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This Isn’t a Political Blog ...

But I can’t stop crying as I’m watching the profiles of the children and teachers who were killed. I want to say their names:

Jaime Guttenberg…

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Are We There Yet ? Don't Worry..... America Is Not There , Yet.

Fascism and Authoritarianism are words that are now being thrown around  to describe the administration of the current president of the US.  I had a lengthy conversation with my parents   regarding this matter, and though they are not experts on fascism and authoritarianism,  they did live under dictatorship/authoritarianism in the Philippines  for 16 years.  847 more words

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Yes, You Should Blame Roy Moore Voters For Sticking With Him

It’s Saturday, which is supposed to be the day I bask in the joy of all the awesome things I’ve read over the past week. But the Roy Moore scandal happened, and the sound of a thousand conservative voices defending Roy Moore have pissed me off, so here we are. 1,613 more words

Political Rant

Golly Gee Wilikers, Is That You Superman?

I love fun. I adore Halloween. I’m a teeny bit disappointed my Hubby and I didn’t dress up and attend the local Halloween bash this year. 656 more words

A New Saudi Arabia Is Coming

In 2011 as the Arab Spring swept across the Middle East and North Africa you might have been forgiven for barely noticing the events that were about to change the region and, indirectly, the world if you had been sitting in Riyadh or Jeddah at the time. 1,263 more words

Political Rant

He Knew What He Signed Up For

Let’s talk about this week’s news cycle.

On Monday, the president held an ad hoc press conference and the White House press asked him a reasonable question: has he contacted the families of the four soldiers who died in a military operation in Niger? 1,021 more words

Donald Trump

Remembering to "Fight Fair"

Dear Blog,

Tonight, I was casually scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed just minding my own business (aka: creeping and tagging my boyfriend on memes) when all of a sudden I come across a juicy political rant that a friend of mine (Facebook friends, but more or less acquaintances thanks to time and distance) has commented on that has gone up to 100+ comments. 481 more words

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