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He Knew What He Signed Up For

Let’s talk about this week’s news cycle.

On Monday, the president held an ad hoc press conference and the White House press asked him a reasonable question: has he contacted the families of the four soldiers who died in a military operation in Niger? 1,021 more words

Donald Trump

Remembering to "Fight Fair"

Dear Blog,

Tonight, I was casually scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed just minding my own business (aka: creeping and tagging my boyfriend on memes) when all of a sudden I come across a juicy political rant that a friend of mine (Facebook friends, but more or less acquaintances thanks to time and distance) has commented on that has gone up to 100+ comments. 481 more words

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Two Years of Trudeau

My happy go lucky side has been kidnapped. I am held hostage by pissy thoughts and rampaging inner tirades. I started seven different topics to write about this morning, and now I’ve settled on doing something different. 200 more words

One Nation, Easily Offended

We have become a nation that is easily offended. We have become a nation that is easily divisive. We have become a nation that elects passion over reason. 663 more words


I know, things should be lighter.

Anyone who reads my blog knows I have depression, so why would they want to keep reading the same old boring stuff? Alright ill stop writing about it so much, its not that fun to write about anyway, I only feel like writing about it when I feel like crap. 419 more words

Forget What?

September 11th in the United States of America was an emotional day for those alive and cognizant enough to recall it.

I was there. Or -rather, I was alive. 376 more words


The Link

Women and children

Like you


our family

Only geography

Separates us all

Finger lengths on a globe

Its curvature altering

Distance between us

Maintaining sufficient distance… 75 more words