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The Debate post I said I was gonna do

This one isn’t live because I’m not watching that shit again. In my opinion it was more presidential than the last two. Trump was less Trumpy than usual. 90 more words

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BRUTALITY!! Hillary Wins...

Hey friends and readers, so the third and final debate has come and gone and once again Hillary won, according to the polls. If you didn’t see it it was nasty as you’d expect with both sides giving their insults and zingers (Hey old people in debate deserve old slang, anyhoo…). 1,003 more words

Political Rant

Wikileaked Emails May Not be Trustworthy or Kellyanne Conway's Decades Long Clinton Witch Hunt

Hey friends and readers, I just came across some information which I found rather interesting. Before I get into that I wanted to point out this blog is about the Clinton emails which have been cropping up on Wikileaks. 538 more words

Political Rant

I've reached my level of tolerance with this election.

Well, I’ve had it. This election has broken my tolerance switch. I’m incensed. I’m horrified. I am sickened for the country, for our future, for the world. 31 more words

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Who let this happen

I just watched most of last night’s debate and I have a question and a statement. The statement is: Mr. Drumpf if you could answer the fucking question then maybe people would get less salty when you sexismed. 48 more words

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Presidential Debate 2 - Hillary Wins Again!

Hey friends and readers, I watched various excerpts from the debate and once again it was pretty much similar to the first debate. Donald once again went off on angry rants, he lied like crazy, and he proved yet again he has no temperament for the job of president. 713 more words

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