Approved


           It is not good news but is not all bad either.  A relatively inexperienced city council cut through a lot of the fanciful schemes and passed a budget last night. 1,016 more words


Canada’s Multicultural Experiment

The uniquely Canadian word, “multicultural” is spoken of often but rarely defined. It’s much like the word “hot” as in hot or cold. We may state that, “it’s hot outside”. 952 more words


Cat is Out of the Bag


After listening to Justin Trudeau’s speech on Monday (March 09, 2015) in Montreal at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada where he addressed about 200 grad students, Trudeau inadvertently slipped up- he gave Canadians a glimpse of what he has in store for Canadian voters in his upcoming election campaign.  1,085 more words