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The Humble Voter


As a youthful academic person living amongst a sea of oil patch workers, I frequently come across a phenomenon I’ve come to think of as problematic. 1,357 more words


Islamophobia and Christian Privilege

*written within the context of American society

What happened with the Duggars is a perfect example of both Christian privilege and Islamophobia. There have been many articles that detail how Josh Duggar’s wife is not able to ask for a divorce from him, even thought he molested his younger sisters, and was on an infidelity website. 290 more words

Christian Privilege


Yes today I have been seriously befuddled. Being a person of an elderly nature buying a new mobile phone is not easy. So the first logical move was I took my daughter. 462 more words

Make America Great Again

Yep that’s Donald Trump’ slogan for the blazing path on the 2016 campaign trail. He presents a very reasonable plan to make the wealthy pay more taxes which he believes will “save the middle class”. 164 more words

Ricky Pennington


Well, its been a few years since I last signed on for Job Seekers Allowance, but the surreal situation I find myself in obliged me to do so again today. 1,419 more words

Deliberate Obfuscation

IPCC decision on Orgreve

A letter to my MP:-

I write to urge you to support the setting up of a Public Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the Orgreave clash between miners and police (in the context of a long-running dispute embroiling the mining industry in 1984-85), following the Independent Police Complaints Commission (“IPCC”) decision today not to investigate police behaviour at Orgreave.

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Orgreve Public Inquiry

Deja vote

Its been quite a while since I posted last. I’ve let down our loyal reader…mum? are you still reading our blog? Anyway, here’s a bonus post to make up for it, and to  ruin what was left of our posting schedule. 471 more words