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Proof Donald Trump is a Rapist

Rape Case 1

Rape Case 2

Rape Case 3

Statements corroborated by independent media, his own social media accounts, and investigators:

  • His previous wife, or both ex-wives, reported being assaulted and raped and his first wife was awarded a divorce based on the “cruel” treatment he attacked her with…
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Political Rant

Debate 2016 - Round 1... FIGHT!!!!!

Okay so last night was the first of 3 presidential debates between Hillary and Donald and the results are in: Hillary by unanimous decision!

The fact is Donald did what he always did – he didn’t bother learning shit, didn’t bother preparing because he thinks he’s better than god, consistently lying about everything, interrupting everyone near him who dares say a word when he isn’t speaking, and shows off his stupidity by admitting he is a fraud in business, he evades taxes because, as he says, it’s the smart thing to do, and even admitting he hates women. 469 more words

Political Rant

Hurling Insults

I had a guy try to insult me on a completely unpolitical Facebook thread by calling me a Hillary supporter.

I am not, in fact, a Hillary supporter. 652 more words

Democratic Party Rant

As a former Democrat I can see that they need to renounce corporate donations completely. It’s their biggest flaw and my biggest issue with their platform. 237 more words


The Issues - Election 2016

Hey friends and readers, hope your weekend is going well. So in recent weeks the Donald has been stepping up his lies against Hillary. Now I normally don’t mind when politicians lie about each other but the fact his obvious bullshit is being believed means I’m forced to write another blog to set the record straight. 842 more words

Political Rant

Decision 2016 So Far

Hey friends and readers, hope you’re all doing well. I’m sitting here and of course like most in the western part of the world I am being inundated with news on the election in the US. 1,703 more words

Political Rant

What if the Minimum Wage is raised to $15/hr?

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the Minimum Wage needing to be raised to $15/hr and, to be perfectly honest, I cannot understand how any sane, rational person could be in favor of that.  1,367 more words