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Yes today I have been seriously befuddled. Being a person of an elderly nature buying a new mobile phone is not easy. So the first logical move was I took my daughter. 462 more words

Make America Great Again

Yep that’s Donald Trump’ slogan for the blazing path on the 2016 campaign trail. He presents a very reasonable plan to make the wealthy pay more taxes which he believes will “save the middle class”. 164 more words

Ricky Pennington


Well, its been a few years since I last signed on for Job Seekers Allowance, but the surreal situation I find myself in obliged me to do so again today. 1,419 more words

Deliberate Obfuscation

IPCC decision on Orgreve

A letter to my MP:-

I write to urge you to support the setting up of a Public Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the Orgreave clash between miners and police (in the context of a long-running dispute embroiling the mining industry in 1984-85), following the Independent Police Complaints Commission (“IPCC”) decision today not to investigate police behaviour at Orgreave.

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Orgreve Public Inquiry

Deja vote

Its been quite a while since I posted last. I’ve let down our loyal reader…mum? are you still reading our blog? Anyway, here’s a bonus post to make up for it, and to¬† ruin what was left of our posting schedule. 471 more words


weaving women's lives

Intense silence among 35 women plus CRCF Superintendent Adams circled up in the visiting room. Temperature rising as fire and laughter erupt from readers. Tissues passed from hand to hand as tears flow, eyes dabbed dry, noses wiped. 388 more words

Words From Inside

Why I'm Voting for Hillary Clinton

As someone who has personally put time and effort into erasing the stereotype that people in Howell are racist rednecks with little patience for anything that they consider to be different, I debated over whether or not I wanted to grapple with this issue on my blog. 1,468 more words