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Emptiness in your pocket

means nothing in your stomach.

Swallowing hard to believe

people exist who don’t care

about you, me and anyone.

They accumulate without… 69 more words


Right Winger's Revelations

All this so called equality and acceptance drowning and diluting society these days. Everyone’s special, everyone needs to be treated a certain way. Not that people should be harassed or nothing but back in my day there was some shame and humility, now people are so proud of their sinful ways and debaucherous dilettantism they flaunt it so as the zeitgeist retches up half a lung. 581 more words


New Occupation, 2011

Malali Joya, Afghan Parliamentarian

Continually speaks the truth to Karzai and others

Still alive!

New Occupation, 2011

The disenfranchised
take to the streets; without jobs… 130 more words


Something's Bugging Me...

First of all, let me say that we have a HUGE crop of idiots who think they are fit to run a country. I have never seen a dumber bunch of sheep in my life. 1,287 more words


Time to RANT: Economy, Politics, International Economics

Time to rant: What we are seeing is economic redistribution: Whether in China or Mexico, the people who now have jobs that were previously in the United States are working much harder and longer for MUCH MUCH less pay, to the point they have suicide nets around their factory buildings. 453 more words

Avoiding Just-Plain STUPIDITY


The fa├žade of the people
In the street around you
Walking walls of defensive barriers
Colourful, inert, faceless and who

Who are the people there… 136 more words


Friendly Reminder

Friendly reminder that while we were focusing on the French Terrorist Attack (which is a tragedy), more than 2,000 people were killed in Nigeria today by Boko Haram, a Nigerian armed group. 233 more words

Al Jazeera