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Esteva: Inside Out

By: Gustavo Esteva

Once in a while we get a compañero out of prison, stop the machines that come to destroy, stop a megaproject, impede a dispossession… Resorting to the law, to judicial proceedings, still produce results. 821 more words


Rasoul Bodaghi freed from Evin prison

On the evening of April 28th Rasoul Bodaghi, a member of the Teachers’ Trade Association, was released from Evin prison. 89 more words

Political Prisoners

Marcel Ceccaldi is Saif Gaddafi's New Defense Lawyer

Alexandra Valiente
Viva Libya!
Jamahiriya News Agency

French lawyer, Marcel Ceccaldi, was commissioned by Aisha Gaddafi to represent her brother,  Saif al-Islam, a political prisoner who has been detained in the city of Zintan since 2011. 153 more words


Database of Victims of Soviet-Era Political Repression in Russia

Now available: a database of information about victims of political repression during Russia’s Soviet era. “The project’s organisers have used information on ‘victims of political terror in the USSR’ gathered by Russian historical and civil rights society Memorial as the foundation for the database, supplementing this data with material from other sources.”

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Greece: Update on the fire & protest mobilizations at Korydallos prison

29.04.16: This afternoon the prisoners Fabio Dushku and Tony Nebiu lit a fire in the solitary confinement area to protest their incarceration and also taunts they had received for 10 days regarding their supposed transfers. 214 more words


Omid: Another tragedy caused by the Australian government's refugee policy

Omid the man who self immolated on Nauru 2 days ago has had his life support machine turned off.

He was flown to Brisbane yesterday over 24 hours after he set himself on fire in front of UN officials. 116 more words


Moderate journalists and one journalist's brother receive 5 to 10 years in jail

Immediately after the signing of the nuclear deal, the IRGC began a wave of arrests of journalists who were accused of “spearheading the infiltration” of the USA into Iran. 59 more words