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Why Vote For Bernie (3)

Note the math below.  Neither will have a clear-cut majority needed once the Philly convention begins.


This is What Will Happen at the Democratic Convention…

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Why Vote for Bernie (2)

It still enrages me that it’s up to Trump to call Hillary on her husband’s record.  I mean NAFTA was a poerrful error in favor of the owners of the means of production, and against the workers of the USA< and everywhere else, with their wage-slave wages. 2,128 more words

Why Vote for Bernie? (1)

Please enjoy this brief video shot in my art studio (#131) at Golden Belt, Durham NC.

Dig the numbers!  Very strong stuff below

This is What Will Happen at the Democratic Convention… 2,079 more words

Saudi Arms Deal: Canada has not done the right thing. A Reply to Professor Hansen

It has been some time since I last attended to this space and, perhaps, a political rant is not the best re-introduction. Still, I was provoked. 1,104 more words

It's probably Clinton-Trump. Here's why we should take that seriously.

As the primary season approaches its final stretch we now have a much clearer idea of what November’s general election match up is going to look like.  2,306 more words

American Presidential Primary Campaigns Are The Best!

Just kidding they actually suck.

So like many other young (and not so young, pretty much just everyone) Americans* I find myself bombarded with election related media every day and I foresee the continuation of this trend until November when “we the people” finally chose our commander in chief AKA president. 686 more words


The Fallacy of Two Evils

This is a polemical political rant.

A little failure of logic and foresight has long been influencing American politics. Right now, it is a huge topic and a subject of much hatred or frustration among good friends. 1,168 more words