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Oh my fucking god. This dick thinks that Obama has separated our country, what Hillary did was illegal, and that we can’t have immigrants from countries “compromised by terrorism” welp, that outlaws most accents. 260 more words

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What No One is Saying About the Melania/Michelle SpeechGate

Of all the controversial statements and moves in Trump’s campaign so far, I am the most personally offended by yesterday’s. It was just such a trolling of epic proportions on the American public. 788 more words

3 Reasons Why Speaker Ryan's Selfie Isn't Surprising

For those who are shocked about Speaker Ryan’s selfie, I’m a bit confused as to why?  If you are a person of color, particularly a person who holds even an introductory leadership position, this shouldn’t be surprising.  485 more words

Political Rant

What is Socialism?

A caveat! This is not a completely supported rant, I have few sources documented, the whole thing is based on things I have read in the past that I was too lazy to go find and paraphrase here. 870 more words


Manual 365/180 The Democracy Paradox. Hmmph!

What strange times we live in…

Democracy apparently means you can vote but if you’re in the majority the other side will launch a petition to get the vote held again (Because democracy only counts when we win…) or just in case those voters who voted for what they voted for woke up perplexed that lots of other voters voted for what they voted for too and now they feel bad that they voted for what they voted for and want to change their vote… 191 more words


Breaking: Local Gas Station Clerk Posts Election Changing Political Rant on Facebook

With six likes, and even a share, a local gas station clerk is making waves in the political world after he posted a five hundred word rant on the 2016 US presidential election. 273 more words

Okay. I'm done

What the $&@% is wrong with people. Last week, Omar Mateen went into a gay nightclub, and killed 49 people, injuring another 50. He had been investigated by the FBI twice, divorced over physical abuse, on his official record from school it said that he “Lacks remorse.” And nobody thought it would be a bad idea to give him a gun. 394 more words

I'm Proud Of This Stuff