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US Isolationism and Syria's Future

It’s a bizarrely counter-intuitive world we live in nowadays.  Old norms are being constantly ripped up and rewritten.  It’s probably too much of a cliché to invoke a 1984 quotation at this point but, in all reality, who are we now to say that war isn’t peace, freedom slavery and ignorance freedom?  969 more words

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#Trumpland #BillofRights

Our rights to free speech and protest are facing new threats with an incoming Trump administration.

Trump wants to sue and ban news organizations that criticize him, and has joked about hospitalizing people who protest him. 230 more words

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#Trumpland #Military

So, Mr. Trump is going to ‘restore’ our military…..aha.

To be fair here is his agenda and how he ‘thinks’ he’s gonna pay for it: 295 more words

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Anybody remember trickle down economics?

Source of these comments

“Any tax cuts that we have for the upper class will be offset by less deductions to pay for it.” 113 more words

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No, nothing new yet!

Apparently the Democrats aren’t ready to admit they need new leadership yet…sad

Pelosi again

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