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Sexist Pig of a Lutheran Pastor II

I get really sick of not being heard.

That sexist pig of a Lutheran pastor can never be brought to justice because he rudely died before I could plant my boot in his crotch. 176 more words

Political Rant

An Open Letter to the Sexist Pig of a Lutheran Pastor Who Thought He Got Away With Treating Me Like Crap

Foreword: Religious people complain about people “attacking” religion. This is called a  BACKLASH, or a response. Whenever someone rips religion, you can be VERY sure that the cause of this attitude was some stupid religious person imposing his viewpoint on someone who doesn’t give a crap about religion. 275 more words

Political Rant

Bloody Facebook Politicians...

Seattle, WA – Bloody Facebook politicians, trying to make sure people vote based on informed and rational thinking; sharing information from news outlets that aren’t run by billionaires or held in thrall to whichever government is in power; showing an interest in the future of our country.  741 more words

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Why Telling Poor People To Get Jobs Won't Help Them Get Jobs, Duh

Why would an educated person with a degree think that just telling poor people to get jobs would magically cause them to get jobs? What rock have you been living under? 569 more words

Yoo Hoo Justin, Remember me?

Our world is stuffed full of public drama. Am I the only one who feels the news has turned into the National Enquirer with world leader choices? 982 more words

Angry Rants? No Thanks.

So many Facebook rants full of anger and rage! Many posted by folks who confess Christ. Yet God tells us in Galatians that strife, divisions, fits of anger are works of the flesh. 207 more words


Pondering the week. And Manchester. 

Its been a strange week. I had a good weekend, exploring old favourites and finding new places at The Late Shows.

On Monday I broke down, complete loss of control, anxiety off the chart, unable to tell rational thought from catastrophising paranoia. 1,015 more words

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