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Principles of the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is America’s first formal law. It is a binding legal document. It is an official pronouncement by the first leaders of our Republic. 2,854 more words

On how the Christian faith influences the world

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My conversation with my Christian brother continues here…

The tone of my response sounds formal because of the nature and manner of our correspondence. 747 more words


Igbo Unpopular Opinion II: The Misguided Idea of a Uniform Igbo Political Identity

In the prologue of this series, “Igbo Unpopular Opinion”, I challenged Ndigbo to recalibrate their agenda in 2020 and beyond. I completely understand that the call for Igbos to recalibrate our approach in dealing with the complexity of living in a multicultural Nigeria is a big challenge. 974 more words

The easiest, least effective revolution

This is a real cover of Jacobin Magazine, which sums up the overall strategy of the mainstream US Left.  Everyone is simply watching the horse race of bourgeois liberal democracy, hoping and waiting for someone else to fix their problems. 88 more words


Racism is as American as apple pie

A number of competent economists have written of the origins of racism as a “successful” defense of slavery. In the days of slavery being one of the supports of the economy of this new nation fighting to survive disengagement from status as a British colony – a believable rationale was needed to defend the white, rural, wealthy supporters of our revolution who relied on an economic system centuries out of date that worked “well enough” to keep and maintain their political power. 297 more words



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The problem with the above question is where to start.

Around the world, democracies are distrusted by a majority of their citizens.

As a result, it is creating space for the rise of authoritarian-populist forces or other forms of independent representation. 1,323 more words

FTAC: Riff on the Sensitivity of the Malign Narcissist to Cartoons - Basics

Inspiration for the Post

The other party’s recollection of the assassination of political cartoonists.

From the Awesome Conversation

Despots — malignant narcissists — live for “unlimited narcissistic supply”, i.e., the adoration of the public as if a god. 545 more words

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