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American Presidential Primary Campaigns Are The Best!

Just kidding they actually suck.

So like many other young (and not so young, pretty much just everyone) Americans* I find myself bombarded with election related media every day and I foresee the continuation of this trend until November when “we the people” finally chose our commander in chief AKA president. 686 more words


The Fallacy of Two Evils

This is a polemical political rant.

A little failure of logic and foresight has long been influencing American politics. Right now, it is a huge topic and a subject of much hatred or frustration among good friends. 1,168 more words

I'm Terrible With Analogies

   Do you ever have someone comment on one of your feeds that instantly turns your face red?  A woman asked me the other day if I’m so liberal that I’m blind to the fact racism is already promoted.   1,972 more words


The Anti Free Trade Backlash

There is some evidence that we are witnessing the initial sparks of an ignition that could set the entire global economic system ablaze.  There is a growing sentiment, at the level of the electorate if not the political elite, that seeks to reject one of the single most important contributing factors to world’s growing prosperity in the second half of the 20th and early 21st century; free trade. 1,142 more words

Political Rant

Fuck you, Donald

Fuck you, Donald.  Fuck you for all the obvious things, all the important things that people better placed than me will rightly attack and reject you for.  1,466 more words

Political Rant

The Drumphf

Hey everyone, hope you’re all enjoying your day. I just watched a thing on Youtube about Donald Dumphf, better known as Donald Trump, the video of John Oliver on his show where he reveals everything I’ve been saying about the dude for years. 362 more words

Political Rant

This Has To Be Said

I am going to take a page from Leonardo DiCaprio’s book.  He did not waste his opportunity during his Oscar acceptance speech to talk about something very important.   707 more words