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Political Risk: New Focus of Foreign Aid?

Where should foreign aid go?

The latest World Development Report, the flagship annual publication of the World Bank, proposes that from now on, a much bigger proportion of foreign aid should focus on issues of political conflict and justice. 540 more words

Theory And Practice

How Not to Assess Political Risk: The King Hearings on Radicalism

The US House of Representatives has just conducted hearings on “The Extent of Radicalization in the Muslim Community and That Community’s Response.” The overall premise of the hearings is directly relevant to the subject matter of this blog: local risks posed by the globalization of trends, or in this case, the globalization of extremist concepts. 401 more words

Theory And Practice

Measuring Political Risk in the Middle East

The revolts on the Arab street have occasioned a renewed interest in the measurement of political risk. And businesses are paying greater attention to political risk analysis. 570 more words

Theory And Practice