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The Sad Saga Of "Keep Patrick Henry's Name"

Patrick Henry High School (Mpls., MN.) has been in the news lately because the students want to change the name so that it no longer honors a slave-owner. 99 more words


Price of being disabled

The number of people that go bankrupt in the U.S.A. just to pay medical bills in disgusting. I know as a disabled person, I question how much I’m worth each time I consider getting even a minimal injury examined. 900 more words


Political rant…~by Joe Wilson

Political rant…

Can you hear me?
I am the voice of reason
I sit at the centre of political debate
Calling for justice, and not just fate. 146 more words


Okay, hear me out.

I was having a mental discussion with myself the other day, inspired by someone’s postings on social media about Brexit. They were talking about their decision to vote leave was due to them hearing satirist and host of  1,187 more words


Are We There Yet ? Don't Worry..... America Is Not There , Yet.

Fascism and Authoritarianism are words that are now being thrown around  to describe the administration of the current president of the US.  I had a lengthy conversation with my parents   regarding this matter, and though they are not experts on fascism and authoritarianism,  they did live under dictatorship/authoritarianism in the Philippines  for 16 years.  847 more words

Random Thoughts

Yes, You Should Blame Roy Moore Voters For Sticking With Him

It’s Saturday, which is supposed to be the day I bask in the joy of all the awesome things I’ve read over the past week. But the Roy Moore scandal happened, and the sound of a thousand conservative voices defending Roy Moore have pissed me off, so here we are. 1,613 more words

Political Rant

Golly Gee Wilikers, Is That You Superman?

I love fun. I adore Halloween. I’m a teeny bit disappointed my Hubby and I didn’t dress up and attend the local Halloween bash this year. 656 more words