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Of Many Faces

I read a story about a little white boy who was shot to death by police because of some marijuana. The crazy part about that for me was that there didn’t seem to be any outrage about it. 399 more words

"One of Us, One of Them"

I’ve been watching Heroes. Binge watching, to be honest. And remember, The Company had this policy for bagging and tagging the ‘specials’: ‘One of us, and one of them’. 310 more words

Stupid Debates

Author’s Note: This is about the media and the debates that political parties are hosting for presidential candidates. It’s most likely going to have foul language, because the people involved want to run a country. 918 more words

Political Crap

Latest political rant published in Dissident Voice

Once again a poem inspired by political frustration and the rank festering smell of a leaking corrupt opportunist 20 year old gravy train, has been deemed good enough for publication in my favourite radical online Newsletter… 354 more words

The Humble Voter


As a youthful academic person living amongst a sea of oil patch workers, I frequently come across a phenomenon I’ve come to think of as problematic. 1,357 more words


Islamophobia and Christian Privilege

*written within the context of American society

What happened with the Duggars is a perfect example of both Christian privilege and Islamophobia. There have been many articles that detail how Josh Duggar’s wife is not able to ask for a divorce from him, even thought he molested his younger sisters, and was on an infidelity website. 290 more words



Yes today I have been seriously befuddled. Being a person of an elderly nature buying a new mobile phone is not easy. So the first logical move was I took my daughter. 462 more words