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Deja vote

Its been quite a while since I posted last. I’ve let down our loyal reader…mum? are you still reading our blog? Anyway, here’s a bonus post to make up for it, and to  ruin what was left of our posting schedule. 471 more words

Australian Politics

weaving women's lives

Intense silence among 35 women plus CRCF Superintendent Adams circled up in the visiting room. Temperature rising as fire and laughter erupt from readers. Tissues passed from hand to hand as tears flow, eyes dabbed dry, noses wiped. 388 more words

Words From Inside

Why I'm Voting for Hillary Clinton

As someone who has personally put time and effort into erasing the stereotype that people in Howell are racist rednecks with little patience for anything that they consider to be different, I debated over whether or not I wanted to grapple with this issue on my blog. 1,468 more words


Aww, crap.

There is so much political bullsh*t going on that I can’t stand it.  There are crooks on all sides. I am losing sleep over the state of the world. 194 more words

Political Rant.


Emptiness in your pocket

means nothing in your stomach.

Swallowing hard to believe

people exist who don’t care

about you, me and anyone.

They accumulate without… 69 more words


Right Winger's Revelations

All this so called equality and acceptance drowning and diluting society these days. Everyone’s special, everyone needs to be treated a certain way. Not that people should be harassed or nothing but back in my day there was some shame and humility, now people are so proud of their sinful ways and debaucherous dilettantism they flaunt it so as the zeitgeist retches up half a lung. 581 more words