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The Link

Women and children

Like you


our family

Only geography

Separates us all

Finger lengths on a globe

Its curvature altering

Distance between us

Maintaining sufficient distance… 75 more words


Ragging on Trudeau

I love Canada, I love the expansive diversity of the people within it, because for the most part we are all top drawer, fly, awesome, all that and a bag of chips. 711 more words

Why we can't have nice things (aka why Alison can't get the dental work she needs done)

Photo via Visual hunt

So, I had a visit to the dentist this morning. I had a tooth that was breaking apart that I needed to get pulled ASAP. 1,183 more words


Webber Park Library, a review

I spent the last year or so photographing the new Webber Park Library as it was being constructed. I had high hopes for it, thinking that it might become my favorite hclib library. 101 more words

I Still Can't Upload a Photo

I am giving up on the new profile photo because Gravatar resists all of my efforts. The photo will upload to the Gravatar page but not to the place where the profile pic is supposed to be. 12 more words

Created Equal

Here is something that is interesting.  In many ways the country The United States of America was created by it’s Constitution and yet we consider our “birthday” the day that we publicly declared our independence, over a decade before the Constitution was created and many years before that independence was won militarily.   624 more words

General Thoughts

A Word About Retractions

It is no secret among my friends and online social circles that I am decidedly not a Republican, despite growing up in the middle of the Hudson Valley, where not even Franklin Delano Roosevelt was able to win the locals over to vote for a Progressive Democrat. 1,169 more words

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